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In the anarchy of cataclysm, what would one do when he finds a pile of unguarded loot?

In reality, most people try to coordinate and help one another. We are social/herd animals. And anarchy does not mean criminality or sociopathy. Anarchy is a rejection of social hierarchies.

As a squatter, I would expect to see evidence of somebody's presence long before I uncover any sort of cache. I would look for territorial markings (say... spraypainted tags, or objects placed in a conspicuous manner). I would look for clues as to whether or not the owner is nearby, and any clues which suggest how recently somebody has been nearby. For instance: How dusty is the environment? Is there food? Is it spoiled? Is there a sleeping area? How much effort has been put in to covering up signs of presence? Also, how difficult is it to enter a site? Are there locks on the doors? Are there fences?

There are a lot of things to consider when determining whether or not a site has been abandoned. Taking things from or even trespassing on a site which is not abandoned should be considered dangerous by anyone, weighed against how dangerous the intruder is themself.

If anything, the cleaver could handle a bit more bashing damage, and a bit less cutting. They don't really cut through bone. They smash the heck out of the joints between bones, and even then, it really only works against a hard surface. If you want to cut bone, you're better off using a bandsaw.

I thought a "butcher's knife" was synonymous with "cleaver"
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Not a stabby-thing at all.

More cumbersome than reaching into a bag of scrap metal, lighters, two by fours, batteries, macaroni, arrows, nails, and cocaine?

I have empty hands and two weapons holstered: a Glock 19 in an ankle holster, and an M1014 shotgun in a back holster. When I press 'f' it asks me if I want to draw my Glock. It does not give me the option to draw my shotgun (though 'a'ctivating the back holster works as normal)

There is currently no difference in reload speed when drawing shells from the bandolier as compared to general inventory.

This means that the bandolier is only useful for carrying a few shells at the expense of encumbrance, as opposed to other pockets (ie. ankle ammo pouch, chest rig) which allow for more rapid reloading.

Ah. That's what I missed. Volume comparisons. I had pictured it differently in my head.

     Name        Material   V    W            M/A    Dmg   dps     H
/    wakizashi    Steel    6    1.84 lbs    102    31    0.30    +1
/    machete      Steel    4    1.19 lbs      89    26    0.29    +2
/    tanto           Steel    3    1.23 lbs      86    17    0.20    +2

Ballista bolts (these are a mod item I think?) are described at being "not particularly accurate", despite the fact that both wooden and steel varieties possess 0 dispersion.

probably a mod conflict or something but

the machete has much better stats than the tanto, despite being much simpler to fabricate.

not directly comparable is the machete's block vs the tanto's rapid strike. maybe a consideration.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Bundles
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:19:07 PM »
Yeah yeah I know it would take some rehashing of the inventory code and it's one of those things that has been mentioned a number of times but man-oh-man would it be useful to bundle items together, either as items stored within a specific container or "tied up in string" or just to loosely associate one with another. We've got a bunch of craftables that do effectively this (ie. mess kits, toolkits, etc.) but it would still be handy to associate my shotgun bandolier with the holster holding the shotgun to quickly drop/pick up/equip both items at once. Or, for example, treat all my melee equipment as a collection to store it neatly when the fighting is done. It irks me when I forget one piece in the car or lose something in a shelter I've moved out of.

No they don't.

Just how long are you trying to stay in a place?
Might as well move on when you're cleared the surrounding city blocks.

1- try using a smaller vehicle. One which can fit through a doorway.
2- you don't need to take everything with you - you can fabricate what you need when you arrive at your next squat
3- lots of material can be garnered from dismantling your surroundings
4- if your site is no longer useful, move on.

Superbikes are for wimps.

I stripped down a sports car, strapped a seat to the engine and this thing is just unbelievable. It accelerates at a rate of 70km/h, with "safe" speeds exceeding 700km/h. It's charging 4 car batteries, and a floor trunk over the wheel gives it ample storage to haul goods from one shelter to the next. Being a narrow 1x4 sized vehicle, I've got no problems driving it right on in to my shelter, where wandering Zs won't scrap parts while I'm not looking. I haven't even souped it up yet.

which might be a decent balance mechanic, to prevent players from zipping up and down every time there's a monster they don't like.

15 exactly is someone supposed to detach a grappling hook from below?

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