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Can a character be rename? Mine is named Libash because he wields an axe. I want to rename him Dastot Libash because he just found a long sword.


What is the thread about Character Moving?

Future archeologists would find long straight lines presumed to be the spaceship runway constructed by the last survivors of the ancient intelligent species.

Thanks! I thought axe was more durable than katana. I saw pattern that didn't exist.

Good luck!

When the battle stales, don't hesitate to retreat. There might be no welder in the building, actually.

I have been searching for a welder for long, and haven't found any. If you happen to be able to read, unlike me, an illiterate lumberjack who saw the only other living human get mauled by jabberwock, you can craft a makeshift welder by a common book with little difficulty.

edit: saw update. That must have been a close call and fun game!

Scientists discovered that a blob thing can draw energy from other dimensions. If this inter-dimensional energy transmission gets weaponized, the power problem of power armor would be solved. So a portal was opened to the blob's home universe... to get more blob for experiment...

Painting the walls purple might look good.

There are few alternatives cheaper than molotov - glass bottle from liquor store, gasoline from car, and rag from smashed bed.

There is yet an alternative, cheap but time consuming. You can jog - alternating running and walking - faster than a shocker, so you can lead them one by one away from the building and dump them in forest, preferably where mi-gos and bees dwell.

Sometimes one just get lucky with wander spawn. Once I visited a public work I discovered the other day, and saw no zombies but a zombie dog.

After several months, I finally see the ants. They have disappeared for a very long time.

A pump is a component in constructing a well. When the well is built, there is a water pump.

Does DURABLE_MELEE make a weapon more durable smashing windows and corpses?


Both katana and fire axe are DURABLE_MELEE, are they durable to the same extent?

That'd be great improvement. That shocker zlave could be put to rest finally.

Then you need two of them: one on the ground, for fire; one in your hand, holding food.

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