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General Discussion / Vehicles
« on: October 27, 2017, 11:49:27 PM »
I never used cars in game, what advantages they can give me and when to start thinking about get one ?

General Discussion / Newbie question about clothing.
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:44:17 PM »
I should put few clothes of that same type ? In example now i have on my torso: winter coat, sports jersey, suit and kariginu. And i have 2 pairs of pants + shorts. Its good idea ? Or maybe i should wear 1 shirt, 1 coat, 1 pants ?

How that blob get out of lab ?

Zombifying starts becouse of chemic clouds or by that XE037(he escape by portal ?) ? i read both stories but i still not get how that starts... And those portals are teleportation portals ?


I read wiki lore about cataclysm but i really dont get it :< I want to ask, how zombie epidemy starts exacly ? What happens ?
I dont get lore on wiki, i read just about some plants, but how that plants start to grow and why epidemy of zombies starts ?

Now i get it, thanks ! :)

Mod options are reading from that mod folder all time or those things go to ram untill game is end ?

what is "const std::string & path, const std::string &src" ?

I just not get it where game ask for mods.

Which exacly lines of .cpp code load json and lua mods in those files ?

How this works is that there is some code written in c++ that loads the json entities and turns them into data and logic that can be used by the game engine.

Two questions:
 1.In what place of c++ code exacly json is loaded into game ?
 2.Is in that same manner like json, lua is loaded ? Becouse i saw mods where in one catalog was and lua and json files, there cant be just one big json file ? And why that lua is not good for implement like json exacly ?


I just want to ask about mod writting, from coding im mostly know C but my question is pure curiosity. I saw that mods are mostly written in json files, but i saw lua also and i heard that C also could work. And my question is, how program read those lua files, and how could write c, and overall how it reading json exacly. I just want to know that, if someone can explain me ill be much gratefull :)

Polskie rozmowy / Pisanie modów, json, lua, c
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:48:16 AM »

Widzę, że mody pisane są głównie w plikach json, ale np, niektóre też w lua, i słyszałem też że można w c napisać.
I chciałbym zapytać jak program czyta te mody napisane w Lua i jakby czytał kod napisany w c, nie zabardzo też rozumiem jak czyta go z plikow json, a chciałbym poznac lepiej działanie. Gdyby ktoś mógłby wytłumaczyć będę wdzięczny :)

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