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The version that comes with cata has a flag in the modinfo file marking it as deprecated, meaning its still packaged with the game to avoid breaking saves with it, but you cant start a new save with it.

There isnt a specific weight per se that an engine can move. If you drive it into shallow water and cant move anymore because water costs more movement points to move over, then it still says your car is too heavy.

My character seems to be perpetually tired.  I can sleep normally, and get the positive health messages (your muscles stretch, etc), and seem fine once waking up.  But within 15 minutes or so of game time, I become tired regardless of what I'm doing. I can go back to sleep for 10 minutes or so, but then the tired condition comes back.  I don't have any conditions listed on the status screen.  I took some antiparasitics just in case but it doesn't seem to have helped.  Any ideas on what could cause constant fatigue?
Earplugs and a blindfold. Sounds like you arent actually getting a full rest.

I think doubling the number of non-electric engines would be far from the worst thing that ever happens.  You already have to scroll through a lot of parts.
(X) is already on fire so we can just pile some more wood on it no problem

Is there any way to reset an overmap? Or at least re-hide the revealed area again?

Basically, on the run I'm doing, I was testing how city spacing worked, since I didn't know which number meant cities spaced far away from each other.

After testing, due to my habit of saving regularly in case of crash, I went and saved the game despite revealing a chunk of map.

So, any way to reset one particular map chunk in the game?
delete the file associated with that chunk

Tried to crowd control a group of secubots in a lab finale with this. All the scrap metal almost killed me.

Burn them in a fire. burn them in a kiln. Make log and sod walls. cut them into two by fours. Make ballista bolts (blazemod).

Well they all have different weight, durability, and cost. A wooden frame is easy to make and attach but heavier and weaker than a regular frame. A regular frame takes steel and a forge to make, and a welder to attach, but is lighter and stronger than wood. A heavy duty frame costs more steel than a regular frame and is stronger, but is also heavier. Military composite frames are as strong as it gets, used on tanks and armored vehicles, but need a strong engine if you want to move faster than a walking pace, as well as being uncraftable. Superalloy plating is actually quite a bit weaker than military plating, and i believe even heavy duty plating, but is also much lighter. By weight its the strongest frame you can install

@Azrad & deoxy:
Thanks for the info. I read that the CVD Machine used for making Diamond Weapons also has a chance of appearing in the Lab finale. Is that a separate possible reward or does it spawn along with one of the other 3 rewards?
Its separate. A big ass multi block machine, not an item.

The street sweepers often have a spray can and some other junk thats rare to need but also a pain to find or craft any other way like the steel chain

Wasn't this due to the game internally taking a charged storage/car/medium/etc battery like it was loaded with batteries(the small ones ammo type)?
Yep. same reason a loaded gun magazine weighs more than an unloaded one.


you can also suddenly only use one at a time, don't duffel bags have 40 as well? the item browser site is messing up for me. is currently working better (all credit due to chezzo for hosting it.)

The small plastic bags that you find food in are used for crafting, the bigger wearable ones are used as storage when worn like a backpack for the hands.

Would it be reasonable to change acidic/spitter zombies so that pulping them doesn't spread acid? Having to either go out of my way to move the corpse and butcher it, or risk having acid splash onto me is annoying and doesn't add much to the gameplay.
I use it to my advantage. Smash an acidic zombie corpse between you and a horde to thin out the horde a bit. Like an acid bomb but slower. Even more effective if you have turnout pants and rubber boots. Also standing on a shopping cart or similar 1 tile boardable vehicle negates acid puddles.

Red and blue lights off of police cars and ambulances. Not quite christmas lights but still.

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