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General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: Today at 05:57:10 PM »
Youve offended ice cream enthusiasts everywhere :o

My character seems to be perpetually tired.  I can sleep normally, and get the positive health messages (your muscles stretch, etc), and seem fine once waking up.  But within 15 minutes or so of game time, I become tired regardless of what I'm doing. I can go back to sleep for 10 minutes or so, but then the tired condition comes back.  I don't have any conditions listed on the status screen.  I took some antiparasitics just in case but it doesn't seem to have helped.  Any ideas on what could cause constant fatigue?
Earplugs and a blindfold. Sounds like you arent actually getting a full rest.

Also, the negative trait Poor Hearing. Not only it is useful in more circumstances that it is disadvantegous at, you also gwt 2 trait points for it. Quite a win-win, really.


except for the part where a zombie is almost guarenteed to bash through your windshield before you can hear them if you take poor hearing or heavy sleeper.

I'm having some serious RNG problems finding a stethoscope. I know they can spawn in hospitals and ambulances, but where else can they be found?
doctor office

MAYBE on science bodies.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« on: June 07, 2017, 11:45:22 PM »
New version.

Updated for steel spear and pipe spear.  You need the new version to use it without it popping errors.

why would you die?

Is a sip of bleach lethal in real life

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: June 05, 2017, 05:27:34 PM »
You stick 'the wheelchair' into you mouth before the rest of the question.

You see this, yes?

what if postapocolyptic Highlander mod?

General Discussion / Re: HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:36:44 AM »
the joke is backwards, youd get the answer before the question

I recently heard 1.5meters; that seems to be a fairly constant guesstimation too.

This last measurement was based on road length and the idea that a humie is 1m x 1m wide.


but, butbutbut, I hasten to add:  distance in any grid game is going to be relative, because it is impractical to represent proper distances in a game of such large scales as 1 monster per tile.  Tank drones are easily as large as beetles (car) in even the most conservative of guesses, for instance, and a road lane takes 30+ seconds to traverse.

Its kind of like DF in a lot of ways, since I find it easier to illustrate.  An infinite number of critters fit onto one tile, but how much water is 5/7 of water?

5/7 water is 5 tiles worth of 1/7 water, which evaporates in a few hours.  But dwarves can drown in it, and fish will air-drown in 2/7 water, which is theoretically enough to hold anything dwarf-sized and swimming.

When aiming at max steadiness, your weapon skill means relatively little compared to improving your weapon and/or perception.
    Even a rifling god cannot control dispersion.

where the lines intersect is the optimal firing zone.  You draw an imaginary vertical line over the range of your target for whatever setup most closely matches you, and see how well you perform in A: (total hits) and B: (headshots/crits).

By itself its just a pretty graph, but you can see that reducing the Suck of your weapon will have the most effect on your performance.


im under the impression there is close quarters accuracy penalty for most non-shotguns

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:10:36 PM »
there is:

- jumpsuit
- torso
- head
- arms, weak point
- legs
- boots

- pseudo PA suit

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: PK's Rebalancing Mod
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:28:19 AM »
You guys may not want my opinion of survivor armor ...

I can look to reduce the encumbrance, but I purposely designed it to not be as protective as heavy magicite armor.
  The layered plastic is not kevlar, though, and is designed with enviornmental protections in mind, since the idea is that they were designed to combat hellfires.  Who, btw, do not do a lot of raw ranged damage.  The danger of their ranged attacks are the special effects associated with their chosen elements and the pain/slowing caused allowing them to close to melee.

Probs.  never knew.

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