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I have not seen this happen in a long while. I'm so glad. but then again, I dont let any npc's use guns anymore. ever.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Bases and NPC crafting
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:27:16 PM »
I'm super excited for this mod. Its what I've really been wanting from C:DDA.

When I started playing video games back in the 90's their was a game about Japanese warfare. the first 10 levels where you as a samurai fighting other samurai. Each level was harder with more enemy's. Every one died in one hit. Including you. Then you took over an area and now you were in charge of a group of samurai. After conquering the surrounding area (about 15 levels) you then began your fight to conquer all of japan and become Emperor. Games with this pattern are so much more interesting to me. I could always see how easy it would be for C:DDA to have this but it wasn't their. Your mod feels like its going to fill in the gap. Thank you for reaching, to create this.

version: 0.C-19289-g886c281
Windows 10

sometimes the event log on the right and the crafting menu turns to scrabble. its rare. but its the 3rd time its happened to me. each time quiting to desktop and restarting cata fixes the problem.

As my team grows I find myself needing more and more food to keep us all healthy. Personally I see them as a long term need. Its important to have friends. Watching the six of them use their makeshift glavies to chop things down faster than I can on my own is also rewarding. The goal I've given myself is to take my team and secure the mall (90% done) and fence off the slime pit on the back side of the mall. I find the farm I built supper helpful for this goal. Their needs give me new goals for equipping them and myself. I find their needs helpful for growing my goals for building a town. If I could refill their water containers while they are still holding them i'd love that.

it was as far as i can see a full hang. I went on a walk for 20 min with my daughters and the game was still frozen in the same spot. the other time it happened I left it for 2 hours and came back to it being frozen still.

version: 0.C-19289-g886c281
Windows 10

and on

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

my work around is to do this option on smaller piles of clothes. but today It happened with a pile of about 25 Filthy clothes

version: 0.C-19289-g886c281
Windows 10

I asked my npc to train me and then it caused this error. I had not seen it before so I thought you might want to know about it.
I had the error but no crash. no heads exploded.
DEBUG      : Clear_mission: Mission_selected not in assigned
FUNCTION : Void Talk_function: :Clear_mission (npc&)
FILE           : src/npctalk.cpp
LINE          : 3054

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

It only happens on one of my npc's.  I'm using 6. I wanted to put leather pants on him and when I take off the cargo pants the whole game crashes.
so I got this one to happen over and over. should I just post a link to my save game or email it to you?

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re: NPC Needs
« on: October 20, 2016, 06:08:46 PM »
HAHAHAHAH I love this

I really want a mod that allows me to have a group invintory. a swag bag for the team. mostly for the food distribution. because handing 6 people food every other day is getting old fast. If you could make it for me that would be the bestest. If you can direct me on where to go to create that i'd be happy with that too. especally if you could let me know how to get my npc's to refill their water jugs from my fresh water supply instead of me having to do it.

So I was playing "Day R" a postapotctoliptic game in russia where every town is poisioned by radiation. Its fun and all but I want the armor made out of tires I ended up making there. It reminded me of Mad Max and I'd love it in this game. I havent made any mods in this game and If no one is up for making it this week i'll probably make it. but i'd love it if someone made it for me. or let me know what mod has armor made out of tires. I'm using Chesthole32 for the tileset. if that helps.

and i'm begining to see how awesome the cataclysm community is. :D

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

so Leonie has gotten buggy. she was the first npc I met and had her join me. she is a doctor and want to keep her. problem is, if i give her the makeshift glaive she starts having errors on moving and her brain explodes from infinite loop caused by trying to reload the glaive. she aslo has a helmat that she makes a copy of and the uses it as a weapon. now I've got 9 |\ burnt barbute helmats.

I've tried to recreate this using 6 npc's it has not reoccured.

I really love what Chezzo said about loving a charicter that reads comic books.  I remember playing dwarf fortress and ending up loving some of the quirkier charicters. I know if i ran across an otaku girl in a cat costume hiding in a closet, Protecting her would be a new goal for me.

Dwarf fortress shows us that in the random generation of the game we can have amazing adventures when quirky things happen. That it is someones (NPC) idiosyncrasies that we end up loving. making art around, and making comics about.

I'd love this game to have more of this. this is split between the map gen and the NPC generator. in the map gen i'd love for their to be "special interest sites" for new towns. where a few leader charicters can be run across. each season the leader charicter adds more guards and more defenses to his faction base. by second summer we would stumble across a town that had 6 seasons of growth.
that can be randomly generated.

 John Candlebury's idea of a respawnable tag is great too. but i'd like it to be bigger than his idea. I'd love groups to create trade caravans that travel from one city to another. this would be 2nd or 3rd summer events.

I really want each grouping of city to be named and have a few signs saying "tacoma's favorite tea shop" "welcome to beetsville" then have npc's refrence these town names. or tell you "its 2 miles north of Beetsville, in Slumsmuck"

I'd really like npc's to tell you "I heard about a new town thats starting in the north. its run by Cockswain. I'm going their now." or "Stay away from east tacoma, Theirs a biker gang leader taking over the area with a group of lawless men, You'll get shot going over there."

It would give me some places to go trade/loot.
I make my own objectives but If i find a group of slavers in the game, you bet your bones i'm going to try to wipe them out.
Thats a fun adventure :D

In npc map gen i'd love to see the mall/hospital have a pile of npc's in it to start. do I help the weak vs. the strong.

I do enjoy seeing the npc's when they are a few blocks away on the mini map. thats great. what about monsters and fog/acid rain clouds.
yeah thats all for now. see ya after i figure out why my npc keeps blowing up just by walking a few squares.

Windows XP on ASUS Eee minilaptop

So we got in a huge fight with some slimes. I was with 4 npc's on my team. we all had alot of damage to our limbs. we all had at least one arm or leg at 0 hp.
So I was requiping my team and then when we moved she blew up. so I save skimmed. she blew up 2x again. so I used debug to raise her hp on her arms and it did not give me explody npc. she was weilding a makehshift glaive or a knifespear. I dont like save skimming but it does help me test the bugs i'm runnning into. I also dont mind using debug to heal a few hp since the Doctor npc on my team cant heal anyone even with all our medical gear.

I'm super grateful for the solution to npc corrupting the save file is to blow them up, but i'd love them to stop having that problem. especally when its an ammo/attacking too fast. seems like that would be a bug that could be fixed. but then again i'm no programer and dont want to code. so thank you to all who do.

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