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Mine's next, yeah?

In any case, lots of great stuff from ya in this thread!

Your second pic? Maybe not, since we had at least 2 requests which got no pic yet (me included!) - as far as I understood, Candlebury wanted to prioritize the people who got no art before making your second picture.
Of course, I might be wrong. And I wouldn't want you to wait too long for your picture either :3

Kadian is correct here, your drawing is last on queue, Azrad.

I'll try to post the next one tomorrow or monday, been a bit busy.

Honestly a backpack minireactor sounds like a fun idea for the high mechanics/electricity survivor.  Could simply be a minireactor CBM  mounted in a backpack frame.

That said Im not sure how it should actually work, maybe it just charges an inventory UPS as at a constant rate while working.

Just popped by to say it always impresses me how much your style has grown and improved each time you start up one of these threads Candlebury. Really like how it kept that fun little spark of your early 2013 work all these years later.

Thanks logrin!

Also, I wanted to ask if you have a site in which you post your art? I've always liked your stuff, especially your drawings of mutants.

Okay, I definitely want to commission a portrait of Dr. Rosalie Boyce

Mr. Candlebury, do you accept 2nd and so-on requests of a single user?
EDIT: Do you also accept non-CDDA-related requests?

Not likely that I'll do second requests right now. Since there's still new people posting.

I wont  take requests unrelated to CDDA, sorry.

Might be simpler to create a program that just interfaces with a running copy of cataclysm to build a 3d map based on what the player  can see.

The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Re: Just Stuff
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:19:06 PM »
Great stuff rock!

No I meant how does all that hair fit neatly inside that helmet?

Obviously shes using ponytails so that it'll fit easily, have you never seen fantasy movies?

Seems like the anti spam feature is still needed.

Samantha Clarke, Skater Girl.

Scavenger suits are modded right?
Not sure what they are supposed to be, so I just drew the light survivor suit.

Hope you like it, seems like the last few have had mixed reception.

Doublepost woo!

Is it about my turn and/or do you want your money now?

Oh no its nothing of the sort, I'm on Adragis90 turn, yours is afterward.

Speaking of Adragss turn, I should have it finished tonight (in two hours or so) I just had a busy weekend.

Thought I'd drop this here in case you are so inclined to take a stab at it.

In neither of those cases it makes sense for the monsters to "dodge" out of the players aim.

It doesn't dodge, it moves, which I think, effectively speaking is the same as dodging.

Yes if it "moves" out of your aim it makes more sense to attach the penalty to movement speed instead of dodge skill

General clarifications:
Only monsters with a dodge score will be affected by this, if a monster moves in straight lines at a constant speed, they generally won't have a dodge score.

Im not sure if this should be tyied to just dodge skill. Imagine the scenario:

-A high dodge monster, say a duck, unaware of the player,  randomly moving between a few tiles.
-A patrolling NPC with a high dodge or if you plan to exclude NPCs from this, an attack dog type pet following the NPC. Again unaware of the player.

In neither of those cases it makes sense for the monsters to "dodge" out of the players aim.


I think this would work better if it worked like this:

-Give monsters two different movement speeds, one for  randomly walking around and for when they are fleeing or chasing something.
-Give an aiming penalty to anything that moves faster than certain speed.
-Then if the monster is moving faster than X speed you can add an extra penalty based on their dodge score.

Either way I think this probably wouldn't make the less accurate weapons any better. It would just reinforce the current status of high accuracy pistols/shotguns as the best firearms in the game.

I've got rest of my stuff in the LMOE shelter.

EDIT: You can ignore the stuff like purses and backpacks, also, please draw the scarf around the neck.
Innawoods style survivor.

I think its a patch of radioactive land.

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