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Is there a way to get an NPC to learn a martial art style from a book? I've just come across a "martial arts master" and would like to get her powered up.

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Blob upgrade?
« on: October 04, 2017, 05:45:22 PM »
Have blobs recently been given a boost?  Normally I just ignore them, but my most recent game started in a city that was already overrun with them and I've been having to battle a lot of 'em.  I remember them being essentially non-threats, but now it seems like a swarm of small blobs can be deadly.  My weapons get easily damaged while fighting, and even running them over doesn't work well - they somehow stop the vehicle and prevent it from accelerating?  A lot more challenging!

Zeebie have you tried making a bow and some arrows? Although inaccurate compared to other weapons the ammunition should be sufficiently cheap to allow you to train marksmanship.

Do bows train marksmanship?  I thought it was only firearms.

because you can build a rock forge without needing a bolt turning tool.

Ah, the rock forge! Totally forgot about it

I'm 16 days in, 276 kills, but can't find a wrench (or pliers).  And it seems that it is virtually impossible to get vehicles running without one.  I've got plenty of books, maybe I can make the tools ...except making a forge requires bolt turning 1.  Sigh.  Any suggestions?

Try building a pneumatic assault rifle, it takes quite a bit of skill to create but the ammo is cheap (pebbles, marbles, ball bearings) and can raise your marksmanship to superhuman levels if you have the time.

That's actually what I'm trying to do - unfortunately I need marksmanship 2 to build it...

I'm trying to level up marksmanship from 1 to 2 with a submachine gun, but I can't seem to find the sweet spot - if the target is close enough to hit, I get no improvement; if they're far enough away to get improvement, I can't hit them.  Any advice?

If I have a low perception (ie too low to see the mounds of dirt), how can I clear a minefield? Can I just throw junk on each square to detonate them?

I would recommend building a 1 tile RC "bomb robot" vehicle. Is it absolutely necessary that you clear the whole minefield?

Nah, I'm just trying to get some goodies from a previous victim.   What would a bomb robot look like?

If I have a low perception (ie too low to see the mounds of dirt), how can I clear a minefield? Can I just throw junk on each square to detonate them?

I'm not sure if this will work, but you can make 4 makeshift welders, craft them into 2 vehicle welding rigs and then disassemble them into 2 welders.

I've done that before to complete the mission.

Yes, worked for me just now! Thanks everybody.

Mags stores malls and homes with garages.

What's a mags store?

Has something happened to welders in the current experimental?  I've looked in fifteen garages  and twenty-three hardware stores and have been unable to find one (I'm doing the mission where I need to find two).  Is there somewhere else I should look?

I think the needed NPC for the "Deal with informant" quest was killed before I could talk to him - any way to respawn him or mark the quest as finished?


Earplugs and a blindfold. Sounds like you arent actually getting a full rest.

Wouldn't I get messages telling me it was too bright or noisy?

My character seems to be perpetually tired.  I can sleep normally, and get the positive health messages (your muscles stretch, etc), and seem fine once waking up.  But within 15 minutes or so of game time, I become tired regardless of what I'm doing. I can go back to sleep for 10 minutes or so, but then the tired condition comes back.  I don't have any conditions listed on the status screen.  I took some antiparasitics just in case but it doesn't seem to have helped.  Any ideas on what could cause constant fatigue?

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