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Shima looks confused momentarily, staring blankly into space.   "Wa...   Watashi no nam-   Um...   My name is Shima.  It's a...
 ᵒᵗᵒᵐᵉᶜʰᶦᵗᵘᵏᵘ ᶰᵃᵐᵃᵉ⋅⋅⋅
"   Shima trails off towards the end, his entire face going completely red.   He shuffles over to the tarp-covered shape with the others.

Shima shivers slightly, his arm twitching, before he steps out of the elevator.   Gulping, he just stands there, having gone back to waiting for other people to go first again.

"Well we search some more, then deal with it.   Wall's weird.  Something's probably behind it."

Jason blinks a few times, seemingly dazed.   "A-uh...   Pimblo, go help...   Go help Jamie.   I've got this."    Clutching the crowbar from earlier, he taps on the wall a few times, trying to hear if there's anything hollow or such.

"I-I don't do fighti- fighting..."  Shima whispers, visibly shaking.   "I just wanna get out of here."  Straightening up, he repeats himself until his voice is steady and he sounds fairly sure about this.

Jason hurries over to the halved human haunting the homely homeroom, and yanks the communicator out of the dead woman's hand, checking to see if it still works.   While he does so, he attempts to find the source of the humming.

As the pod clangs, Shima jumps, making a high-pitched squeaking noise.   Spinning around on his heel, he breaks out into a flat-out run for the elevator, almost knocking over Geoff and Eser while doing so.

"I VOTE WE LEAVE!"  Shima immediately shouts, flinching at the sound of their own voice.  "S-sorry.
 Leaving is good.   Let's do that.
"   Shima awkwardly shuffles over towards the door.

"Can we...   Not...   Open it?   It's- It isn't a very grea- good idea, in my opinion."   Shima gulps, looking paler than usual.   "A-actuallycanwejustleave?"

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Anime was a mistake.

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Well yeah, casual discussion here is dead.

"I-I..."  Shima swallows heavily.   Looking behind him at the other people, still on the floor, he bites his lip. "I'm coming with you, wait up!"  He goes to follow Eser, and almost immediately he just crumples to the floor.   Groaning and pushing himself back up, he stumbles after the androgynous figure.

"Whirlpool?   Wait...  SHIT!   Alright...   Jamie, find the ship controls and try to stop us from dying in the middle of the ocean, Pimblokto and me'll try and get the stupid computer thing we're here for."   Jason rattles off orders, then runs for the labs.  "IF YOU NEED US JUST YELL LOUDLY.   VERY LOUDLY."

Shima dry heaves again, coughing.   Shuddering, he leans against his pod, using it to stand up.   Wiping his mouth, Shima looks around the hallways, noticing one of the others already up and walking off.   "H-Hey!  You know where we- where this is?"
He sounds like he has a really bad cold.

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