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Caveat up front, if someone wants extra features they maintain as a mod, I'm totally fine with that, including helping with adding support to the game engine to enable it, so anything I say about it not fitting in the game only applies to the game with default settings.

1. The current primary drawback of guns is that monsters hitting you in melee increases your recoil a great deal and makes it hard to use guns in melee.  Gun-fu generally subverts this and you end up with a fairly bad outcome of guns being the only weapon you ever need.  I don't like this effect for the main game because fighting off zombies with improvised melee weapons is pretty central to the zombie survival horror theme, but a mod could just run with it and turn it into a strength.  I'm not sure how you imagine your gun-fu moves would be triggered, need some clarity about how that works.
2. Having a skill book for learning about it is how we generally handle this kind of stuff, no issue there.
3. Mechanically this kind of multishot thing would probably trade off a bit of extra speed for the reduced flexibility if setting up your shots in advance.  I don't see it being worthwhile in the main game since the feel is a lot more tactical, but in a gun-fu mod it sounds like it'd be fun.
4. This would be supported by "stances", which is something I'm interested in adding at some point.

Yea, that matches my reasoning.  It might be productive to think of it as, "being hard to hit" to highlight that it's not reactive and not necessarily intentional.
Anything that moves will have *some* dodge to differentiate it from targets that don't move, with a higher score for:
High speed, intelligence, moving  erratically and special ability.

Also, the plan for this sort of thing is to capture that, "each container you wear has a limited capacity and different access cost" constraint, but with a system where it's mostly managed for you, and you just make a few decisions like what goes in the fastest access locations.

So what you as a player would care about is labeling ammo, weapons, tools and weapons you need fast access to, and that makes those end up in holsters or fast-access pockets, and other items you don't care much about end up in backpacks or random pockets.

That's a fairly good example of inventory Tetris, but since we don't require a mouse that makes it quite awkward to interact with.

This was a bug encountered when handling color mappings, I think it was triggered here by a hitbox beingvdrawn behind the monster that indicates it has died.
It was also triggering on highlighting for fires.

Actually a backpack minireactor is precisely what I meant by a sci-fi power source with rare power cores.
I was just laying out the rationale against "power is power", which also leads to things like wood-burning power armor or solar powered power armor.

But aside from that, power is just power. Even if the armour was developed with independent power generation (which is certainly a reasonable idea), it would beg the question why there wouldn't be any interface developed for cyborgs or by tech-savvy survivors or you couldn't rig up a backpack minireactor.
For the same reason a fusion gun can't run on AA batteries and an electric car doesn't use a pile of lead-acid batteries, energy might be universal, but energy storage technologies are not.
1. Energy density, aka watt-hours per lb.
If your power source for your power armor weighs more than the armors' lifting capacity, its not capable of powering the armor.  Its totally feasible that functioning power armor would require an exotic power supply with a sci-fi level energy density.
2. Current capacity, aka watt rating.
If your power source can only supply 500W (ballpark for a charged car battery) and your power armor requires 10kW to operate (That's not actually a very high number for something like this...), your power supply isn't capable of powering the armor.  Again, we're presuming an almost impossible to construct sci-fi power supply that WILL supply the requisite power.

Damn cool stuff.
This makes me wish I still had my AlphaStation so I could run DDA on a non-x86 CPU :D

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Powdered toast...


General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: August 15, 2017, 10:51:05 PM »
So, just pictures of forks aren't allowed? I'm confused
The gist seems to be: keep debates verbal/written unless you are providing visual evidence for your case.

Memes are fine, discussion is good, memes in discussion is cancer.

One thing I noticed; giant ants seem oddly passive. The soldier ones are aggressive, but the standard non-soldiers only attack once in a while.
Ants are in fact blind (or just really nearsighted, can't remember which).
Worker ants are also very non-agressive.

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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: derail re: forking from
« on: August 14, 2017, 07:15:57 AM »
You could have deleted the pic, no need to delete the whole post.
We had a ridiculously huge controversy a while back about editing posts that broke rules, as a result I don't edit posts and instead just delete them.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: derail re: forking from
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@Alec White no imge posts please.

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how feasible would it be to set up a voting system on one of the different websites used for Cataclysm?
Very feasible, it was done, it didn't get much attention, it was abandoned.  The social aspects are a lot harder than just standing up a website to tally them.
More importantly, the project is not a democracy.
The method for users to influence development is via debate. This is intentional, not due to laziness.  Debate sidesteps all the nasty problems around deciding who gets to vote and enforcing that everyone gets the right amount of voting power etc. and validates that people actually know what they're asking for.

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