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   I am fairly certain I do mean NPCs as in factions. But maybe I am thinking of the wrong thing?

   Ya, I THOUGHT that they were in England or something like that. Not America. But even then it seems a little weird.

   This is effectively that an NPC will ask you to do something like kill 'x' amount of zombies or maybe zombie brute. A non-allied NPC can maybe also get targeted for a mission. I am not sure how the details in it would work but things like this seems like a really cool idea to me.

   I keep having trouble with mission. Half the time they aren't programmed in or something like that. and whenever I start a mission if I train before I complete it no longer allows me to finish; the chat option to finish it never pops up.

   My story is simple, I run around punching everything to death. Muay tai plus 20 strength and amazing armor with max skill in unarmed combat and melee means one hit kills on many of the existing enemies. Roland also likes to eat people and is slightly insane.

   Zombie trait: zombies are your friends! But any NPC will instantly attack you and being a regular zombie you are pretty dang weak. And stupid. And can't hold weapons. Yaaaaa...
   Human trait: Wait, what were you before then?
   Animal trait: You cannot talk, you cannot use tools, or clothing, and NPCs like to hunt you for food.
   Infinite speed: You run at the speed of light and get hurt by anything run into, like that brick wall, or than big forest, maybe a straight up rock wall in a cave.
   I am bread trait: You are bread.

   I don't know if this is already going in or anything, but more interactions and options to talk with your followers and random NPCs would be interesting. I also am not certain if traits for NPCs would be added at some point. I think I might have once been told but I forgot. I'd love if even just a mild verso. Of that would be added. What is the point of even showing where the traits would be in NPCs info if it is NEVER used? You might as well get rid of it entirely.

   I am not entirely sure this would go here, but I have been trying to figure out how to make the useless  (to me) notifications about different forum discussions that I don't care to see ever again. I sometimes only intend to comment like once or twice and not care about the discussion after that. Any help?

   Seeing factions being talked about a bit, I am a bit curious about that. How exactly does that work? I know it at least used to visibly show at first, but I personally never found signs of another faction. How does that system work? Also it'd be kinda cool if factions could potentially 'raid you' In some sort of manner.

   I half like the idea of there being more, purging a town of zombies would be cool, but it might get boring after a while. Also, as I have said in other forum, me want raids. At least as a mod. Thanks for the info

   I understand that, but I feel like you should at least add NPC traits. Maybe some sort of rare chance of minor mutations also. (Not as in full on mutants, just smaller things)
   Also, perhaps you could invent some sort of 'second' game mode. With the idea of rebuilding: You instead start with a mostly cleared out city, a fair amount of randomly generated supplies, and a couple of survivors. This would shy away a bit from the normal cataclysm feel, but I personally think it'd be cool to make a colony management type game mixed with cataclysm. Maybe get a couple raids and stuff from enemies to make there be some sort of challenge; and you and your survivors need to eat and drink, so maybe a scavenging system that you basically make them go to a general landmark and they can get supplies (As in a random town, maybe a specific building for specific loot, forests for logs, rivers for water that would need some purifying, and similar stuff)
   It is not unlikely that this would instead need to be developed as a mod rather than the base game, but it'd still be cool. Maybe after it is 'done' there could be an extra add-on to that that puts in a more fantasy/sci-fi feel? I know that at least the sci-fi and fantasy bits would be a mod rather than an option in base gameplay cuz I think that you said that Kevin.
   BTW, just as a side mention, it is really great to know that you read stuff too, you are the 'creator' of CDDA right?

   *sigh* I suppose I do understand. Although it is still disappointing.
   Also, while I have no skill in the matter, is this game copy righted? Because someone could possibly make a game really similar to this that includes multiplayer

   I could simply be a derp and notice this being a thing, but would it be possible to store storage? Not like the tardis of course, but smaller objects can go in large ones. If there is not a big enough storage option I feel like you should be able to make a 'mystery meat' storage. either had a could of people in or a couple of zombies. Or other stuff for that matter. and also a form that keeps it cold.

   I have skimmed a bit of it Kevin, I apologize but me having limited attention span I didn't a lot of it. But I definitely understand how it could be confusing/hard to do. I didn't NOTICE anyone say this but multiplayer could make proper use of walkie talkies and the cell phone. Just to mention. I imagine that there would be some sort of teleport option when spawning in so that you don't have to FIND your friend. And it should implament the real-time option that you have in, well, the options menu. Something like books and other long time things could be plenty pesky, but maybe you could do some sort of spectate while your character does such an action. And while all players are doing a long-time action it would still speed up. NPCs would follow their original friend but possibly have some sort of option to join the other one.

   I'm not saying this to be a pervert or anything, I am simply being realistic. The apocalypse has happened and few people are left, sooooo eventually after you are set up and safe enough it would make sense to eventually er, 'make love,' if nothing else but the continuation of the human race. Either you have kids or you clone yourself (Which I don't think has been invented yet, Right?).
   Also, I feel like NPCs should get traits, and your children would get a mixture of the mother's and father's traits (With a small chance of unique ones, or at least as they age.) I imagine that to make it no too much of a waste of time, it would take like two or three season for the child to at least reach teen level. And what would also be cool, is if you die you can choose to be your child rather than a brand new character.
   There is of course the part of them being WILLING also. If you assist someone a lot it would make sense they they would be more willing, and maybe a relationship thing can happen in more detail. Speech skill and traits/mutations will also matter to some extend. Why would a normal human be easily willing to sleep with someone who has fangs, a tail and fur? Also, a new starting trait possible would be cool, something like 'non-racist' as a positive (And for realism 'racist' trait as bad) Also, once again for realism, the option of character gen would be your skin color (Which also factors into what can happen to NPCs) You could simply have neither and be neutral toward any skin color too. You COULD add rape, but me being a major hater of that (Cuz it is messed to a very large margin) would prefer not. But of course, realism.
   Realism type things have been added quite a lot in CDDA as of late if I recall, but you detailed you would want to go is up to you.

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