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These forums have been hosted by GlyphGryph for the last 4 years, but that time is coming to an end.

I've acquired new hosting at Discord Inc. and I've migrated the entire forum contents (300,000 posts!) there.  The new site is accessible at

Please join me there where we can continue to discuss cataclysm (among other things).

This site will stay up in read-only mode until some time in March when the current contract expires, at which point it will go down.

I have a plan for redirecting links to the corresponding posts in that I'll try to get working before then, so that external links won't break.

No problem at all, we very much want to add the kind of content that's being discussed here, but haven't gotten around to it.  More discussion is always welcome though, especially when it brings up new ideas like this one has.

If I may ask, does Cataclysm have a predetermined vision for what it will end up like?
And if it does, how organized is it?;area=showposts;u=28
It seems like having a very large hobbyist developer group allows for a massive amount of combined content to be created with minimal effort by any one person, at the expense of continuity and organization. If this is the case with Cataclysm, I can see those issues only getting worse with time.
You are discounting the existence of someone who imposes that continuity by signing off on all changes.  In other words, me. People occasionally get upset when I veto things, but having sole control over project direction is what gives us the continuity we do have.

The lack of late-game progression isn't due to a lack of interest, but rather resources.  I'd very much love to add the kinds of things you're describing, but have been bogged down with either bugfixing, early/mid game balance issues (ranged handling code and accuracy overhaul), or early/mid game challenges (hordes).  Unfortunately it's hard to justify the late-game work if we don't feel like the early and mid-game stuff is totally solid yet.

A totally new concept here is having an escalated level of risk selected on a per-game basis.  We had thought about having regional risks occur (specifically in the context of something like an "acid nexus" appearing in a lab, unleashing a fountain of acid, biohazards, radiation, etc on the surroundings, but we hadn't put any thought into having the game pick a unique global risk for each game, which I think is a really cool idea.  Even if you know the whole list of potential disasters, there would probably be a bit of scrambling at the end to prepare for some of the nasty occurrences that could crop up.

Probably the lowest-hanging fruit here is spawning some super-enemies, since they don't require overhauling big chunks of game code (though if you're interested in making any of the effects listed here happen and have an idea about how to go about it, don't let me stop you).  I have zero problem merging enemies that will require players to expend massive resources to take them down, because in late game you have those resources.  Likewise enemies that effectively require use of vehicles or power armor in order to successfully fight them are allowable.  The only hard restriction is that such super-enemies should generally not be interested in the player unless they make a nuisance of themselves.

Another avenue to explore if you have c++ coding abilities is enemies that organize, we have two examples (brain blob and Thriller) of enemies that take control of their friends, even blobs might be a bit dangerous if they start using encirclement tactics.

You've put a lot of thought into this, thanks!

- make some pain and damage (~35% of body part max HP for most bionics, ~10% torso HP for power storage) obligatory side-effects of CBM installation irregardless of success (prevents chain installation of gorillion bionics at once)
Definitely something I want to happen, it's a major surgery with extensive tissue damage for even the smallest CBM.  It should require significant healing time, and come with noticeable debuffs, both pain related and not (even if you're a masochist or have extreme pain-modifying traits, you can't simply shug off major surgeries)
- make some heavy irradiation lowest-tier bionics installation failure effect instead of damage/pain (makes sense thematically with CBM's being all powered via plutonium-containing units)
I'd say not all of them, but some for sure.
- move mutation to second tier of bionics installation failure effect
I'm tempted to simply remove the mutation thing if we overhaul this. It doesn't have any viable mans of occurrence if we're moving away from magic self-implanting nanobot whatevers toward physically implanted devices.
- move faulty bionics to third tier of bionics installation failure effect
- move damage to existing bionics to highest tier of bionics installation failure effect
Both of these sound reasonable.
- maybe add extra damage to limbs (that can potentially break then outright) as some medium/high-tier effect
Possible, but that's a pretty severe effect.  Alternately, we could have some novel effects that are somewhere in between (though this does go against your self-imposed restriction of rearranging effects instead of adding new ones).
- maybe allow effects from lower tiers be applied together with the highest tier rolled
I'd like to apply the rest and see how it shakes out before trying this one.  In particular we need to make sure we don't end up with any outcomes where "some Tier 1 effect" + "some Tier 2 effect" = "instadeath"

No idea.  My current focus is getting things stabilized for a release.

In that case there is definitely no problem, just hasn't been added.

Each teleport is going to load at least a 5x5 square of overmap squares centered on your teleport target.
So teleport 5 overmap tiles in a particular direction and you'll have no gap.

No one has added one, that's all there is to it.
Not sure what kind you're talking about, scopes mean optics, which themselves are uncraftable.

Is it just me or did the thread go from 'the player can sneak' to 'monsters and environment will hide'?
Conversation focuses on the controversial parts, having monsters not spot the player is totally uncontroversial and has no dramatic complications, so there's not much to discuss.

Looks like they got moved with little notice, they're now here:

Switched to 64 bit builds only, if you need 32 bit builds let us know.

Map seeds roughly require reimplimenting all of mapgen, I don't expect it to ever happen.

Tl;Dr, it's only static, dynamic is no longer available.

This is very much something I want to add.

I think the best way to handle reduction to sight range is to to modify spotting distance based on how large the target is, and then allow crouching and crawling to adjust effective size for the purposes of spotting (and ranged attacks).  This also means crawling zombies will start working like they're supposed to, creeping up on you a bit and being hard to shoot.

As far as difficulty, Aluminumfoil covered it, the stat changes are easy, the LOS changes are hard.

Specifically, changing the LoS stuff (hiding behind terrain or furniture) requires labelling terrain and furniture with some kind of height indication, and adjusting the LoS code to take it into account.  This isn't TOO hard, but it does require some surgery in some very tricky areas of the code.

Just to point out one probably unintended consequence of this.  If we add condiments with meaningful effects, they effectively become mandatory.
Your proposal does address this by minimising micromanagement, but its still a concern.

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