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I've had a dream for a long time of a base building mechanic revolving around rescuing scientist and engineer NPCs and having them research and develop new tools to help you fight the apocalypse.  They would send you out to gather supplies from new labs, which would encourage exploration and reveal a lot more backstory in the process.  Some of the things they could develop for you might include things like a small advancement in the efficiency of your power armor, a specialized focusing lens for your laser rifle, or even a new flavor of mutagen.

This would be accompanied by a mechanic that randomly generates obstacles in the world, like unstable portals, roving groups of bandits, opening hellmouths, etc.  The scientists would help develop methods to counter these new obstacles, provided you continue to keep them safe and supplied.  There could be a balance with this as well, you have the choice of leaving a portal open for an extended time to gather more valuable resources, but you risk having your base sieged by various interdimensional creatures.

Additionally, as part of the end game, there would be more missions involved in establishing contact with other survivors and the remaining military/government structure.  Perhaps the government decides they want your group of scientists, and you're forced to give up your researchers, engage in conflict against the government, or use your speech skill to convince them to designate you as a forward operating base.

I would also love to see specialized NPCs as a way to bring back more "pre-cataclysm" style things, like a skilled engineer NPC with a few pieces of equipment can create factory-quality bullets, instead of reloaded ammo. 

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Mutation and bionic effects?
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:00:52 PM »
if ((1 + unarmed skill)  > 8) then
    unarmed skill / 2

More like secret really really old stuff that nobody's bothered to either add a purpose to or remove.

You can already use multiple mapgens for the same OM tile, so C could map to lab_corner, and lab_corner could have 3 separate mapgens associated with it.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Small Town Building Pack
« on: September 27, 2017, 09:18:23 PM »
Are these PRed for mainline inclusion?  It seems like a lot of buildings just get resigned to mods or third party sharing like this when they should be reviewed for full inclusion.
It was not mainlined yet.
I'm looking at PRs and I don't see any for these buildings.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Re: Small Town Building Pack
« on: September 27, 2017, 05:54:57 PM »
Are these PRed for mainline inclusion?  It seems like a lot of buildings just get resigned to mods or third party sharing like this when they should be reviewed for full inclusion.

I think the main thing that gets me about super crazy mutagens is the timeline.  Even the most cutting edge mutagens currently in the game were developed as the cataclysm was happening.  For the scientists to also have weird alternate non-biological mutagens at the same time seems a little advanced for the timeline.  It would be interesting for me if developing these new and exotic mutagens were something the player could somehow work towards as an end game goal though.

The building editor is stickied in the lab, albeit about half featured, and not even the latest version I have.  Still better than hand jamming json though.  I do have a world level overmap editor that I tinkered around with on my github too that could be the foundation for a campaign editor one day.  I pitched the idea of a campaign style game mode in IRC a while back and it seemed to get mostly shot down for having victory conditions.  I think it could have some very interesting possibilities, like a "last of us" style escort a mostly defenseless NPC across the dangerous map campaign, or a "the road" style campaign where the objective is to survive as long as possible through extreme conditions.

I thought about creating a little non-interactive "scenario" that could play on a new game that would show you at home watching reports of riots on tv or something and then you start hearing fighting and gunfire outside, then a group of soldiers order you out of your home, onto a transport, and then out at a shelter.  At first, there are lots of people there with you, and the military people tell you to sit tight while they bring more people, but they never return, and the other NPCs slowly get fed up and leave, and then bam, game starts. 

My understanding of mutagen is that it has to mostly work with biological materials, so things like mineral don't make much sense, at least to the extent that they differ from some sort of crustacean/mollusk type mutagen.  Also, the non directly single animal class mutagens (alpha, medical, elf-a, etc) were supposed to have been just developed as the cataclysm was kicking off, so it seems like some of the more advanced/tricky mutagens would have to be extremely rare (and probably a low variety). 

It might be interesting for gameplay purposes if, let's say 20 "advanced" mutagens were created, that the game might randomly pick 5 of them to spawn in any given game.  It could also be possible to gather NPC mutagen scientists who can finish research on the other 15 over time as an end game goal. 

I've had a few "long term" game ideas for a long time, but have not had the time to implement them, or the mechanics underneath required to make them happen.  The main goals are to reveal more game lore and provide things to do to force exploration. 

Here are a few of them:
Several quests and quest lines that tie in new locations with old quests and give them some payoff as well as some new ones related to settlement expansion, exploration, and some end game portal business:
Lab "dungeons" that follow different aspects of the research and technology derived from the blob and related things that fill in a lot of lore and provide powerful/unique loot:
Mutagen lab quest: more detailed description of lab and quest from other issues, revolving around exploring the government research of mutagen, mutated enemies including a super horror boss fight, and mutated NPCs and their place in society:

As for the main subject of the thread, the current system is fine, but it really doesn't have a good way to motivate people to work on difficult issues outside of bounties and personal gratification.  The main issues I see holding up end game content are a difficult, incomplete, and brittle mission system, NPC support in general (especially things like mutations, factions and roles/ranks, and quest offerings), and to a lesser extent z levels and overmap generation.  These are all difficult and long term things to work on with little immediate payoff (at least until people start making content using the new systems), and it's tough to motivate someone to work on them if they aren't already so inclined.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Re: Military locations?
« on: March 29, 2016, 07:20:25 PM »
A lot of the locations that were hardcoded have been pulled out.  I don't think it is planned for it to change, but there's a good chance somebody will pick it up again at some point.

That is kind of the lore behind the alpha chain.  It was a push to create a supersoldier mutagen cocktail and was never really finished by the time shit really hit the fan.

Going back to the research idea I had, it might be interesting if targeted mutagens could be created with NPC help.  Maybe if you drop off 2 serums with the scientists, they will create a new serum isolated to one mutation based off of the potential mutations of the given serums.  So let's say you were going for night vision, serum A has an equal probability of night vision, high metabolism, and fragile, serum B has an equal probability of night vision, carnivore, and fragile.  If you drop off both serums, the scientists have a 1/3 chance to produce a night vision serum, a 1/3 chance to produce a fragile serum, a 1/6 chance to produce a high metabolism serum, or a 1/6 chance to produce a carnivore serum.  It could go either way as to whether we tell the player what mutation they got though.  I think this places a little extra control with the player, while also requiring your character to be pretty advanced and also have a pretty decent amount of resources.

Are there certain skills that are impossible to level up at all without books at some stage?

Computer skill is very difficult to level up without books or taking advantage of some cheesy computers.

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