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     My death was, to a point, pleasant. I had started to get kinda bored in a game, getting in one of my 'gaming moods' again. So I found 100 portions or so of spam and bacon and ate till I died of dehydration (had waited until I was practically starving so I could eat it all at once). TECHNICALLY, I didn't die from that, but I went really slow afterwards from being so out of water. I walked outside to get some more tasty, salty, bacon and between my thirst and encumbrance from leg armor - I like to pack tons cuz spitters and acidic zombies seems more common than normal ones sometimes - I got badly wounded from a sudden shocker brute punching me through a wall.
     Since there was no possible way I could manage to escape, I just closed my eyes, laid down and enjoyed the pain till I died. The pain felt so gooood...

     So that would include the experimentals also? Cuz I only use those, not the 'complete' versions.

     I feel like when I shoot a gun there should be some sort of noise with that, which the player ACTUALLY hears. Also, I don't know how 'loud' something is for it to be 'bad.' Also, Why is there an option for music that isn't there? There doesn't need to be much sounds that you hear, but I feel like I need to have a youtube video or something in the background so my brain doesn't rot from complete silence in everything but the first options when you enter the home screen. It doesn't even continue to the options tabs and stuff! You don't  necessarily need something like you character saying 'uf' when they are hurt, cuz that might actually be really annoying at some point. But roars should make noise, guns should make noise, maybe make some sort of minecraft-villager-ish when chatting maybe. Silence only is nice to a point, I feel like I might die more of there being no sound than of a zombie ripping my face off. If nothing else, make the alarm on your watch/phone etc. do something. :P

     Haha, ya. "Oh ya, you can be immortal from enemies, but you'll die in your sleep from decomposing. Or you'll kill all your friends and family from radiation!"
     I feel like some of the options really need some changing, although it does make sense that there are possible side effects. Does vomit act as a ranged attack or something? Also, how would some of the other attack things like a tail and claws go into place? I'd hate to keep activating the ability EVERY TIME I wanted to use it. Also, I have a tendency to not used melee weapons other than my fists anyway. Muay thai is crazy powerful with high strength and it is just like WRECK EVERYTHING! But I hope that things like nail knuckles would still work with fist-damage mutations. Claws + high strength + Muay Thai + high unarmed skill + nail knuckles would be like 1 shotting all of the basic-ish enemies. "Oh hello zombies horde" *One shots everything but a brute*

     That stuff is pretty cool, is it possible to have a 'second' mutation tree, simply one that isn't pass the threshhold? I think I'd like plant as a focus but I'd like a secondary mutation line if possible.

     EDIT: Also, is it possible to get only good mutations? Or is it a 100% you'll get it at some point. (Not including if you ALREADY have all the good options) I dislike save scumming, but some of the possibilities I'm just like "Ya right, I'm totally gonna die if I get that" :P Of course I'll keep most of the bad ones cuz I don't like cheating, but in terms of mutations that make people dislike you, most of them tend to be dead. So doesn't really matter anyway! Even boosting up the NPC rate a bit still can keep them rare.

     Out of curiosity, I made a character with max cooking to see the different types of mutagen. There are a lot you can make in any case. But I don't know which one I'd want to make if I don't know what they do at all! I can get an idea of what each type of mutagen would do but I've hardly delved much into ACTUALLY doing mutagen before. I simply have always worked more on other things since getting high cooking is simply annoying.
     I'd like to have some sort of focused direction to go with mutations, sounds like I can be a spider-plant guy, but what would that do? But in the end those two options may give me bonuses that I don't care much about. And mutagen is a pain to get in any case, so I'd like to just make it easier and know the possibilities beforehand.
     I can live with bad effects, it is my choice to risk mutagen after all, but some 'good' effects I don't care about much. For example: I almost never go 'swimming' or near those areas, just cuz I don't care to, so why would I need the 'gills' mutation? I'm a fist fighter so claws would be better.

      Well, this was a long time ago, not my last time but I'm sure that's fine. Right?
      I was still new to the game and I was still figuring out some of the basics even. I managed to get the NPC in the shelter to follow me. Then we went outside to visit town. We went near a forest while doing so and ended up running into a giant worm. I was just like, uh, drat? Luckily a zombie distracted it for me.
      So I skirted around the fight and went into a house. I got some fairly good stuff from the one house then walked outside. I was greeted by a zombie brute across the street. I was just like, "um, Jane you stand here while I 'go and and get backup...' Jane? Where are you?" Since Jane was somewhere else, I tried to run away like a coward. The brute was faster than me and punched me across the street, and he kept at it as i tried to guide him through bushes and stuff. But as everyone knows, pain makes you stupid! Right? It happens to me at least, get a little bruise and I lose intellegence.
      Then I came back into the world and happened to come across Jane again! We went in the opposite direction of the hulk to look some maybe-possible safer houses. But as I came back out of the house I met up with that giant worm from earlier. Well, half of him. R.I.P. This time Jane had the excuse of fighting the other half of it instead of running away.
      Restarted again and SOMEHOW found Jane by the corpse(s) of the worm. She was almost dead by still alive. So we continued and ran into a Mi-go. Any bets on how this ended? I was trying to assist Jane in the fight since she was badly hurt and I didn't know how strong the Mi-go was, but I got a lot of pain. So i was like: "Wait a moment Jane, gotta take some asprin" little did I know how long it would take to swallow one freaking pill. So the Mi-go killed Jane,  and I was just like, crapppp, that thing is gonna kill me now!
     Jane and I managed to hurt it a good bit, and seemingly enough that the Mi-go stupidly backed off instead of slaying me! Yay! It could have obliterated me if it fought me, even if it did have lowish health. So I ran away...
     Into the same zombie brute who killed me before. Or his twin.
     I was just like, okay then, NEW WORLD!

     I do love that whole future apocalypse stuff. Guns and power armor and stuff. But I also love magic! Yes you have necromancy, but from what I can tell it is not PROPER necromancy. We need to have the ability to posses your friends with demons! And brew strange potions with strange effects! Do rituals and stuff to get more magic! Find other wizards! Have sniper battles with fire balls! Limited mana so you can't spam too much! Levitate the your opponents! Or simply their weapons! Preferably not their clothing cuz, ew, dude, that's gross...
     Of course this could easily get out of hand and stuff, so there can be balancing like for example, you slowly kill hurt when doing magic, thus putting on limits. Or maybe the magic spell could fail. You're trying to light a campfire when you instead like YOURSELF on fire!
     Plus there can be new mutations/species! Such as a vampire or a werewolf. Maybe you were secretly a zombie all along! (You gave your soul to live) Or maybe your profession is to be a monster hunter!
     New items like silver bullets! Plus stakes too. Don't wanna get to close to that vampire? try throwing your stake at them! It may-or-may-not work. If it doesn't and you still wanna stay away use a stake on a stick! Basically it is a stake attached to a stick for extra reach. Why is it that the stick can't be a stake? Because magic type stuff has rules bro.
     A good place to find vampires is in graveyards or woodland mansions. Werewolves in the hills,er, forests aren't too rare. Zombies still don't like you if you are a vampire or werewolf tho.
     Vampires have OP night vision. They cannot bleed and are less likely (but still possible) to get hurt from bashing damage. Big downside, you light on fire if you go into the sun! Canines will get aggravated wear nearby a vampire and deal extra damage to said vampire. Vampires naturally make little to no sound and have an ease at walking on all terrain, but unfortunately never managed to grow wings. Vampires can feast on blood to quench thirst, add a mood buff and temporarily gain several boost: speed, strength, dexterity, damage. (not stackable) Has a small chance to 'bite' an enemy when fighting if the mouth is not too encumbered, this gives a boost similar to drinking blood, but smaller. You can feed off of your followers in their sleep without turning them if you so wish. But there is a chance that the follower will wake up, and they'll most likely do so aggressively. If they like you enough they'll let you feed off them when awake! You can turn them into vampires also, but then you wouldn't have as good of a blood source since zombie blood is gross!
   Werewolves have most of their effects only on at night. Canines will never attack them unless provoked. They always have a small boost in strength, dexterity, and speed, and have SOME night vision (but not as good as a vampire). They don't get a debuff from cannibalism, but neither to they get a boost. At night (not specifically a full moon) werewolves turn into their beastly form. They deal decreased damage when wielding items due to their claws, but deal more damage without wielding anything. Their fun grants a little natural encumbrance and warmth, when in their wolf form they get a small mood buff for having no cloths on... (Well, wolves don't wear cloths after all. And they are covered in fur!) Hearing is greatly increased also. Unfortunately, while you don't 'wolf out' only on full moons, the further away from one, the weaker you'll be! On a new moon you'll be practically a normal human!

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Pigs...
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:32:53 AM »
      We need pigs. Because bacon. Also friendship. Pet pigs too. And bionic pet pigs, with fedoras. You can name pigs too. And breed them for more pigs. So that we can have more fedora-wearing, bionic pig friends who may-or-may-not later become bacon.
      We also need a pig emoji.
      If possible, we must find the cult of Pinky. Pinky is the god of pigs. We cannot find Pinky. Pinky is high above where we cannot reach him. But we can join/kill Pinky's cultists. If we join them we go to piggy heaven. If we kill them (Maybe for their tasty human noms) we go to piggy hell. If neutral, then, um, I dunno.

     I might be getting this completely wrong, but I don't seem to have noticed a difference, if anything, my night vision seems to have gotten worse when it went to 'high' instead of regular night vision

     I just had to skip a lot of the stuff because I'm not gonna read 20+ pages right now :/ But here is some of my own opinions, which I'm sure will help a lot.
     what I think should be is more configurability. there is the 'simple' version, then an option for 'advanced.' Advanced goes into far more detail, split by catagorys including a search bar. Simply is more of the basics.
    One of the main options should be a 'mode' type. Part of that has to do with things being 'nerfed,' so there is Nerfed mod and then the mode without it. And also an option for 'respawn,' for those milk drinkers who can't stand permanent death. Seeing as skills are capped now, one of the modes includes no-skill-caps also. With advanced mode these things can be changed even further for more customization!
     Of course, advanced is visible but not in the way, and you can do a lot of changing without going in there to deal with a bunch of extra bits.
     I've found that in terms of filthy clothing, it's much more worth making your own stuff usually instead of find things. That goes for more than clothing too. Why scavenge for clothing from houses and off zombies when you can make your own stuff to the point of being a modern-day knight with a flaming sword and hulkish-mutant-muscles? Or a nomad on a death-cycle with a laser-pointer crossbow? Turn your NPC friends into walking-talking-meat shields by giving them OP (but combursum) armor so you can run away in a dangerous time! Among other things.
     I'm still trying to figure out the whole gun-thing now. I don't understand why my gun will work at some point and not at the other. But reloading my shotgun multiple times is really annoying. What's the point of that? I should change to something like - 'reload all the way?' or just assume you want to reload all the way and if you stop doing that task it is only partially done.
     NPCs are much better, and I like the idea of them needed to eat and stuff. it makes sense. BUT GET YOUR OWN WATER AND FOOD YOU LAZY BUM!! I have some ready nearby you idiot! You should also be able to teach your followers stuff that YOU know. You should be able to give them a command of scavenge stuff for yourself that isn't allowing them to pick stuff up!
     I have found the game be a major pest when I'm trying to do something that takes a long time, (Like dissasemble thread) Becuase it keeps coming up with something like: "You spot a zombie nearby. Stop crafting?" No. Never for a regular zombie when I have 10 dodging skill. They LITERALLY cannot touch me and I don't care about a hundred of those things trying to fight me. There needs to be an option of 'ignore everything?' or 'ignore everything unless hurt by something that is not poison/coughing ect.' I can't do anything about me coughing right now, and it doesn't matter enough to me either!
     Expiramental is the new stable...
     That thing needs to be fixed where missions keep breaking because of the fact that I'm TRAINING.
     Is there a flaming zombie? There is an acid and a spitter, why not flaming? Honestly I'd hate that but still...
     There should be a way with the tailors kit to modify clothing so that it give environmental protection also. You can give it warmth and defense, but not enviro-protection?

     Get ready for this one is a long one!
     With high enough dodging skill, you won't need to worry much about getting hit by hulk fists. I'm level 10 in the skill right now and the game keeps saying that I can't earn any more xp by dodging hulk mega-punches
    Of course my level 10 skill is diminished from the stuff I'm wearing, but I'm still pretty good!
    In terms of dangerous situations, (I think I posted one before), I don't really run into 'dangerous' situations much lately. Once you get to the point where there is like a 10% chance (if even that) of actually getting hit in melee, armor that stops (seemingly) every hit, you stay inside towns instead of risking turrets and other crazy stuff elsewhere, acid zombies are off, you have potential meat-shield friends, it isn't usually too bad.
     Honestly, the reason I don't go into other places other than my town isn't because I'm a wimp, it's just that my town is HUGE! And getting to anywhere else will take annoyingly long, plus my computer can't handle speed moving in a direction. Even if it could my followers are usually slower than me.
     I suppose there is also the fact that I also basicly do less damage with a freaking sword that with my fists. I'm literally a bionic mutant that punches things to death simply for fun. Shocker hulk? *punches five or four times* New bionics? Yay!
     I have Muay Thai with 27 strength. melee damage without Mauy thai is 20.3, but that fighting type makes it so the higher the strength, the more the damage! And i have nail nuckles which add more damage than fists but allow Muay Thai. So I can deal like 30 damage and usually one shot dog types, among other things. I actually bumped up the resillience on monsters by like 20% also.
     It might not be the 'most' dangerous situation, but picking a fight with me would be a very bad idea... Well, bullets are potentially dangerous, but I have pretty good armor and 162 base health. now that I think about it, I'm kinda tempted to get shot simply to see how much 'damage' it does!

     Does your HP stay low? Or does the radiation end up going away enough that your 'hidden HP' goes back to normal? I got 154 base HP, so low on health should not be a problem for a long time. (I know that from my strength skill, not from that specific trait which gives your exactly HP).
     In terms of enemies tho, what is there? Or is the toxic waste dump just full of toxic waste? I dodge almost every melee shot cuz of my dodge skill and i got some pretty good armor, so fights aren't usually too hard, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared!
     Is there any particular things i should pay attention to in terms of healing my followers? They refuse to take any drugs I give them, so I doubt they would take tho anti-radiation ones. But i have infinite disinfectant which can heal any non-bleeding wound so healing isn't a problem.
     ( i don't know what's up with it, but disinfectant never gets used on my followers, first aid kits and bandages do get used tho.)

     I have robust genetics, which makes me assume that radiation mutation is a lot safer than before. I wanna be a mutant, cyborg, but it is a pain in the butt to get to the right cooking level for mutagen, so while i wait, why not radiation? I know it gives you a much higher change of negatives, but that is why there is save scumming! But just how dangerous would it be to do that? and what creatures are in there also?
     (I'd assume that a toxic waste dump would be radioactive, but I could be wrong I guess tho...)
     Also, in terms of followers, how safe is it for them? I want mutant followers too, since I can't have cyborg followers that i know of. (I wish that followers could potentially come with traits too. Then you could MEAT fellow cannibals!)
      This could all just be a horrid idea of course, but eh.

Hmm. There is that CBM that lets you dodge bullets. I wonder what level of dodge THAT can raise you to?
     Oh ya, I forgot that was a thing. I'd assume dodging a bullet would be harder than a brute super punch with or without that CBM, thus it should level you up more. I certainly hope so anyway, level 10 dodge is OP in melee, but if I get to 12? The only reason that brutes can ever hit me is cuz my dodge skill went down with my awesome armor, cuz it's super heavy!
     Also, I'd like to become a god too, but I don't know how to take a screen shot. I have a windows netbook, if that helps at all. (BTW Cataclysm is really easy to run cuz of the type of game it is - It's slow on my netbook, shows how good this thing is!)
     I don't feel like looking it up again right no, so it it bleach or ammonia you need to drink? And was it a gallon of it? Or more? Cuz of course it's not less.
     For the punching a shocker brute to death, what if you use zombie pheromones? That makes zombies temporarily passive. (Not sure it would stay if attacked) Just because the shocker brute is passive does not necessarily mean that the challenge would be forfeit since it is not against the rules, I think.
    Along with that, I assume weaponless includes fist-type weapons? As in nail-nuckles for example? Even without that, muay thai with adrenaline boost CBM at the right time is OP. I'm better with my bare fists sometimes than with a freaking sword! (not all the times of course)

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