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Sorry bout that, been in a really weird mood recently, might not be posting for a while if things don't change, and I didn't know that all things considered. Also, sorry for OOC spam about this stuff.

Responds quite simply with a, "If you consider a person lacking a face as interesting then yes, nothing much else seeings as we haven't gone very far in yet." rather than keeping the gun at the ready he decided to leave it strapped to him and around his back while he moved around to allow himself some freedom of movement. "Mind handing me the crowbar, doubt we'll need it but I'd like to hold onto it for a bit."

Looks back at Jamie, "No objections here, thing that's the best idea anyways."

Jeremiah looks over at Jamie and gives a light shrug, "Either way the ones with tanks shouldn't be rushing or running, we'll start consuming oxygen at a higher rate if we do, and that's assuming all the area's above water are still safe to breath in. That assumption would be correct if no plants had made their way inside and started decomposing causing unsafe levels of carbon dioxide." he'd remark.

Jeremiah sighs and nods, "If we need to get the backup power running we'll need to go in through the hull breach as that'd be the fastest way to get there." he'd remark over the comms or however they were talking to the other group. Looking over at the big bot then at the rest if the crew he unstrapped himself and decided to go around the sub, crouching but still he felt the need to walk around to calm his nerves.

Looks over at Jamie for a moment, "Do we have enough tanks to all go into one of the ones that are submerged? If not then we can split the group a bit, two through the breach the rest through the bridge." He'd say as he leaned back into the seat. "I'm not really a great planner but I do agree with where you think we should head first."

Jeremiah decided to set his pistol off to the side given he hadn't had enough time to 'waterproof' the thing, "Your right, it does look pretty cool, but lets keep our wits about us, no telling what's gonna be inside that ship."

Lets out a faint sigh as he unwrapped the wound and sets the bandages off to the side before going out to decidedly start water proofing his guns, "Breakfast would be nice." he'd said as he was working, "But no alcohol for me."

I'm sorry everybody, I'd love to continue with my posts today but I just sprained my wrist a few hours ago, it hurts like hell just typing this out so, until it heals I won't be able to update fast if at all.

Edit: It turns out it wasn't sprained, just really heavy bruising, I'm good to go.

I myself may need to take a day or two break from posting again, a break from RPing in general actually.

Looks around the shop in awe, hearing the talk about the Ophelia he walks further into the room, "I'm not a mechanic by any means, but I would like to try my hand at water proofing my guns, among a few other things." he'd said as he began to look over the computers and other things taking in the sight before him.

Looks over at Samar before giving a light shrug, he'd move his hand down to the wrapping around the burn he had on his arm and the miss match sleeve length. "We are looking for the ship, though I kinda blanked out when it came to why we actually came here, we 'commandeered' the transport from the guy who brought a group and ended up shooting at all of us as you've probably been told." he'd said.

Walks the way they all came in, climbing up to the roof to the best of his abilities before pushing the skylight down and latching in, it'd have taken atleast three minutes given that the ladder was still a bit slippery before he got back, "Alright it's shut. It's a good thing I told you to get off the robot or whatever it's name was." he'd say once he got back.

Looks back off towards the workshop, then where they were going, "Do you mind holding on with the explanation for a couple of minutes, I'd like to close your skylight if that's alright with you?" he'd ask trying to be at least a bit reasonable.

Crouched down to try and steady his aim just a bit more with the machine thrashing about, "Let go!" he'd shout before waiting a couple of seconds, taking the shot at the things back once more, having switched the thing up from burst down to semi-auto right before hand not wanting to send a hail of bullets at whoever was clinging to the robot.

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