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The whole action from the company is likely a promoting scheme.

I don't think you can get cave adapted in this game.

There are many ways to enter lab. I just found out one I didn't know.

I saw a tree adjacent to the wall of lab. I felled the tree with a stone axe and let it fall onto the wall. It broke the wall.

Ouroboral spirituality.

When you live in motel, it's easy to funnel animals to the yard and then into one of the rooms.

I caught many elusive deer, crows, and turkeys.

Morale can affect one's ability to cook meat. Sometimes one can be too depressed to breath.

Cutting up car frame in a rainy spring day easily drops it under -50. It is not uncommon in early game.

One zombie can be one group. If they spread even enough, they can cover more map.

Late spring is warm enough.

Sometimes river and swamp spawn in glitchy way, but this can look natural and interesting.

I found an itchy crescent - a stone crescent that gave you itch. It was radioactive and could summon bugs - a useless stone. I picked it up and it gave me 16 radiation.

I drove my car over it back and forth, but it was not damaged at all. I decided to drop it where it was and leave, but I saw lava to the north west. Not wanting to touch it, I moved it into a wheelbarrow, and transported it to the lava. The heat was melting my legs, but when I moved the itchy crescent to the lava, "the destination is full!"

The cursed artifact resisted! I had to pick it up and throw it into the burning red liquid. Splash. Then I scanned myself: Your radiation level: 0 (0 from items).

It was a mysterious stone, but it is not anymore. It is lava now.

Chinese clam chowder is clam fried with egg and red potato starch.

You can bash zombie with a pot of clam chowder, without spilling.

I listen to Nick Cave's Murder Ballads.

Makeshift funnel: 3 plastic bottles, 1 gallon jug, or 6 aluminum foil. Leather funnel: 60 thread and 4 leather patches. The material can be found in less populated house on the edge of town.

Eat coyotes. When you don't eat them, they eat you.


Martial art: It is a matter of style. You can't play tai chi and krav maga at the same time.

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