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Always gotta bring a towel with you, until your gear is all waterproof at least.. I usually still carry one after that, but have been leaving it in the truck just because I don't seem to ever need it with the gear I'm wearing. It's good for if you get slime or whatever on you too.

Well I've just made my first vehicle from scratch... Well Kinda, it was a flatbed truck at some point, but I turned it into a cargo truck, then decided to do this project. I took everything off but the frames. I did take off every frame and replace it with a ++ version, since you can't seem to start a vehicle with an enhanced frame, as it just turns back into a regular one, but if you attack an enhanced frame to another frame it stays enhanced. I added some extra frames around the back for extra space It's still not a huge vehicle, but bigger than I've used so far. It even has motorized doors and curtains, so i don't even have to get up to open or close the curtains. I still will probably add some more storage batteries, I have enough to put one in every spot and still have some left over I think lol. I was starting to turn a tank into a base, but it's a much bigger project I guess and I got sidetracked with this one.

Other Games / Re: What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:09:22 PM »
I need to try some modded terraria, only played vanilla so far.

My NPC friends constantly jump out of moving vehicles, sometimes to attack a zed, sometimes for no reason in particular.  I don't suppose there's a way to ask them not to do that?
They also might be trying to smash/pulp a corpse, if not trying to kill an undead one like said above. I tend to ask them to leave corpses alone until I have a bunch of corpses to butcher, then turn it on. I killed one of my first followers by running into him after he jumped out of the car to fight or smash or something, while turning so he had an open diagonal square to move through the car like a ghost.

I think I saw something about "auto- butcher" and/or "auto-pulp" in the patch notes I was reading last night, so might now have a reason to just leave them on never smash and engage close enough to attack without moving. Then open and close doors is still an option I would need to change for them occasionally, I wish you could call out to all your followers at once and give them all one command.

I guess I thought stuff was deteriorating because I would butcher everything in a pile and come back later to it being damaged, and thought it was from that, but I guess it's just damaged from use from the dead. Good to know as I've been keeping all my stuff in piles on piles of piles.

does anyone know anything about this error?
I can just ignore and continue fine, so no big deal if I just have to keep doing that.

Stuff eventually deteriorates outside, like clothes and cloth right?
What about drugs or non perishable foods(cocaine, pasta, homeostatic powder, etc.) when I take out of plastic bags/cardboard boxes to keep everything tidy in my stacks? Will the cocaine eventually degrade or blow(no pun intended) away or anything?

Other Games / Re: What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:15:02 PM »
1 more ship, the Crystal B, in FTL left to beat on normal, then either mods or hard difficulty(no pause?!).


How about this error ""? I can ignore and play fine. So no biggie if nothing to do about it. I've also set all occurrences for upgraded buildings mod to 0,1..(not sure if relevant, because it's EB not UB) to fix "too many over map specials 90>72" error. I may have messed with the occurrences in this mod (EB) overmapspecials.json earlier in my run, as well, but I have since replaced it with the original. So maybe that could have something to do with it.

That pretty cool, I'm not a coder or anything, but still nice to see!

Yep that got it working again.. thanks!

Cool thanks.

Before this error i was getting the too many over map specials error, and decreased some of the occurrences.. could that have caused this error. I was thinking no, but I'm not very informed on this subject

I'm getting an error when trying to start my save game, or a new game with this installed.

Is there anyway to fix it so I can continue my game? I updated from 6851 to 6872 last night and that is when I started getting the error.

It's actually "Extra Content Buildings Mod" that is causing the error I've figured out. I can start a game if I remove that mod, but get the error if I try to start with that mod enabled. Pretty sure that mod is a package of a few mods though.

I haven't gained the courage to try your mod out yet, I am just now surviving(and thriving) on default settings, though I do plan on giving it a go very soon.

Well I'm getting this error when trying to load my game. I just updated from 6851 to 6875. I did make a backup before hand. I'm getting the error even when trying to start a new game or load my current save. Is there an easy fix or do I need to rollback for now and maybe report as bug?

It must be one of your mods. Current json interface doesn't store paths to jsons meaning that searching for the correct mod requires searching through text contents.
For now it would be easier for you if you rolled back. Though if you do find which mod is it, you may want to inform the author.


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