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I like the titles on the books.

I'm always as merciful as possible in CDDA (and most games tbh). Like my favourite story, where an NPC stole my rocket launcher and I promptly cloaked, ran over, and stole it back without him ever knowing.

Search corpse action.

Instead of zombies magically becoming naked upon their first (well, second) death by dropping their loot, you now have to search their bodies first to see what items they hold. Butchering automatically searches the bodies.
Implementing this will surely cause all sorts of whining like "oh noes! it adds tedium! burn and then bury this feature immediately!"

Probably because it does.

Add a Dual Fusion Blaster Arm CBM that replaces both arms.

They're everywhere in some towns.

Fun fact: once had a town where every single one of the four houses had a mailman corpse. I like to think that every morning they'd deliver each others' mail.

ummm, why?  does it bother you to be forgotten?

to whom do you tell your deeds (that doesnt die horribly)?
what children are there to recieve your legacy?
in what fashion do you hope to live on?
what cultureis there to spread your tales (tails too)?

everything about early development is Lovecraftian.  this is def a feature from early dev
In terms of why? People often get attached to characters they've used for a long time and accomplished a lot with. It's only natural to want them to be remembered in-canon.
Your questions are all mostly answered in my story thingy. Trinkets, evidence of past deeds, survivors' notes, et cetera. I very much doubt that (especially in cases like Samantha's, where she never interacted with factions) they'll become a 'historic figure' as such, but what they did is hard to ignore. Nobody would ever, for instance, find out Samantha's name or who she was before the cataclysm, but after the swath of land she completely purged of undead life is eventually repopulated, people will be aware 'oh, someone's been here before us'.
In the world after the apocalypse, everything is very impersonal unless people make an effort to preserve humanity. There's no reason for me to drive raider corpses to cemeteries and pretend-bury them, but I do it anyway 'cause it's respectful. Likewise, there was no obligation for the survivors in the story to get 'S.C's name put on a memorial wall, but they figured 'nobody wants to be forgotten'.

TL;DR: my headcanon is that people after the apocalypse just want life to go back to normal (aside from raiders or whatever) and are fairly decent people. Even my super-death-murderers tend to spare NPCs if possible. Living without hope for humanity, no matter how 'appropriate to the genre' it is, is just sad, so I like to think there IS hope.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Profession Balancing
« on: August 10, 2017, 11:24:37 AM »
Some specific examples (sorry for double post):

In terms of stuff I've already implemented, I've got a 'low', a 'mid' and a 'high'-tier profession each:

My 'low' is a busker - they start with basic civilian clothes (jeans and t-shirt, socks and sneakers), 1 in speaking and an acoustic guitar.
Unsure whether to give them 0 or +1 points at creation, as they've got almost no storage and the Rude Girl class (0 points) starts with pretty much the same stuff, only with a far more portable source of music.

My 'mid' is a gunslinger/wild west reenactor (think Wild West) -  they start with general wild-west attire, so cowboy hat and boots, leather vest, longsleeved shirt, and a holster with a Single Action Army (with 5 shots and 30 spare ammo). They also start with 5 hanguns and 3 marksmanship.
At the moment, they're at 3 points (Police Officers start with 2 fewer points in handguns, but have a better handgun (none of that annoying smoke) and the police officer trait and they're worth 2 points).

My 'high' is a tester for the RM13 combat armour, but not a combat tester - they're just an engineer, not even a higher-up. 2 skill in mechanics and electronics, but they start with the armour, fully charged (but no spare cells). That's it, though, besides their underwear.
Tentatively 5 points due to the lack of other equipment and skills, but the armour is very good even unpowered so that may change.

Is this the sort of process I should go through to balance?

As someone who almost always uses it because it's pretty much free points: nerf the Fled the Riots scenario, points-wise. It's pretty much 3 free points PLUS starting somewhere with potentially great loot, with the only tradeoff being that you MIGHT get a shocker standing outside. Otherwise you can just run away.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Profession Balancing
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:17:54 AM »
I know there's no steadfast ones, but any that other modders use when making them (or that the core game uses) would be helpful - I don't want to make a mod people with a strong balance ethic will avoid ;-;

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Profession Balancing
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:29:07 PM »
I'm planning to make a bunch of custom starting professions based on either fictional characters or plain old 'stuff I'd like to see'. Can anyone experienced therein tell me the basic rules you follow to determine a class' point value, given that I'm trying to balance them for vanilla? I can probably do it myself, but if you have experience I'd really appreciate other people's views on balancing.

Once I've actually made the mod, I'll probably make a thread for it.

That's the knee of a happy cyborg.
Also, that works as I wore the light survivor suit around most of the time anyhoo.

Looks amazing, thanks a bunch~

Looks great, if angry :P

Something about the broadsword just lying around makes it look very anachronistic. It's quite appealing.

Hmm. I had not thought about the potential difficulty in setting up a "more difficult to aim closer than effective range" My first thought was that dodging should be more effective at closer ranges, but that is actually the opposite of what would happen, and would be absolutely dreadful results and basically the exact opposite of what is desired.
No, dodging being more effective is exactly what we want. What you may be misding here is that the difficulty of getting a hit also decreases with distance to the target, so in principle, they balance out.  But if you throw in aiming speed you end up with a situation where very accurate but low aim speed weapons are great only above a certain range.

Which is what we want, right? Preventing people aiming at zombies fifteen feet away with a 16x scope?

We need to just have a 'shootaz' stat and a 'choppaz' stat.

For prone etc., wouldn't the answer be to give all furniture tags for whether they block prone players' sight? You could then make it block all creatures' sight in the same way.

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