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The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Re: Just Stuff
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:05:21 PM »
I love

God damn it i cant read today at all.

I believe it depends on what youre attacking. Regular zombies are easy targets and can only train you so high before its basically like swinging at a wall. Try bigger things that dodge better.

The game doesnt assume everything is completely flat though. Ive lost vehicles because it was over shallow water and i couldnt push it, but if i debugged it out of water, i could push it just fine.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Re: NPC's
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:15:58 PM »
You can give them orders when to fight. I generally go with "attack things that ive attacked first", if i need to retreat, "dont fight unless your life depends on it". You can change this mid-combat by [c]hatting with them, and it only takes somwehere around one turn.

Im inclined to agree that the effects of rain on morale are a bit OP, but without any kind of preparation, being soaking wet is a sizable distraction. Just not to the point of being unable to cook the only food you have.

Fire control is pretty easy actually. A fire ring as mentioned by Miloch added by a mod, or with some sheet metal and a hammer you can make a brazier, or you can drop them in a pit (not a shallow pit) and it should be contained.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Re: v6393 A few bugs
« on: July 12, 2017, 12:51:32 PM »
Thanks for the heads up on perception. I tend to have very high value of it and never noticed this was a feature. I just played that way every game =)

How do I use Jumper cables and Heavy Duty Cables?

I couldn't jump a tank with them from a fully charged car. Also, does the connection have to be exactly where the batteries are? I stuck it to a bumper and the @$$ end of the tank with no idea wtf to do next.

Does it sit and wait? Does it need to have both vehicles in a mode I'm not aware of??

Attach one end to any tile on a vehicle, attach the other to any point on the other vehicle. The vehicles will now share an electrical system. When you try to start the tank it will tray to drain the batteries in the attached car just like the batteries were attached to the tank (with some small power loss for jumper cables, and a considerable one for heavy duty cables).

Solar panel calculations definitely occur outside the reality bubble (or are calculated for time outside the bubble when the entity enters the bubble). Im willing to bet funnels do too.

I generally find power armor laying around by piles of scientist or soldier corpses

I dont know about condensing all guns into firearms. Firing a handgun is pretty different from firing a rifle, and aiming with a rifle is way different from aiming a grenade launcher. I can see condensing them to small and large weapons vis a vis fallout 3, but that seems a bit too simplified for my taste.

What would be cool is to have a mod that starts you months or years after the cataclysm. Many buildings or even whole cities in ruins, most of the guns and especially ammo already gone - looted. I know there are word setting / scenarios that make it possible to start later but they are not consistent. What changes is that most perishable food is rotten but most things are the same as in standard start.
Eh, pretty easy to simulate most of that with world gen settings

Yeah the extended description menu has been broken for a hot minute.

1: the sling is fairly powerful and ammo for it is everywhere so yeah they can be worth it.
2. A river (obviously), a house or store (Bathroom toilets usually have 24 water in them), or you can make a funnel [a]ctivate it and drop a container on the same tile. When it rains that container will fill up at a rate dependant on how rainy it is. All these sources are dirty water however and should be boiled or otherwise purified before consumption.
3. A bow with 20-ish arrows is generally good for most game. Most large game will charge at you once injured so you can weaken it with a bow and then beat it to death with whatever. Small game youll have to chase down. You can also set up traps if you have any available.
4. Wrong settings
5. Yeah. Its a lot easier to run when you arent surrounded. it means being able to search buildings faster. It means possibly finding a hole in the oncoming swarm of zed. It means at least weakening that brute about to smack you through a wall with your trusty sling so you can hopefully stab it to death before the wall smacking occurs.
6. The wiki is rather out of date on a lot of things, but torso encumbrance doesnt affect move speed, but that is a rather high encumbrance for a melee character and youll suffer for it in any close encounters, and thats a lot of arm encumbrance for a ranged character. Probably more than desirable for a melee character too but eh. I gave up trying to calculate move speeds. Move to a clear tile (like grass or street or a floor without furniture) and see how many moves that takes you.

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