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What if we gave braziers cooking 2?

An upgraded brazier now with a spot to cook with.

Rifles like the Barrett with .50 BMG ammo, at least. Anything less will just bounce off the armored zombie.

Some melee weapons are strong enough to do enough damage on crits, like the awl pike, and methinks the nodachi.

Moderate caliber AP bullets work too. I've killed a power armor zombie with 8x40mm FMJ before, took maybe 10 shots. 8x40 HVP would likely kill it in half that.

And a Heat round would take even less :D

Via, ending them rightly.

how do you get locked behind a door on a 60 day character.

To be fair, you could probably make one out of wire and a few two by fours for comfort.

He's fine, the noose doesn't look like it's very tight around his neck.
Probably has tentacle neck.

Ekrixiphobia- whenever you see an explosion you get a severe moral penalty

On the bright side, it'll be a very long time before I ever run into a situation where I run out of bullets. For starters, I still have 8 500-bullet ammo belts of .308 Winchesters. Several thousand .223 Remingtons for the AR-15 and several STANAG drum magazines, 5 ammo belts of .50 ammo with 100 bullets each for the Barrett... not to mention a variety of pistols and submachine guns with 1000+ ammo, and a Rivtech scout rifle with 1000 bullets.

Gonna be a hell of a long time before I run out, and by then I should be able to replenish my ammo somehow, or at least look into hand-loading ammo if needed.
in that situation i am still extremly hesitant to use any ammo whatsoever, because im stingy.

the problem with guns is their usefulness abandons you the second they run out of ammo, and then they attract more trouble.

i cannot properly say how i like to use hydraulic muscles at unarmed combat
slamming zeds with my steel knuckles and seeing them get damages reaching 30-40 in quick moves is so fucking amusing.

You should see how much damage mono molecular blades do with crav maga. withought the hydraulic muscles

General Discussion / Re: Last Survivor Posting (Bubb is back~)
« on: April 29, 2017, 08:09:41 AM »
I am neutral.
What makes a man turn neutral ... Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?

Probably by drinking lots of water.

Their loss to dogs saddens me. :(

Cataclysm Dog Days ahead :D

Chicken nuggets and Szechuan Sauce

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