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No kiddin' huh? Pfft okay, you want basements? You got basements.

Can you link me to a relevant post on how you'd go about doing that? If it's Json-ized it shouldn't be hard, just time consuming right?

Oh please, that sounds amazing :D

Why do people hate magazines so much? :C

I'm not opposed to zombies being able to sputter out a single word here and there, but anything more is kinda odd to me. Maybe the more "intelligent" the zombie the more likely it is to say something coherent in an incoherent zombie-like manner. For the average zombie , ("Lost...") ("Where...") ("Hunger...") ("Why...") that kind of thing seems appropriate.

I can't suggest anything code-wise but, how does removing the initial block of revealed area and replacing it with roads(like a road map) and some randomly assigned "known" buildings along those roads sound? So kind of like having a character read a roadmap and a Point of Interest map at the same time, but what's "revealed" is randomly selected buildings instead of pre-determined restaurants/hospitals/etc.

I'm not suggesting giving players maps at the beginning of the game, just changing the initial known area to reflect a character's usual route or routine(which is really just picking random coordinates for buildings).

Could you do some trickery with the code for magazine pouches/containers? I too like the idea of finding varying amounts of ammo, not just clean fresh stacks all the time.

If I've upset you I apologize, that was not my intention. My sense of humour is warped and I didn't stop to think something like that might be aggravating(or worse) to somebody. I will leave you alone.

*Post edit because I'm a whackjob*

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:39:26 PM »

Which tilesets are those? I wanna use poorly drawn ones! All the ones around here look too good :C

I don't mind guns being really loud as long as the suppressor can mitigate the sound to a meaningful degree, and I don't mean reducing it by something like 2 overmap tiles which is pretty much useless. Right now a suppressor does nothing, as the sound is still high enough for any gun to draw in hordes from the maximum range. It makes more sense, to me, that guns should draw more attention out in the fields than cities. I figure the urban-scape would help dampen sounds. I'm sure there's a few things wrong with that logic, though.

Stole a cop car from a checkpoint; took 2 shots to the arm and torso to get it,  It has a gray hood.

Found a cargo carrier, it wont let me put diesel into its green gas tanks.  Is that a bug?  it has no diesel in it; it was on abridge.

Unload the diesel containers next to the vehicle.

As a newly mutated carnivore, I support more local anthills than ever before.

-The Board of Concerned Carnivores & Cannibals

Can you reload any flamethrower? I thought they were broken for a while.

I guess they're still broken. Shame. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do radio pipe bombs work outside of the reality bubble?


Whats with all the ants? 6 in 9 fresh starts have ants near a shelter or near my toon. Some are triffid like but getting a ton of ant spawn all over the place. Random and strange for just moi or could you tone it down a little. I was using 5832.

I thought I was the only one. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I have noticed a large amount of ants everywhere as well.

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