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I've had a dream for a long time of a base building mechanic revolving around rescuing scientist and engineer NPCs and having them research and develop new tools to help you fight the apocalypse.

A giant part of blandness in the game comes from player's ability to "specialize" in everything, given time.
Having a player be only able to fulfill a limited set of roles could be good both for replayability and NPCs.
Say, a mechanic player would not be able to craft mutagen without a scientist NPC to help, a scientist player would not be able to utilize all bionic slots (once those are ready for the game) and high-tier bionics without the help of a cyborg engineer etc.

Though I have no idea how could the specialization picking be done. All complex jobs are learned over many years in pre-cataclysmic universities. But then, having a literal moron craft a railgun all by himself isn't any more sane than arbitrarily picking a specialization and having it only get "truly unlocked" later. Could require having non-zero skill - ie. can't pick mechanic as specialization with 0 skill in it at chargen.

If it doesn't say "pulped", even if the name is no longer in yellow, they can get back up.

Basically, sometimes, when you've been away a while and come back, some of the corpses may not be pulped, but they lose the yellow label.  Also, sometimes when you kill stuff (especially low HP stuff, like child zombies or skeletal dogs), you do enough damage to get the corpse to "pulped", but it stays yellow.  This last one is fixed if you smash another corpse on the same square, but they aren't eligible for smashing alone.

Pretty sure that the yellow color means it is active. If it's not yellow then the only way it could get up would be necros. If it is pulped, it shouldn't be able to rise, even if it stays active.

Nope. Smashed corpses are supposed to be completely deanimated. Necromancers can't rez them either.

1) Can a horde actually be moved by sound?
2) I've tried burning buildings down adjacent to a horde to lure them in and get them all killed in the ensuing blaze and collapse.
3) Does sound outright CREATE zombies, or does it just draw in existing ones from a distance, or both?

1. Yes, although the magnitude of that movement may be low. It may have gotten broken. Either way, hordes move rather slowly.
2. This works, but the horde needs a good path to the building. Zombies are dumber than most bricks and the only way to keep their attention is to stay in their sight.
3. Draws in.

Butcher the string.

Don't butcher corpses if you don't need to. Smash them - it is intentionally much faster and less taxing on stamina.
Butchering is for when you want to recover things from the corpses, not dispose of them.

  • Craft ropes, uncraft them into thread (it's a bug, but it's the good kind of a bug)
  • Uncraft a long string, then "uncraft as long as possible" on the short string
  • Stand over a stack of rags, uncraft them all

Not a bad idea, but the NPC inventory code is rather slow and brute forcing checking everything could visibly lag.
This would require either NPCs to remember what they checked already or the checks to get much faster.

In a stove or fireplace you don't waste anything, but everywhere else the stick is much more efficient.

Map seeds roughly require reimplimenting all of mapgen, I don't expect it to ever happen.

There is a simpler way.
By giving each overmap tile its own sub-seed and setting that before mapgen of this specific overmap coordinate, there would be no need to ensure identical order of generation.
Then it's just a search+replace over a large number of rng calls.

How do you feed your NPC friends, and how do you know when they want to eat?

You can either feed them by hand by telling them "use this" or just dump food in their inventory and let them eat it automatically. They will complain about hunger loudly if you didn't tell them not to.

Currently no good way, but it might be possible to do it with a lua script. The script would need to create a tinymap (not sure if lua can do it), place it where it is needed, try to load a location, change position, load new segment and so on until entire area is covered.

I think there was a request to allow mapgen seed mechanics, but it's nowhere near doable yet due to how tightly coupled mapgen mechanics are with map mechanics.

Is it just me or did the thread go from 'the player can sneak' to 'monsters and environment will hide'?

It went from "simple hack to make player sneak" to "consequences of having (specific) visibility functions in the game".
What we certainly don't want is another hackjob like zombie grabs.

The ability to use BOTH hands (dual wielding). Like a gun on your left hand and a knife on the other.

Slowly getting there.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Remove Vanilla scenarios via mods.
« on: October 29, 2017, 05:13:57 AM »
Currently no.
The problem is, blacklists are hardcoded per-type.
You could try redefining the scenario to get rid of professions in it or something like that.

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