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NPC: "Hey! This is my territory! Get out or I'l kill you!"
Me: "What? I've been living here for about a season and you suddenly come up and say it's yours?"
I then proceeded to punching him to a gory paste with my bare hands because muai tai with high strength is OP. After that I started a fire off some left over rotten spider corpses and had a tasty snack. Mmmm, people.

NPC: "Drop your weapon! Or I'l kill you!"
Me: "Um, I have a big damaging wood axe and you have a little spear. Are you sure that is a good idea?"

K, got it, do NOT take five codeine pills in a row... While I read the descriptions I don't understand how drugs work much, my doctor says to take something, suggestion the amount, and usually I feel better. If I don't feel better than it has no effect, obviously codeine has one tho.

Fair enough I did not know, that was quite a thing. Should have by now, but I am sometimes very unobservant. Now that I look it's like duh! I am power-kicking zombies to death after all. Side question, I now read that muay thai does not take bonuses from weapons because they mostly use legs, does that mean my nail knuckles are useless?

Oh, well I've never installed bionics since they made you need painkillers so I didn't know how much was too much, and I didn't know how long it would take either and I didn't want to have wasted a bunch of painkillers and time if I did the wrong amount.

   Effectively I think there should be some sort of debuffs you could inflict enemies with. Now I don't mean like special moves the player does, but maybe there is some chance with a certain melee skill or something that you kick a hostile NPC in the nuts causing them to temporarily slow down. Maybe a club can stab a zombie if you hit it hard enough. Maybe, if the winds of luck blow in the right way that one arrow won't just hit the head but stab near the eye making their attacks for a while less likely hit. Sweep under the legs and knock them over maybe? The higher skill level in something the better than you will do something extra cool! Dang, that arrow just pierced through two zombies? Now of course to successfully shoot through two enemies and keep the arrow intact not only are you going to need to be really skilled but you gotta have good gear, better stuff should help too!
   Maybe there is something like this already in the game but I think this would be cool function. I would like to accidentally slash the zombie next to me also

   Wha, what happened? I went to bed and just died with a sentence like this? What the heck? If this is about eating badly I'm fairly certain a human can survive off of mostly meat and water for a long time, especially with occasional protein shakes, healthy oatmeal, and just some other random noms. That game said to eat healthy that day, so I did, and I died. Hmm, is this some sort of messed up troll? "Oh ya you make sure today you eat really healthy and then you die! You aren't allowed to eat good silly!"
   If it isn't that then what else is going on? If this is a new function it is a really dumb one, once you get to a certain point in a town (even a big one), it is hard to find anything to eat and drink other than meat and water. I didn't get into summer even, so fruit from the nearby forest was not applicable. Anywhere with food that would be healthy and isn't spoiled is blocked by hoards of zombies!
   What am I supposed to do with this?

For me it's like: Oh, I've been bitten, well if I'm going down I'm going down fighting! Cuz I ded even with infection resistant trait : P
I'm not necessarily used to having a great character, but it seems dumb that zombies are all like: 'Oh, you have clothing that gives you about (Or more) 80% coverage each and I'll just ignore half of it! Why must my luckily gotten clothing be so useless other than carrying capacity?
What is the best way to make disinfectant because I believe you can do that. And do other healing items, such as bandages, have any chance of assisting with infections? Obviously a first aid-kit does, but anything else? Hydrogen peroxide I know works.
One last thing, what are the chances of surviving an infection? Once you get to 'pus filled' is it 100% chance you will die at some point without healing it? Similar with 'bad infection' too? I've survived an infection after it went green before, so obviously it is possible to survive, but I don't know some of the details.

I've taken a long break from playing Cataclysm, and when I got back into it I seem to be taking way more infections than I used to. Is this a change, just me or what? I stopped playing for a couple of months and so it would not surprise me if a fair bit has changed.

Well I'm sure I can make a two seater bike, I simply want to know if it works before I waste a bunch of time getting what I need.

Yes, like I said, autopick : P
I already set that up, but can I only make my NPCs take from that?

I haven't fully experimented with this yet, because if it is wrong it will be a massive pain, but I hate that my friend can't just pick up his own crossbow bolts; I need to give each one back to him manually. I did *crossbow* in autopickup, but I'm not sure if I turn 'allow pick up items' will make him only take things in autopick. I would have done *crossbow bolts or something like that but I don't really run into much crossbows in the first place. Any help?

Personally, I'd prefer to not be strapped in by a little bit of rope, a seatbelt is a little bit more than that.
Another question, is it possible for an NPC to pedal along with me? I like silent(ish) vehicles and bikes are a bit easier to make early on. Although pedaling with a NPC in the back and some storage in the back is a bit of a pain. Without the NPC it is possible, I've tried it before, but someone else to help with pedaling would be great!

Yes, I know about MAKING tools, and I already have the ones I need, but as I said, is there anywhere else to get vehicle-making tools other than hardware stores and garages? Besides, getting to the point where you can actually make said tools is a pain, you need tools to make tools for one thing, so finding them can be way easier. Like I said, anywhere ELSE to find them? That is all I ask.

Okay, well that makes sense, kinda. I'd just add a seatbelt item myself if I made this game but whatever. Dang this forum is useful! I will still need a bunch more mechanic levels before I can actually build a reasonable vehicle, I got all the tools just need the skills. While I have everything I need, I have a bit of a side question: Is there anywhere to get vehicle related tools other than garages and hardware stores? As far as I know there isn't. Sometimes I can catch a useless pumpjack in cars (I think that is the wrong thing but whatever that tool is that helps with wheels) but other than that not really much. I honestly almost never need to use them because I have plenty of strength.

Err, about the seatbelts, I always just get string when removing them. Do I need a higher mechanics level to fully get them back? Or is it just random chance? I see no reason why it would make is so you could never get the full seatbelt back.

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