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General Discussion / Re: Why was DangerNoodle banned?
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:23:40 PM »
Someone made a necropost to an old thread and I replied. Where's the escalation?

General Discussion / Re: Why was DangerNoodle banned?
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:39:36 AM »
While I agree that can be shitty for a person, part of being a leading figure in a project like this is dealing with that.
This right here is exactly the point. No, I do not have to sacrifice my own wellbeing by dealing with people I don't want to.  I demand a very low bar of civility, if it is not met I'm not going to keep dealing with you.  That is my prerogative as a human being and I do not have to abridge that for some nebulous sense of tolerance due to my 'position'.
If you can't handle it on your own you should spread out the load more as I've seen suggested earlier (in my opinion of course.)
I don't understand how this is supposed to work.  I simply do not have anyone in the project I can delegate this sort of thing to.
people aren't attacking you as much as you think they are and lots of us like you and understand everyone is human.
You're not "attacking" me, but you are telling me how I'm allowed to feel and respond to others.  That is unequivocally not ok.  You are telling me I cannot choose who I associate with. That is a basic fucking human right.

I believe you when you say your intentions are pure, but no, I have no intention of taking your advice and forcing myself to associate with people who are rude to me.

BTW, you can check that your PRs are appearing here:

knives should be relatively useless in combat? OH HELL NO!
Read the context please. Relatively useless compared to swords and machetes not compared to bare handed.

Asking in a dedicated thread is more likely to get an answer.

How does the wakazashi compare to the machete? They're a lot more comparable.  A tanto is pretty much uselessly short for combat, that's expected, and difficulty to craft doesn't necessarily reflect how useful it is.

In general I agree with Harrison's point, knives are, and should be relatively useless in combat, they just aren't good at it.

In short, no.
It's not reasonable to start a feature freeze until that list of issues is small enough that the feature freeze will be short, say less than a month.

If it takes longer than a month or so, we'd more likely start losing developer interest than encourage extra effort on the part of developers.

If we had enough manpower one the merge side of things, we could fork into a stable and development branch, merging only bugfixes to the stable branch, and features and bugfixes  to both.   However that is precisely what we are short of, so it doesn't help.

As far as fit with the game, I don't see any issues, though I would suggest that you keep the existing slimesprigs and just add the npc, posdibly as a later mutation.

The thing that jumps out at me about this change is balance, a NPC is an incredibly powerful game entity, and the ability to spawn them is going to be pretty broken.  Since you're creating the NPC, you should be able to adress this in your code, so it should be fixable.
The top issues with NPC op-ness are HP, weapons, armor, inventory, and mutations.
Probably the most straightforward way to adjust down Nov power in these areas is to give them un-removable traits when they're generated that apply various needs to them.

Your understanding of the contribution process is correct, nothing to add there.  I'll reply to your other thread with content feedback (nothing really bad, seems like a good idea in general).

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: not a Code issue, but a howto request.
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:40:34 PM »
You're a lot mote likely to have your question noticed if you mention your problem in the subject, something like, "trying to compile dda on a new platform and looking for tips".

Based on the page you linked, it looks like it's some kind of debian system, the easiest way to build dda is probably going to be to install the compilation tools on the system itself and just build there.  I'd recommend building on a pc first to make sure you know how the steps go if you haven't already.

Option 2 looks great, but with a few adjustments:
Code: [Select]
"place_nested": [
    "chunks": { "lab_door_horiz": 100 },
    "origin": { "x": 12, "y": 0 },
    "neighbors": {
      "north": [ "lab", "lab_ice" ]
"entries" is confusingly generic.
The coordinates need a label.
Specify adjacency with keywords instead of implicitly with array position.
Generally, prefer objects to arrays.

Another alternative is to have them emit an acid cloud on death.  Think like a smoker but dealing direct damage and possibly inflicting a damage-over-time effect.

A final form if you will would be an acid smoker.

And regarding having more than 3 of them, I would really try to make all the extras ones actually useful and not situational.
If every mode is useful in all situations, they're not adding value, making each mode "situational" is precisely what we want.

You might mean you don't want to make them "too situational", or to reword it "too niche".  We certainly don't want modes that are never used, but it makes sense to have variations on a theme, especially if they aren't available at once (for example if they aren't all present in the same martial arts style).

Your player got a free upgrade to being the flash.

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