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I already know Gun-Fu. It's as simple as having high melee and bludgeoning the crap out of monsters with your gun, and comboing in some point blank headshots.

the problem is not all enemies would even ATTEMPT  to dodge, ether from lack of intelligence or lack or knowledge that guns are bad. why would a mi-go avoid the direction a puny human is pointing a tube? and a zombie hulk would only think  "SMASH!!!" and move directly towards you. dodging in melee is almost completely instinct, an attempt to avoid the object coming towards you so even nearly brain dead critters would try to dodge a fist or a baseball bat.

Well, my take on dodging that I'm unashamedly ripping from the GURPS handbook is that a zombie or other 'dumb' creature isn't intentionally moving out of the way of your shots as much as simply moving unpredictably.

The swaying, lurching gait of a zombie is bound to make you whiff shots, the same with a charging animal or any other beast. An unpredictably moving target is hard to hit, sometimes even if it's charging straight at you.

just popping back in to say, ayup, when it fills all the surrounding areas wih sludge it you forever dump it into your square; and you will always prioritize cleanup.

so....  ill fix this

pedit:  the only fix was removing copious amounts of its extra sludge.
    emit is still a new function, and still needs some fixing.  and it also points out some old hardcode that doesnt need to be

Don't forget to cap it's health gain if possible. It's kinda ridiculous that they can tank multiple missiles to the face after a tailgate party, or just if one pops up while I'm trying to clear out a horde and eats a bunch of corpses before I notice it.

-why shambler is 'invulnerable'

  its not, short answer.
  it gains 1hp per 1 volume of items eated.  this hp gain is not limited to it hp max, so it can have 900/70 hp, for instance.

  consider the average zombie carries ~~30 volume in items, and its corpse is 200 volume.  every single fellow zed it eats is 230 health for its hp pool.
  consider the favorite zed pasttime; smashing cars.  frames and seats and engines and steel lumps and sheet metal, then sombody smashes a gas tank too hard and it Hollywoods up.  shambler can make a net gain in hp by eating its comrades.

  finally, consider its senses.
iirc very poor vision, smelling, hearing.  it is too sliw to track you outdoors, but it can hear combat or a Zombie Tailgate Party.

its attacks, iirc, are sticky sludge, grabbing, and acid.  i could nerf its damage output, but melee attacks arent where it shines.

nerfing this relatively perfectly designed (from a lore perspective) critter would be to ease player discomfort

Wow, that's absolutely disgusting. Not even considering that trying to melee the shamblers results in you getting stunlocked over and over again, making you helpless while it straight up kills you.

I'd recommend capping the amount of health the shambler is allowed to have and also fixing it stunlocking you so it's actually viable to melee it. Make the sludge restrict movement but not stun you, so you're still locked in place but clobbering the shambler to death is a viable option.

Are Shamblers supposed to be invulnerable? I emptied several glock magazines into one and I didn't even dent it. Decided to debug spawn in several M72 LAWs and tried to blow it to smithereens. It ate the missiles like candy. Trying to melee them just results in getting stunlocked to death. They're impossible to deal with as far as I can see.

Dunno if these tags have anything to do with it, but something that occurs stupidly often to me is a faraway moose will end up engaging with a hostile mob, usually a zombie, kill it, and then immediately charge across a great distance to spill my character's blood.

The moose in my game are brutal and efficient assassins, ensuring no witnesses live to tell of their murderous acts.

Well, I decided to poke my head back in here after what feels like an eternity. Spent some quality time with an incredibly toxic, idiotic, and flagrantly offensive community that I've grown to love. (SS13 Hippie Station community, to be specific.) Which, by comparison this place doesn't seem so bad, and I'm ready to dive back into one of my favorite games out there after around a year or more away from it.

So, yeah. How's it been going?

Heya folks. I've been here a while, and although I doubt many of you remember or care about my presence, this'll probably be my last post on here.

Community is just too different from what I remember, and I'm pretty much completely burned out on playing C:DDA.

So yeah, see you guys on the flip-side, or no-side I guess.

Other Games / Re: Proud to be banned!
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:04:12 AM »

Folks keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

<Large image>

Censorship - The suppression/deletion of content deemed unacceptable.

I'm using it in the correct context. No idea what the 1st amendment has to do with it.

Other Games / Re: Proud to be banned!
« on: March 18, 2015, 06:39:01 AM »
ITT: Drama and censorship

I think the meele system needs some tweaking. We are currently suimply to powerfull in close combat.

Which is why we need a fatigue system of some sort

Renaming the thread to 'Needful things' is a very needful thing.

My inner grammar nazi is sobbing.

General Discussion / Unfair/Ragetastic moments in multiplayer gaming
« on: February 25, 2015, 01:42:28 AM »
Post your rageworthy stories here, in any multiplayer game. I'll post a couple of mine.


Playing Space Station 13, be pleased to find that I am a traitor engineer.

Purchase an energy sword/energy crossbow combo, and begin to prowl around in search of my kill target.

Notice an assistant beginning to follow me around. He follows me into the HoP line, and steals my ID as soon as I set it down for the HoP to take.

I proceed to chase him all around the halls and eventually push him down and retrieve my ID, which I promptly pick back up, and also request that security as he decides to pursue me and try to steal it back.

I manage to lose him by ducking into a maintenance tunnel and return to the HoP line to try and get the access I was looking for.

While I'm typing out my request for the HoP the assistant turns the corner and before I can react, grabs me and throws me onto the table, stunprodding me to keep me from getting up while he strips me of EVERYTHING, including the energy sword I had in my pocket and the energy crossbow in my backpack.

Upon seeing said traitorous items, he announces over the radio that I'm a syndie and proceeds to kill me with my energy sword.

The admins deemed it a legitimate kill, even though I had done literally nothing traitorous and was randomly stripped by a griefing greytider. I'm still pretty mad about it.


One day I was playing minecraft on some random build server, when one of the admins on the server announced a building competition and gave people free plots to build their creations on. I decided to give it a shot and poured hours into making a large, colorful, helix-like structure that rose high into the sky.

The admin gave me 3rd place, along with a meager in-game reward. What they didn't mention is that they would be demolishing all the structures made during the competition. Obviously nearly everyone who had spent hours working on their buildings objected to this, and asked why.

The admin stated that the building plots were temporary and allowing us to keep them would be unfair to other players, so they needed to be deleted. I reasoned that the buildings could be kept as plots that couldn't be edited by anyone, with signs stating who made them.

For some reason the admin in question told us that if the buildings were to stay then we weren't allowed to be credited for building them. Understandably this pissed off people, and told the admin to just demolish my creation if I couldn't claim credit for it, which I stated not so politely.

I was banned for admin disrespect.

Found a thread talking about dwarf fortress, tried it, was immediately scared off and posted my confusion in said thread.

I proceeded to get yelled at and told 'Go play Cataclysm:DDA then, maybe that'll be more your speed you filthy casual!'

And here I am.

Go an entire day without killing anything.
Raid a slime pit and steal everything not nailed down.
Use a two-way radio to call for help that will never come.
Go kill a irradiated wanderer.

It IS random, sometimes you'll get things that don't make sense. But that's why it's so !!FUN!!

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