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"After you, M'lady" Says Athena as she prepares to charge in.
"Come on you Hell-Beast" She says as she points towards Chewie "You want some action ?"

Since you're setting up an RPG fight arena of sorts, if you need someone to take control of an enemy or something, i'm here

Suddenly, a scream can be heard.
the amount of groans around indicate that there is no less than 4 zombies around.
"I swear to god, if i dont get a sweet ass energy gun out of this lab, i'm going to punch a bitch"
Athena doesn't really mean that .... right ?

Hello! If you want some suggestions, here's what I think:
Depending on the weather, some flights might get lost (mist, low clouds, storm), crash (thunderstorm, strong wind or even somethunderzombiegodzeus could shoot it down) and some events might happen to airdrop too, like parachute failure, package flies many kilometers away due to strong wind or being too early/late dropped from plane.

All low-tier airdrops should be WW2 like - big duffel bags with parachute attached. If materials ordered were in big quantity, then airdrop would contain few such bags, and they often would land some distance between each other (100s meters).

Sometimes player, in stead of an airdrop, should get a quest "check crashsite" to get what's still usable and/or look for survivors.

This, but an easier way of implementing it is making it do that the recipe has a chance to fail.

there is some static to be heard, but otherwise, the audio is fine

"well, if we ignore the fact that some buffed up zombie on steroids just trashed my tank like it was nothing, broke my leg, AND took a whole magazine of M4A1 ammo and a rocket to take down, i'm doing greaaaat"

you hear a loud sigh

You didn't tell me you had friends !, aren't you going to introduce me to them ? maybe there's even a nice girl out there for you to ...

"Goddamn it mom, i told you tha...."

The radio turns quiet

"You're not alone, fella."

there's some static, but otherwise, the audio is high quality

"word of advice, wherever you are, just lock everything down. i just saw a horde of ... whatever those things are, and it's fucking huge"

you hear some screaming and gun-fire, and then one big boom that seems to have come out from some sort of cannon

"right. shit. these things can apparently destroy armor on tanks. gotta go, good luck out there.

you hear some rifle-shots, some screaming and more cannon-fire, and then the radio goes quiet

Does assigning 'crew' stick an NPC to a car? As in, if I walk away from the car, will the NPC follow me?
nope, he'll follos you. you can tell him to guard though, that makes him stay where he is

-Be me,1 year old survivor with full heavy survivor gear driving an APC
-see roadblock with two police cars and two turrets
-think :"hey, lets ram the turrets!"
-ram the turrets
-one turret explodes, destroying my windshield
-turret 2 shoots me, most bullets did no damage
-fly out of the windshield, landing inside a police car
-police car works
-drive police car
-ram turret 2 with police car
-turret 2 explodes
-police car i was in and second police car both explode
-not die
-go back to APC, loot the turret remains and drive off like nothing happened.

TL;DR : situation was dangerous, but heavy survivor set is fucking OP as all fuck

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re: Grappler
« on: February 26, 2017, 11:07:38 AM »
grabber or grappler ?
there's a difference.
and yeah, they have super long arms, you judt didn'r get lucky. they usually grab me from like, six or so tiles away

My poor survivor has done many things since my last update, but right now he is sitting in his LMOE shelter with both legs broken and the rest of his body only intact thanks to his nano repair bots.

I tried clearing a small town since it had been some time since I last did so. Everything was going swimmingly until something started making the zombies attack a building. Still not sure what. Anyway, the noise the zombies made attracted more zombies, then more, and more, and so on until a humongous horde was around. I tried whittling it down with arrows, and killed many, but without being able to close and recover my arrows, I eventually ran out (I carry about 100 arrows with me at all times. I used ALL of them, with a kill every 2-3 arrows on average). I tried to butcher some of the more spread out zombies, but more kept arriving. Eventually, I was forced to retreat with perhaps only a dozen Zeds properly put down when a pair of necromancers and a master zombie arrived on scene, and started reanimating those parts of the horde I had already put down. Then they turned one of them into a hulk.

I managed to kill the hulk, but by then the horde was upon me. I then spent about 6 key presses, during which I took a ton of damage and took about one action for every 20 the zombies got due to pain from my wounds. Thankfully, I was in brawling style and thus managed to kill most of my pursuers whilst I was unable to control my character, and eventually I managed to limp away to my bike, and get out of there.

So yeah. Not heading back to that one until I can rely on my legs not breaking.

One word


The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Re: The Adventures Of Mosin
« on: February 17, 2017, 11:22:51 PM »
"oh boy. here we go again." said Yew, wielding a sharpened pipe she had prepared beforehand.
Suddenly, Yew's body shook a bit and her eyes closed up.
opening her eyes once more, Yew's eye's pupils were a bit larger and cat like.
"here we fucking go" Yew added, a smirk on her mouth.

@Kevin Granade: I am not sure if that is true for this version of Cataclysm. I created a disposable player, and when she died, I checked the Graveyard directory. There is a *.seen.0 file, but no *.sav file, and the *.seen.0 file doesn't contain enough information to 'reincarnate' the player [v6163] . If I could get this to work, it would be great, because it means I don't have to backup the game every time I wake up.

@Gnorse: Wilderness starts guarantee that you will be far from cities, so not truly 'random'. In my specific circumstance, I prefer 'random' to 'safe', especially when I will be having a leg up by having so many 'starting' skills.
what you can do is just spawn in a character and use the debug menu's long range teleport feature to teleport into an unknown tile. its guaranteed to be random

Add antimatter - an EXTREMELY rare substance, available at labs.
Antimatter gun - will one-shot kill your enemy by disintegration. Warning - you can get disintegrated, too!
AM engine - practically infinite power, needs to be refilled with M/AM (Matter/Antimatter) cartridges.
AM missile - massive obliteration on an area, nothing is left.

Perpetum mobile (perpetual motion device) - some kind of a physical joke, this thing can generate movement without using any energy. Hook it up to an alternator to provide infinite electricity.

Fusion reactor - essentially a mini-reactor taken a step further, now it generates power from nuclear fusion (combining of lighter particles in order to make heavier ones), various fuel modes, e.g. p-p (proton-proton (hydrogen-hydrogen)), D-T (Deuterium-Tritium), D-D (Deuterium-Deuterium), just to name a few.

Well, the last one isn't actually that bad, but it isn't really that feasible. Also, balancing issues.
wrong thread

Ah, you see, that is what I wanted: To appear in a truly random location, rather than a pre-scripted location. So the downside of appearing in trees / rivers etc. is not a huge issue.
you can maybe uh ... select a wilderness start of sorts ?

Thanks. Unfortunately, this doesn't work as it requires another character in the new world to 'take the place of' to 'have a safe place to land'

However, a bit of tinkering, and it turns out the save system in Cataclysm is super robust. You can just copy one file (*.sav) into the new world, and it will copy the character. Then it is just a matter of dropping everything, and what I wanted to happen is done!

(Not fully tested. Unexpected behaviour may result)
I fail to see how this is a problem ? just generate a new character in the world you want to use, and use the transfer utility, after that you can just delete it

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