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Make sure they are set to actually pick things up. The "what to pick" and "do pick things at all" settings are separate so that you can turn it on and off without clearing the rules.

Riding... impossible, why?  We have vehicles, which are actually a hell of a lot harder than riding a mount.

The entire game assumes one critter per tile. This would require reworking a lot of functions just to allow multiple critters per tile, which would be a lot of work even before the optimization to ensure this rare edge case doesn't drop the FPS by 20%+.
It's not impossible per se, it's just something that would take a ton of work. Unless some dedicated coder came out of the heavens and offered to implement this, it's just unfeasible.

Unless it was implemented as a hacky mess that would cause a lot of extra work in the end.

For the menu: you'd need to set up the build environment for the game, ensure you can actually compile the game, then it's only a matter of finding the pet menu in game.cpp and making a similar menu for non-pet creatures (possibly using the npc menu as an example).

The only command for hostile creatures I can think of right now would be taming. Grab command may sound like a good idea, but it is not possible to properly implement it with current codebase (creature grab code is SHIT right now, replicating it is a horrible idea).
For tame creatures, there could be a "milk" command, but that would require setting up milking timeout - most likely as an effect (recently milked or something like that).

They have to be similar to dogs, but you could then tie them down with a rope, like zlaves.

Riding won't happen. It's just way too hard to implement. No hope here - not "maybe someday" - never.

Breeding would be something for much later. It would require creature's activity outside reality bubble, which is hard to implement.

Dog food is hardcoded, but it would be pretty much menial work to turn it into jsonable thing.

Still, dogfood code is a giant hack that shouldn't really be extended.
It would be much better to turn the whole thing into a monster interaction menu - if you interact with monster with a specific tag, like TAMEABLE_HERBIVORE, it would add a menu with "feed" option, ask for food, then possibly tame the animal based on food's nutrition and fun (either a random roll or accumulation of "tameness" stored as an effect or Creature::values entry).

There already is a pet interaction menu, so it could be extended to cover non-pets, but with different sets of options for pets and nonpets.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: The Minor JSON Questions Thread
« on: April 23, 2017, 06:08:16 PM »
1. What's the matter with mutation_ordering.json? It looks like it's some sort of priority order for thresholds.

2. And where could I get the source for the new experimental? The one on the main site ( seems old.

1. It's draw order


They halve the damage output, though.
Claw damage happens if you're wielding an unarmed weapon ("none" counts as unarmed). You get half claw damage for having a free left hand and half claw damage for having free right hand AND no weapon wielded.

"Battery pool" may happen someday, but it's complex (consider multiple battery types) so I wouldn't even call it "planned".

Simplifying the game won't happen due to "politics". Unless someone makes a fork.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: The Minor JSON Questions Thread
« on: April 21, 2017, 09:35:46 AM »
Nowadays it's just mapgen_functions.cpp

To add a builtin, you need to add a function in mapgen_functions.cpp and bind it to a name in init_mapgen_builtin_functions function in the same file.
Then, of course, recompile the game.

Yeah, but that was also before Z-levels, so you could start a fire... but you had to stay there until the way was clear!  That could actually be one of the more dangerous ways to get out.

The only dangerous part was the turret - back then fire didn't actually deal proximity damage in any shape or form, only direct damage and smoke effect (counterable with mouth env protection). And the turret could actually be killed by chucking planks at it.

But is the nerf intentional?

Not directly, but the nerf enforced what mapmakers most likely intended.

In short:
The intended version was that "chance" field means "chance to spawn items here". This is easy to understand and obviously The Right Thing. So any mapmaker who doesn't experiment would probably treat it as obvious.
The old version - bugged one - had "chance" meaning two different things: when "chance" was 100, it meant "spawn this thing here". When "chance" was below 100, it meant "keep spawning until you roll a number lower than chance". So "chance":90 meant "keep rolling and spawning stuff until you hit that 10% chance to stop rolling".

Some map features may need updating now, because any mapmaker who understood the bug has most likely tried to work around it.

That's quite funny because in 0.C, its description on the scenario-selection screen said "Brag about it on the Forums!".

And back then, you could just make a fire to destroy lab walls.

Strength effect caps at +2 fear, it's not a big deal.
For reference, holding a gun (sling counts) is +6 fear (only +2 if the NPC also has a gun), sapiovore mutation is +10, grotesque mutation is +9.

Unless you have sapiovore or deformed, just unequipping all weapons before the NPC spawns (it has to be at spawn time, not talk time) will do more than strength could.

What Kevin said, but also:

Originally the NPCs were supposed to resist being overencumbered by player who wants to kill them that way or steal their stuff. In retrospect that was a bad idea (player still could do all sorts of trick on the NPC), which is why NPCs nowadays can be freely undressed and dressed up by the player using "sort armor" function on them.
I didn't remove the limitation function because I wanted to apply it to NPCs changing their own clothing on their own (for example, wild NPCs who don't have a player babysitting them), but I never got to it.

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