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Tbh chili pepper should be a viable crop.

It is common vegetable, so seed is not rare. It can grow in Hungary and Korea, so it is used to cold climate. Chili is ingredient to several kinds of in-game food, too.

While waiting fir his right leg recovering, Libash Melvindale grinded his tailoring & fabrication to 7, booklessly!

You can make full set of smithing & welding tools from tree, rock, shrub, and metal junk. Welding goggle is still an exception, but the firefighter mask from firefighter Z is common and can substitute.

You can store liquid and drink from tap. That's it. Funnel over aluminum keg is a good rain collector.

That's good idea. You can put out live bomb, too. One can also make note around the base to warn random NPC wandering by.

I agree that detailed description looks fun but comic, but there should be option to throw weapon upward, so it hits you while falling.


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« on: April 21, 2017, 03:07:03 PM »
Nice Dale Cooper chin.

Wool allergy is a very minor problem.

Most canned food is not junk food, actually. The useful junk food you will miss: coke, for small speed buff; snacks, for morale buff, but unhealthy and probably dehydrating.

The loot is as scarce as in stable. It is not very likely to find a welder in garage now.

Fortunately, many smithing and mechanic tools are auto-learned now.

When you survived landmine, and were too slow to fight or flee a day 1 racoon...

It's blondeboss' blenderbot.

Prying door is very practical to bring mechanic to 2. It only needs a makeshift crowbar and a day in basement. Particularly useful for my illiterate character who cannot read UTH.

pry door and craft blunderbass.

I have 0.01 NPC spawn, but they still killed several of my chsracters.

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