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Jacob seems to have gotten the general idea down; the Cataclysm is emphasized to be a transitional state. The world is still settling into a new equilibrium after the nether factions were introduced to the biosphere and the previous most influential faction (humans) was reduced to less than 1% of its strength, and the human population can't grow nearly as quickly as the blob, Triffids, or Mycus. There need to be events and changes that reflect this change and affect both the world and the player. The Mycus, Triffids, and the blob will all be constantly expanding their territory. And all of these changes being made to the world need to present greater challenges for the player to overcome, so that gameplay does not become stagnant and a motive is provided for the player to continue progressing: adapt, or be overrun.

Adding on to Jacob's list,
  • The blob would also be expanding its territory, creating more blob pits and eventually turning those slime pits into something else (according to the Design Outline, "the Slime Pits are the best it’s done, and they are NOT where it wants to be.") The blob's natural form, whatever it may be, can be presented to the player as a greater challenge.
  • The triffids and mycus might also develop more powerful forms once they have terraformed enough of the area to their liking. I would not mind seeing stronger triffids based on certain species of tree: How does fighting a triffid 95.7 meters tall sound? Swinging arms literally the size of tree trunks?
  • The mi-go are supposed to be intelligent. It can be expected that more of them will arrive, in greater numbers, and with alien technology. Their technology may also provide another tier of equipment for the player to take advantage of when fighting these new threats.

My only NPC companion on my current playthrough just died in a hospital when we got separated. I was blinded by boomers and cut off by acid spit. I was trying to make her the first NPC God of the Cataclysm. I just- it's so easy to get attached if you only have one NPC...!

I found the patient treatment records I needed in the next room immediately after the one she died in...
And then on my way out a boomer dropped maid clothes, something she was wearing, as if to mock me.


An idea I had, as opposed to every individual NPC handling their own supplies: what if companions (not wandering NPCs, which is a bit different from this) traded/shared resources like food, water, medicine, ammo, etc. amongst each other? So instead of immediately complaining to you when they're in need of supplies, they'll instead check all of your other companions first and get whatever they need from whoever currently has the most. This allows for less micromanagement (restock everyone at once when they start complaining to you instead of restocking individually); and gives some purpose to specialization between NPCs by being able to give lots of high volume clothing to one or two NPCs to act as the party's walking supply depot (with the added benefit of making nomad/scavenger gear not totally useless).

Completely understandable if this doesn't fit whatever vision there is for NPCs, just thought I should put it out there. Or maybe a system to handle NPC needs is already planned/in the works, I'unno, I'm not too involved in development.

Had a wandering NPC ask me to find an inhaler for him, after accepting he immediately charged at a turret road block (thankfully depleted by the DOZEN OR SO ZEDS SURROUNDING IT), started fighting the zombies, lived, then started fighting the turret and it predictably exploded, damaging both him and myself nearby. Ow, you bastard. Then he immediately set off again on his death march, at which point I gave up trying to keep him alive long enough for me to find an inhaler. Some time later I get the "Mission failed" message because, wow, guess what, charging into groups of zombies in the middle of town without any decent gear is a good way to get yourself killed.

Two questions:

Are NPCs eligible for godhood?
For challenges it's possible to get an NPC to do the J-9, kill a chicken walker, clear 5 levels of a slime pit, kill a thriller with a thriller novel, kill the hulks from the thriller killed with a thriller novel, kill a shocker brute unarmed, and/or kill a fungal structure. If NPC needs are enabled they could probably drink a barrel of whiskey too.
For milestones you could give an NPC a full set of fancy clothing, and give them an artifact.

And, is there something I'm missing with the slime pit challenge? I tried using the debug menu to explore several map tiles in a test world; none of the dozen or so slime pits I found went down to 5 levels, and each level on the overmap did not look like the slime pit from Nijuni's screenshots.

If we want to restrict monster FoV, the much trickier issue is how to communicate to the player what direction monsters are facing, or more generally what areas the monsters can currently see, so that the player can try to avoid their vision.
It could be handled the way Dwarf Fortress handles it in Adventure Mode: when the player is in sneak mode the field of view of enemies is indicated with colored cones.

Making gas pumps more durable/less prone to red barrel behavior. I get that it's sometimes awesome and maybe it's not really a problem for most people, but I just blew up two gas stations just by trying to pull up next to them; the second one nearly killed my character. Probably a worse problem for new players that don't know vehicles very well yet.

Crank the realism up to eleven: Rewrite the game to emulate the fact that the military totally has the technology and resources (solar powered laser turrets, CQC specialists, tanks, drones,
 tank drones, everything) to wipe out droves of zombies with little resistance.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Re: The Lab
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:18:50 PM »
How about keeping the current Lab Challenge as its own thing, reducing the points given (I'd say to 5 or 6, starting with mutations and a guaranteed lab is pretty dang helpful, and the most challenging part is just learning the strats), and then making your "Lab Challenge+" into its own challenge? Call it "Challenge-Ground Zero"; the premise is that the lab you're in was one of the first to go when things spiraled out of control. Make the finale for the lab guaranteed to be an activated resonance cascade, and mix in some more Nether creatures.

Please don't put in gunner and kamikaze zeds though. I played a couple games with the Jury-Rigged Robots mod, and immediately had to stop when a new enemy with a gun popped out of the darkness in a lab and one-shot my character. So darkness + guns outside of high-level access areas is a big no-no. And kamikaze zombies - what, they're just grenade hacks but with a (hopefully) weaker explosion and more health? So basically guaranteed damage to all your body parts? Hail naw. Suicidal bloated zombies suck and explode-upon-death robots suck, proper kamikaze zombies would suck more.

knives should be relatively useless in combat? OH HELL NO!

there's a reason any self defense class will warn you about attackers with a knife, you either keep your distance or reconsider whether you wanna get shanked, knives are very useful in melee combat (especially daggers which are generally long enough to pierce through to vital organs) but the downside is you don't want to be in melee range of someone with a knife.

it's suicidal and mutually assured destruction, but it's anything but relatively useless in combat, that's for sure.
Relatively useless, as in relative to other weapons, yeah. Daggers are small and lack velocity, range, stopping power, and intimidation in comparison to a sword or axe. They're lighter at the expense of all that other stuff and if you can put enough force behind it maybe it pierces armor better than other weapons but that's it. They're better than nothing and useless might be a strong word, but they're still subpar compared to a proper primary weapon of war (which is something the player can obtain and has to be accounted for when balancing).

"Tanto" is literally short-blade.


A tanto is a short sword, not a knife.
*Dagger. Every source I look at refers to it as either a knife or dagger, or as equivalent to a dagger. The wakizashi is the Japanese analogue to a short sword.
"The tantō is a dagger."
"The tanto or dagger..."
"Tanto (15~30cm or 5.9~11.8 inches) ; Short blade, used as a knife or dagger..."
"Tanto is a term used for blades less than 30 centimeters (about one foot) in length, and thus this type of sword is often translated as a dagger."

With a blade length of 5.9-11.8 in, compared to 12.8 to 17.7 in for a machete, it's either a really short sword or a pretty big knife.

Giving the tanto stats closer to a short sword would create more balancing problems for it as well: if it then fits in a scabbard instead of a sheathe, it would just be a crappier version of other swords due to its relative size. If it has the stats of a sword but still goes in a sheathe, it would outclass every other item that fits in a sheathe.

The tanto, as a knife, is a tool-weapon hybrid that is used both for butchering and as a secondary weapon, and is small enough to fit in a sheath or ankle sheath. This puts it in a different class from the machete, which is closer to a sword and better as a primary weapon. It would be more fair to compare it to other knives, which are used as butchering tools and secondary weapons that don't take up inventory space. Compared to other knives, the tanto appears to be decent but still not as good as other knives that don't require a rare recipe book.

Looking at it now, I feel that a bigger balance problem is that knives in general don't appear to be particularly useful. The only scenario I can think of currently where I would need a knife is when my weapon gets pulled from me by that-one-zed-I-can't-remember, but they're so rare it's hardly an issue. Knives have high butchering quality, but the katana, broadsword, and machete are all incredibly prevalent as primary weapons in the end-game, and they already have decent butchering quality; it's just not worth the several hours of time to make a knife for marginal (if any) butchering improvements (I don't do a lot of butchering outside of CBM and acid zeds, so a second opinion from an in-game hunter would be appreciated).

-Why use mutagen rather than  CMBs  ? Since CBMs are (currently) penalty free while  mutagens always come with negative traits.
CBMs aren't actually penalty free. Installation failure has a number of potential consequences, including pain, damage (potentially fatal), loss of other bionics, . A malfunctioning bionic is comparable to a negative mutation, however removing a bionic is significantly more difficult than installation.
Not only that, but you need high intelligence, three high skills, pain killers, and the CBM itself. So the entry requirements can be rather high.

Meanwhile with mutagen you just need to find the recipe (you're nearly guaranteed to find a few mutagen books in any lab, a chemistry textbook found in libraries or bookstores has the recipe for vanilla mutagen, and one of the best mutagen recipes can be found in hospitals), get a high enough cooking skill, batch craft as much as you want with resources that can be acquired en masse, and just slam it down all day. Purifier can also be batch crafted to take care of any negative mutations that are more than a minor inconvenience, and the Robust Genetics trait reduces the chances of negative mutations significantly.

-Why use mutagen in a RP perspective ? Why would your survivor drink/inject that stuff that looks pretty unsafe and how he/she chooses a mutagenic path ?
For most people it's just that desperate times call for desperate measures. It's either succumb to a force that outmatches you, or adapt and overcome. You can find a few notes written by survivors in-game, and they make it evident that you're not the only one who has discovered mutagen and its potential usefulness.
Personally, my last major mutagen user started using it just to survive, until he developed an addiction to it. Then things spiraled out of control as he converted his vehicle into a mobile mutagen lab and just used all the mutagen on himself.

Thanks for the feedback Kevin and Coolthulhu. It's greatly appreciated. I'll make sure to bring their HP more in-line, and might make an NPC-exclusive mutation to give them natural armor and prevent them from wearing other armor, as Coolthoulhu suggested. Additionally or alternatively, 0 base strength minimizes their carry weight and HP. Maximum carry weight with 0 strength and Hollow Bones is 17.2 lbs; maximum HP with 0 strength and Fragile is 20 on every body part.

Is this what the 'familiar-looking' meant?

I always thought it just meant it was a little blob that came from you, not that it was a slime clone. This makes it all so much cooler.
That was the conclusion I drew. They're apparently sentient and capable of speech, when you spawn them they sometimes immediately comment on how you look like them, and you get a morale penalty for killing them. Either they're humanoid mini versions of you, or by the time you're capable of spawning them you've mutated into an amorphous blob. You can still wear pants normally with the Slime-threshold mutations, so you're still humanoid and not a blob, so the slimesprings that look like just like you must also be humanoid.

I support this if it means reducing tedium, which is never a bad thing. I'd actually considered making a mod for another auto-learned martial art similar to what you're suggesting. I was going to call it Brutality, and it was going to be something like a berserker and "rip and tear" type of fighting style, as you might expect from a hardened zombie killing machine. Unlocked at around 5 melee, works with unarmed or "brutal" weapons (battleaxe, war hammer, chainsaws, lobotomizer, etc.; added bonus of indirectly buffing some underused weapons), it would focus on brute force over speed or defense, and could feature an auto-pulping technique like what you described. I think it would work best as a combo move or requiring set up of some sort. Or even better, having multiple auto-pulp moves that activate under different circumstances for variety and more frequent pulping. Like when you grab an enemy if you're unarmed ("You grab the zombie by the limbs and tear it apart!"), or if you attack a downed enemy ("You stomp/bring your weapon down on the downed zombie with all your might!").

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