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General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:21:21 PM »

unfold it for instant storage when raiding.

use a rucksack or molle pack for more storage potential at the cost of higher encumbrance and less prewearing space

I bring 2 with me early game, and keep 4 in my car.

Easy to craft, easy to drop and replace.

Carry a folded plastic bag and a few towels everywhere.

The list of crap I always carry is actually kind of long.

- Skittles for days: aspirin, painkillers, first aid, bandages, eye drops, multivitamins, adrenaline, Dr Stem, cocaine
- 1 molotov and 1 smoke bomb, optional manhacks
- 2 weapons
- some pebbles and a sling
- folded plastic bag
- poncho or umbrella or towels
- rubber hose
- lighter
- thread or splintered wood

amoung other things

bring enough ammo and stims and painkillers.

and bring a turret if you can.  npcs also work for absorbing the initial waves

I'm trying really hard to keep my NPCs alive, despite their best efforts, so that was out. A SCAR-H, RM20, and some assorted grenades (plus the aforementioned powered combat armor) worked well enough, though. That many of the monsters wandered into the lava moat probably helped, at least with handling the outer perimeter and the things that I could snipe through the windows.

Biggest short-term problem was sniping the arachnotrons before they could shoot me, biggest long-term problem was the massive morale hit from the slaves. Still, it was a nice extended combat encounter and I got to punch a hell knight in the face. I'll have to try it with only an Ithaca 2021 next time.
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use a towel?

pks mod should make it available for midgame characters if you can find the books or powerlevel.

at 2 cooking you can craft flavored mutagen with blobs or tainted tallow, ammonia, and whatever themed item the flavor requires

used to smell too. throwing off your own scent

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:29:37 PM »
oh God thats .... oh god

bring enough ammo and stims and painkillers.

and bring a turret if you can.  npcs also work for absorbing the initial waves

in pks they have medium range nv.

in coregame?  no

thats almost funny.

fyi they and shockers are usually found at power stations

not entirely true, if zlevels are on.

zeds absolutely can track you or otherwise even wander down stairs and sniff you out.

LMOEs usually dont spawn by zeds, not even wandering hordes, though.  and metal doors are safe from any nonhulk zed anyway.

Late Winter, Year 1

Ive done well enough.  I have an intergrated toolset and 2 ways of charging it, I have a supermobile, and I have silat and decentish armor.

Ive got sufficient food for a season or two, and Im coming up on rifle skill too.  I like slow learner, but the combat skills really lag behind what they need to be with it on.  Especially the pewpews.

(click to show/hide)

The unrenamed humvee sports its purifier, some upgraded solar panels, water, an aisle curtain exit out the back, an m60 on the driver's side hood, and a grenade launcher that will be mounted on the back asap.  I need 1 launchers, and with half item spawns I dont hold out hope of finding it with a dedicated search.  Itll show up at some point, ya know.

This ramrod of a vehicle is completely sustainable for me, and Ive got the mechanics skills to match it.  Getting bored, but building my car is still fun for now.  Were going south to unknown cities 'Manchester-on-the-sea" being my current goal, waaay down at the edge of my tourist map.

I did move the engine in, the tanks to the middle, and the controls to the center so that I can walk on the steel-plated aisles without interruption.  I plated them explicitly for ease of identification of what is a cargo carrier and what is an aisle.

The only other point of interest is a large cluster of size 7ish cities up northeast.  I left them alone.  Because the evos are out in force.  Things like the sparker give my melee character trouble.  nightstalkers are pains, and masters and necromancers do exist sprinkled around.  The increased spawn rates I play with really help the zeds out.

Im mostly a slime at this point, but have significant amounts of beast in me too.  I have immunity to disease, stronkness, and slimey hands and skin.  I am pretty still, high adrenaline and greenskin.  With my cat ears and animal empathy, I can really get around; though I smell.   Not the most useful bunch of mutations, but no complaints here.  The barkskin and slimeskin both really make rain a nice thing.  slow learner plus bad temper plus rain hurts skill gain.

So what you do is show yourself and then hide again, so it comes after you.

just ... make sure you can hide again if you need to.

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