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Drag around zombie slaves with a rope and have them carry loot around. Could be handy for mutation lines that prevent using cars and such.

I thought that was already a thing?

Since when did gun accuracy get nerfed? I'm playing on the experimentals with gun range capped to 30 tiles, and guns are pretty damn accurate if you use precision aim. I can even take out turrets without missing 95% of my shots using precision aim.

What experimental? The gun range cap was removed as of build #6446. Ive also noticed a notable nerf in accuracy, but i assumed it was because i was underwater shooting a handgun i had no skill with.

The only thing that should change is that blob feed fuel should now be able to be loaded into other things, like a battery or bullet. But (at a cursory glance) nothing uses it as ammo.

It's item dependent. Items have a JSON value "container" which specifies the default container they would generate in. example:

Code: [Select]
        "type" : "COMESTIBLE",
        "id" : "oj",
        "name" : "orange juice",
        "weight" : 263,
        "color" : "yellow",
        "spoils_in" : 120,
        "container" : "bottle_plastic",  ********
        "comestible_type" : "DRINK",
        "symbol" : "~",
        "quench" : 35,
        "healthy" : 2,
        "nutrition" : 4,
        "description" : "Freshly-squeezed from real oranges!  Tasty and nutritious.",
        "price" : 90,
        "material" : "fruit",
        "volume" : 1,
        "phase" : "liquid",
        "flags" : ["EATEN_COLD"],
        "fun" : 3

Firefighter with a flamethrower. Fight zombies with fire.
Generally it helps if you actually role play your character. Dont do what youd do, do what they would do. Give them personalities, lives, hopes, dreams, a past. Make a character and let them write their own story.

Is there a point to using two or more sights on a gun?

Like rifle scope on the sights slot, rail laser sights on the rail slot, and underbarrel laser sights on the underbarrel at the same time? Any benefit to it?

Also, always wondered about it, but will adding dispersion reducing mods affect the dispersion on the bullet?

Like... you have enough gun mods to put the gun's dispersion to 0, but the bullets still have dispersion on their own, and will adding more mods remove the bullet's dispersion? Looking at the item with the mods on, the bullet dispersion doesn't change, but just want to be sure.

Dispersion and sight dispersion are two different things. Dispersion is caused by the gun itself, and the ammunition used varying slightly because of imperfections, or design choices (Shorter barrel for carbines or pistols). Sight dispersion is caused by imperfections or choices in the sight itself. As a rule of thumb, sights with a low dispersion are slow to aim with. A rifle scope is eminently accurate, but can take over a minute to aim precisely. A laser sight is garbage for precision, but can aim rather quickly. if you have say, a scope and offset sights installed, a scope giving you eminent accuracy, the offset sights giving you something akin to quick aim, then you should get a quicker aim than a scope, and a more accurate aim than the offset sights. That being said, you cant use a scope and a laser sight and get perfect snap to aiming. Im not privy to the inner workings of the source code on this, but attaching a rail sight to an ump45 with a holographic sight gave me all the sight dispersion (lower than iron sights) of the holographic, but with a lower aim cost.

If they both have the same flag, they are the same durability. And i would assume it makes it less likely to "Be damaged by the force of the blow" in all situations that can appear.

They will likely not do anything unless you have another mod that obscures the weapons base iron sights (It will clearly say it does), like the homemade silencer or scope. This is because the regular iron sights are notably better than the offset sights in every way, so your survivor would never need to use them.

Its kind of like save scumming. Not technically cheating, but also entirely cheating.

Its definitely blazemod. nothing else adds, uses, or even vaguely references blob feed.

Magazine containers, quivers, and bandoleers all (in theory) are supposed to work similarly. By reducing, very slightly in my experience, the amount of time it takes to reload. This effect is increased with skill with the weapon in question (i think).

Make a mod of it. This would be a quick and easy one.

On this note, the item browser has issues listing the "craft" tab of quite a few items like soap and machete just as an example.

A quick complaint about them, very often (especially with z-levels enabled) npc spawn outside of safe rooms and quest giving nps are slaughtered before the green tide.

There was briefly a mod that did something like this (Jury-rigged robots) in the lab but it was rendered unusable by some core code changes and never updated, the same fate that befalls most mods.

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