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I know that Nocam is still active, and Forrest said he'd post soon so I'll probably go chase him down and get that out of him. I'm personally gonna keep this going as long as I can because I'm excited to share this story with you all.

You can keep the inventories updated yourselves if you want. I've been keeping my own notes about your inventories but I haven't kept track of individual bullets, if that's what you're asking. Stuff like those stun grenades and the radio are more likely to become important later on, and as you can imagine, but ammo isn't a huge concern unless you're doing something crazy with them that would expend a lot of rounds in a short period of time.

Sorry Jamie, we're not taking on any new players at the moment. Though, in maybe a week or so I am planning on starting something new up, so stick around for that.

Today's post was kinda short, but tomorrow there'll be a bigger update earlier than normal and then another big one later that night. Once we get that long awaited change of scenery there'll be more to do. Hang in there everyone!

Jeremiah's radio makes a clicking sound as he speaks into it. It's evident that it's working, but nobody seems to answer.

Jamie acquires a new necklace, someone else's dog tags, the scanner, and a helmet. The helmet fits snugly, and the visor tints his his vision slightly as the lights become less harsh. Maria coughs again, and then replies, "Yeah. Let's get out of here. We probably don't want to stick around to see if anyone comes looking for them." She starts up the stairs. "Once everyone's in the speeder, I can take you guys over to her garage."

The Party Takes A Closer Look

He follows Maria into the building and down the stairs, coming across Jeremiah searching through what looked like a disaster zone. His flashlight cut a bright cone through the dust and appeared to be the only working light fixture in the room. As he finishes his sentence, a couple pieces of plaster crack off the ceiling and break apart at his feet. Maria coughs lightly, waving the dust away from her face.

Picking across the room, he takes inventory of the former mercenaries' possessions.

Mercenary 6 - Splayed out, staring at the sky.
One Matterhorn MK4 Laser Rifle
Five spare energy cells
One .44 semi-automatic pistol
Two extra speed reloaders, 6 .44 bullets each
A broken radio headset
A bloodied set of body armor, with matching helmet
A set of dog tags. His name was Ayo Caron.
A small necklace with a religious symbol made of silver.

Mercenary 1 - A headless mess.
One Matterhorn MK4 Laser Rifle
Two spare energy cells
A bloodied set of body armor, and some helmet fragments
A set of dog tags. His name was Gabriel Hale.
A bottle of aspirin.

Mercenary 5 - A crumpled pile, like a dropped doll.
One Matterhorn MK4 Laser Rifle
Two spare energy cells
A clean set of body armor, and a bloodied helmet.
A set of dog tags. Her name was Efe Fabre.
A neatly folded photograph of herself and another man posing in front of a coastal view.
A handheld radio.

Mercenary 2 - Crushed.

After going through these possessions, the presence seems to have faded completely.

Ol' Yeller beeps from the stairwell, "No livin' bio-signatures detected here. 'Cept you folks, a'course."

Maria steps back from the vehicle. "Her name's Samar. We, ah, worked together a while ago. She's got a place on the island that we could hole up in and maybe make some modifications to the old Cindermobile." She taps the side of the speeder with her shoe. "She's pretty good with machines. Especially ones that can survive out there." Maria nods towards the ocean. "It's a small island, she's only about fifteen minutes away or so if we don't break any traffic laws."

As she finishes her sentence, something heavy and metallic crashes into something else inside the building. The ground shakes somewhat, and Jeremiah's voice can be heard from inside. He's swearing up a storm.

Maria throws a worried look at Jason. Drawing her derringer again, she heads inside.


Jeremiah quickly descends the stairs, and reaching the bottom takes in the scene.

A haze of dust sat in the room, making it hard to see and breath, which wasn't helped by the lights having gone out on this floor. Luckily, Jeremiah's flashlight cut through the dust and darkness with ease.

Near the elevator shaft most of the furniture had been overturned and riddled with shrapnel. The bodies of the mercenaries similarly had large pieces of sheet metal sticking out of them. At the elevator shaft itself, the floor nearby had been completely soaked with a dark fluid. The elevator car could be seen inside, half crumpled with the cable spooling into uneven loops on top. A light fixture above Jeremiah's head sparked and fizzled. It was evident that the office had seen better days.

The Party Figures Things Out

The gun's monitor flickers, and a low resolution of a smiley face wearing a cowboy hat appears on the display. "My primary function is to calculate n' deliver electric shocks to disable various targets. S' thanks to the biometric scanning array fixed to the front of m' gun, and the orange rounds that I fill with energy based on the size n' status of the selected target. I also got a second function as yer 'combat companion', givin' ya tactical advice n' whatnot. A'course, you can assign me a new function whenever ya like." The face on the screen winks.

As he speaks, Jamie shares his attention with the tablet. After a few taps, the screen turns on. It currently is opened to some kind of data file, upon closer examination it appears to be a mission dossier that one of the mercenaries carried.

(click to show/hide)

He walks across the lobby, deeper into the foreign building. Gripping one door with his hands, with some effort he manages to pull the doors of the elevator shaft open. Before him was the elevator car, hanging slightly below the edge of the entrance to this floor. The car was dark, but otherwise uninteres- KSH-WING

The elevator car suddenly starts to descend, and Jeremiah sees the cable anchor that held it aloft whip past him as the entire assembly screeches downwards in the shaft. With a resounding BOOM, the car crashes into the bottom of the shaft, crumpling like an eight foot tall aluminum can. The tiles quake beneath his feet, and the shock of the impact causes the building to shiver. A spray of dark water shoots back up the shaft, along with some dust. As it settles, so does the tension in the room. The presence had disappeared, but whatever was at the bottom of the shaft was likely crushed beyond recognition now.

The Party Meets A New "Face"

The gun's screen was lit up completely, and on it was what looked like a thermal camera feed alongside several digital gauges. "Pleased to meat you, Jay-mie! My designation is Ol' Yeller, your combat assistant." it chimes. He sets it on the dashboard and gets to work on the glove box.

Jamie [Rogue] [7 + 3 = 10] vs The Glovebox [3] Open sesame!

He works his lockpicking tools into the small silver circle, and after a few moments and a final twist the lock opens with a satisfying click. The glovebox's compartment pops open, and inside you find a hefty pistol, a matching magazine, and a tablet computer.

The pistol had a boxy, black frame, resembling a police sidearm of yesteryear. It's weight and magazine showed that it fired some thick, powerful rounds in sets of eight. The tablet computer was similarly black and boxy, showing no other buttons than the screen. A blinking light on its corner showed that it was active, and merely in sleep mode.

"Y' got some fast fingers, Jay-mie. Mighty fine work." beeps the gun.

He disappears back into the building. Crossing through the threshold, but it doesn't quite feel the same anymore. The rain continues to come down in sheets outside, crashing against the sides of the building. Inside, the muffled noises sound like waves on the ocean. The desk was empty, dirty bootprints traced jagged lines across the tile floor, and the air felt stale. [Memory] [1 + 3 = 4] vs [5] He feels uneasy, but can't quite place why. A presence seems to linger in the elevator shaft.

Sorry about the slow updates, things outside of the forum have been keeping me pretty busy. A new update should be out sometime tomorrow.

The Party Gets Their Island Legs

He tugs on the lever that got him up there and with a clank and a whir the platform moves back down and the hatch closes above him, leaving only a small circular seam where the hole once was.
Leaving through the back door, he helps the other two put the tarp over the vehicle and secure it. The speeder now lacks any conspicuous identification.
congratulations, you have solved my DOOR PUZZLE
Itching to get his tools to work, Jamie stuffs the weapon into his jacket and clamors into the vehicle. After settling into the passenger seat, he examines the locked compartment. The glovebox seems fairly run of the mill as far as glove boxes go. It was a small door set into the dashboard with a handle and a circular lock that likely held a latch in place behind the plating. This one was, however, made of a thick, textured plastic that seemed fairly resistant to physical damage. Jame's previous experience with getting into places he shouldn't comes back to him, and after fussing with the lock for a moment, he imagines he could crack it pretty easily with the tools he has.

A growing storm, and a voice?
Maria produces the briefcase from her poncho once more, and sets it on the driver's seat. She doesn't say anything for a moment, simply looking at the shiny black plating. She almost turns away, but then stops and speaks up. "I guess you guys are gonna go after that ship." she says, as nonchalantly as she can muster. "But, I couldn't help but notice that this-" she pats the side of the speeder. "-isn't really suited for the sea." She leans away from the vehicle and looks at Jason. "I have a friend who could fix that." She cocks an eyebrow and smirks slightly. The expression gives off the air of someone who's never actually made that face before. Before she can elaborate further, Jamie's jacket starts beeping.

"What the-?" "Startup complete! Estim-ay-ted time since last startup, 5356 days. Whoo-wee! 'Bout time I got these boots shakin' again!"

The muffled voice was coming again from Jamie's jacket pocket. It sounded like an old text-to-speech program, with its oddly drawn out syllables and misplaced emphasis, and was compounded by a cheesy western accent.

"An' who do I have the plea-sure of workin' fer today?"

He flicks the switch on the box, and the LCD screen flickers to life! A big blue progress bar appears and ticks slowly across the display, and the box itself whirs and clicks as it boots up. He then promptly tosses the weapon over to Jamie-

-who tries to catch it.
Jamie [Oh god what] [3 - 1 = 2] vs Flying pistol [4] Ouch!
It catches Jame squarely in the nose and his head recoils back. His arms fly out forwards to balance himself, and the gun lands neatly in them. His face is slightly scuffed, but he's alright. The progress bar on the weapon nears completion.

The third member of the team with a name starting with "J" circles around the speeder, taking note of its various systems and gadgets.
Jeremiah [Not much of a mechanic] [4 - 1 = 3] vs The Speeder [5] Well, it sure looks nice.
He has trouble finding any hidden gadgets or gizmos hidden inside the vehicle, but he did get a good look at all the obvious features of the speeder. It had two front seats, one for the driver and one for their co-pilot. The steering column was capable of being pushed forwards and out of the way for easy movement, and there were a number of smaller switches and buttons set into the dashboard. In front of the passenger seat was the glovebox, but it's locked shut and looks like it needs a key. Though, someone with experience getting past locks shouldn't have too much of a problem getting into it, he gathers.

Behind those seats was a large separator wall of dark metal, and in the center was a doorway leading into the back. In the rear of the speeder there were six seats lined up with their backs against the sides of the speeder, three per row. They all featured fancy harnesses and small racks for weapon storage. The back of the crew compartment had a large, heavy door set into it. There were a three more storage trunks in the floor, and as Jeremiah rummages through them, he finds two stun grenades and four more charge packs for various energy weapons in the first trunk. In the second trunk, he finds a spare helmet. In the third trunk, the latch seems stuck. Giving it a harder tug, the platform itself rises up, lifting him through a hatch that opens in the ceiling!

And back to Jason.
He helps Maria drape the tarp over the vehicle, and they start running a cord under the- A whirring sound comes from inside the vehicle and something pushes the tarp out of the way before they can secure it. It's Jeremiah, rising up through the roof. He looks confused.

Jeremiah is now standing on an elevated platform inside a circular opening in the roof of the vehicle. Along the circular opening is a rail and an empty mount for what must've been a rather large weapon. While it is missing its weapon, the clamp looks like it could fit any firearm and would greatly stabilize it while firing. Nearby, a large blue tarp sits on the roof as the rain patters against it.

Maria puts her hands on her hips and looks up at Jeremiah. "Nice." It's hard to tell if she's being sarcastic.

Jason examines the device attached to the weapon, taking in each detail. The main body of the screen was made out of some kind of hard plastic housing, the screen itself appeared to be an old LCD display. This type hadn't been in widespread use in the galaxy for several decades, but one could still infrequently find them attached to old salvage and junker rigs out here in the Rim. The screen was currently off, but he noticed a small red switch on the top of the housing that was currently in the 'off' position.

The most intriguing part of the screen was the keyboard. Instead of a touchscreen input, it had small buttons that clicked softly when you pressed them. There were eight, arranged in two rows of four. The top row's buttons were labeled from left to right as F1, F2, F3, and F4. Very informative. The bottom row of keys were labeled as well, from left to right they read SPK, OVER, GO, and END. None of the buttons seem to do anything with the device off.

In the top right corner of the housing was the only piece of identifying information. It was some faded writing in old-fashioned cursive letters. Most of it had faded away, but you can make out the first three letters. "OL Y".

Mara watches Cinder go and remarks, "You know, I almost feel sorry for him." She throws a glance over at Holland. "Almost." After hearing what Jamie had to say, she perks up and replies, "I don't have any paint in the office, but there's an old leftover tarp lying around in the back that we can throw over the top. It should cover it pretty well." With that, she retreats back inside the building for a moment, and returns, dragging behind her a large blue plastic tarp. The rain pattered loudly against it. "I just need some help putting it on."

Alright, that's cool. Without giving too much away I can say that nothing absolutely critical is gonna happen in the next couple updates, and I'll try and keep your character out of danger in the meantime. Hope you feel better soon!

DATEUP: There weren't a whole lot of posts since the last update, so I'm gonna give everyone a chance to catch up again. Updates will resume Tuesday night. And I promise you guys I'll have an update this time that isn't just standing around/talking.

BEYOND THE VEIL DOWNDATE: Well that was weird. If you guys are still out there and kicking, I'll be pushing up an update later on tonight.

The Gang Cleans Up

Cinder looks confused at Holland's mumblings. "Auto-doc? There's no auto-doc. That guy's delirious. The speeder's just a transport vehicle, not an ambulance."

((Since Dec seems to have ghosted us, I'll be puppeting Glover for the time being as well.))

Glover, who had been digging through his medical bag as they spoke, finally surfaces. With several items in his arms, he waltzes over to Jeremiah. He tells him to stay still and pulls out a piece of cloth and a bottle. The liquid inside was brown, and as he poured it on the bandage the room is filled with a very strong scent of lavender. He gingerly presses the bandage to Jeremiah's wound and ties it securely. Jeremiah's arm tingles a bit with the application, but after a moment it's replaced with a soothing numbness.

Glover then moves over to Cinder. "Alright, on three I'm gonna plug your wound. One-" He unceremoniously and remarkably quickly stuffs a roll of cotton into the bullet wound and tapes it over. "Shit!" yipes Cinder. Glover pats the bandaging. "That will help a little bit, but the rest of your bleeding is internal. Better find a surgeon soon." He smiles at Cinder and moves to his final patient, Holland.

Holland's wounds had gone from serious to nearly fatal since the fight, and it looked like a serious challenge to treat him well. Glover summons his medical knowledge, [6 + 4 = 10] and gets to work. With a trained hand, he removes the burned and necrotic tissue from the burn and splashes it with a sterile smelling solution. Luckily, Holland had passed out and didn't flinch with the pain. After that, he pulls out a thankfully modern looking bottle, and squeezes out a large glob of a greenish-white paste onto his hand. Rubbing it into the wound, the singed tissue begins to look more lively and visibly starts to mend. "It's gonna take a while for that to heal completely, but he shouldn't die any time soon." He finishes off the treatment by placing clean, white bandages over his stomach. It looked pretty successful, and once Holland wakes up, he would find that he felt much healthier because of it.

Maria watches on with a fascinated expression, mixed with a little bit of disgust. "Gnarly." she says, simply.

Jeremiah, now fixed up and ready to go, grabs Cinder by the arm and hoists him up. Between the painkillers and the bandaging, he seemed strong enough to walk, and the rest of you follow them as they tread up the stairs.

The party arrives somewhere new.

The group arrives outside of the lobby doors, and enters the stormy outside of planet Murray. Above them, the perpetual storm rumbles and rages as it always had. Dark clouds swirl and rain pours down on their heads and shoulders. In front of the group is the lot of their building, a cracked and dilapidated asphalt plot between the office and the small road beyond. Across the road was a rough cliff, and then the endless dark ocean. There lot was nearly empty, save for a few vehicles and a long defunct street light. To the left there was a small cruiser parked, a compact vehicle with room for two people and a plain white paint job. Beyond it was a rocky field with little else built on it. On the right, there was an old red van sitting on four wheels, and parked next to it was what must've been Cinder's speeder. Beyond it was another strip of old office buildings.

It had a remarkably large chassis for a speeder, the entire thing being one large box set on several smaller hover generators set into its underside. Its side had several plates of what was assumedly armor, as well as a door on each side. There was a larger set of doors on the back end. The vehicle itself was painted black, and it was broken up only by the large rectangular windshield set into the front and the company's markings. The large roman numeral III sat on its sides in angry looking red paint. The driver side door was mysteriously still open, and the paint had small scratches on it where the latch was supposed to hold it closed. Maria looks away.

Jeremiah leads Cinder over to the speeder, and he climbs into the driver's seat, and looks up at the roof. A panel set into the metal slides over, and a camera looks back. A moment passes, and the speeder roars to life, its engines pushing it off the ground and forming a ring of dry ground underneath.

Cinder looks back at Jeremiah. "She's all yours." With some difficulty, he climbs out of the vehicle and back into the rain. "Pleasure doing business with you." he grumbles. His purpose spent, he walks off onto the road, heading out into the storm with his arm gripping his side. If the group had anything left to say to him, this was their last chance.

Cinder mumbles something about "compensating" but otherwise stays quiet.

As Jamie searches the room, he finds the body of the 6th mercenary still warm in the center. He had thrashed a lot in his last moments, and many of the loose articles on him had gone in several different directions. You find a few spare charge cells for his rifle, scattered a few feet away alongside his dog tags. His name was Kenneth. Nearby, display still on, was the machine he was using to scan the room. Upon closer inspection you see that the beeping had stopped and the scanning display was devoid of any abnormalities, aside from a few flecks of blood. There's several buttons running alongside the display with labels written in Sino. You imagine with some know-how, you could modify the device to try and read different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

(click to show/hide)

Jeremiah takes a closer look at the rounds, and while he can gather that they appear to be the size of a 20 gauge round, they lack any priming cap and could not be fired out of a conventional shotgun.

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