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I ran myself over with my own car. I think my character was hallucinating while driving through town. Swerved out of the way of something, hit something, a panel on my car broke, I think: Oh well, that's not going to do anything. Grabber zombie decides to not be a hallucination. End of story.

This just made me think of driving into a shrub and flying out the front window, only to land in front of the car that keeps rolling forwards only to hit you.

Anybody else miss the old days when shrubs were like solid walls. You hit a shrub and you're car would just be totally screwed. Heh...

advanced inventory management will move that moose corpse in 1 turn.  or at least not 130


Yeah I figured it must be somewhat faster. I'm not sure, but I think it was 650 turns to pick up the corpse.
Because the Zombies started attacking me '13 minutes' ago and I was still alive after the 650 turns. "Thank god to 4 dodge." The two turns later of trying to run from their grabs killed me.

Spawn In Shelter.
Check Map.
Megastore 2 Squares away.
8 Str, 8 Dex, 13 Int, 10 Per, Tracuer with Quick and Fleet Footed

Run in with makeshift crowbar. Using the cars to slow down Z's and run around, after several hours of fighting. I kill 128 Zombies.
Moose comes out of nowhere as I move food and supplies to the shelter.
Kill Moose with Wooden Axe found in Megastore. All health now on Red.
Close Shelter Door. (Moose corpse is in the way)

Pick up Moose Corpse. Takes 13 MINUTES TO PICK UP CORPSE! Meanwhile, 6 Zombies I forgot to smash get back up and kill me while pucking up the corpse.

General Discussion / Re: Your Achievements/Goals?
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:27:58 AM »
Hmm, likeing some of these.
Anyone has anything to share about themselves regarding thier dreams, please do.

So, yes, I know, increasing difficulties have been a topic that spawns again and again.
Last time I started a topic, was some ideas about customizing your own guns and all which I still feel strongly for the idea an all, but here is something, much more plausible in my opinion.
I just re read this for the first time in a good long time, almost a year maybe?
"[17:38] <@GlyphGryph> I know there are a lot of people who want it to be a zombie game first and foremost"
"[17:39] <@GlyphGryph> Well right now they are basically a transitionary step for the netherum invasion, since it is using them to establish a foothold in our world until it figured  out a way to adapt"
These jumped out at me particularly, and I assume the second quote meant the Slimes/Goo using the Zombies as stated earlier in that document.

Anyway, a more, long term goal came to mind. Slimes. Slimes started this, right? And so, maybe having slimes become more deadly by spreading out further and further (as planned, like the mycus and all) but taking over the Zombies. So, I saw mention of
"In line with our plans for progressive difficulty, they can certainly become tougher, develop special abilities, etc" in reference to the zombies.
So, why not, the goo actually spreads to cities and when Z's becoming exposed and maybe even other wildlife, they mutate/evolve/develop special abilities, etc?
((Also, while typing this up and looking for these quotes I reread the last bit, just realizing that this sort of idea was vaguely in there.))
Anyway, I think this should be open to discussion? What do you'd think?
I'm not to sure on how or anything, it was just a sudden struck thought that came up as I was reading and so I feel like we should express our ideas regarding this.

General Discussion / Re: Who is your favorite person on this person?
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:31:12 AM »
Pthalocy - I can't ever forget you, haha. Your drawings are amazing and unique to the point, I see your style and know it's yours. Your the reason I even bother to pick up pencil and paper and draw occasionally. I suck at drawing, never really cared for drawing, but, haha yeah.. Now I find myself drawing occasionally.

HunterAlpha1 - Dunno, your just funny. See ya around a lot and your threads always turn to shit in a funny way.

gtaguy - You were the funniest guy when I first started coming to this forum. Wasn't there a thread from a year ago or something dedicated to quotes from gtaguy?

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Re: Death Bug Respawn/Clone
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:49:16 AM »
Yeah makes sense. It's exactly what I thought was happening.
Just think this should be fixed.. Gotta remember to not close the game on death form now on.

General Discussion / Re: Your Achievements/Goals?
« on: October 18, 2014, 01:34:29 AM »

Impressed my music teacher for my talent at playing the trumpet.


I want to get in to coding, but unsure where to start, I would love to help code DDA someday.

Ya know, some may disagree with this, but I started with Game Maker. I started with that and started learning to use the Code instead of Drag n Drop features same with my mate. This was a few years ago, and recently, about the end of last year, he started to use C#, and has made some incredible things since. If anyone can really achieve his goal of a game he wanted to make, I know, for sure, he's got it.
He learns damn fast and has that artistic mind that you just rarely see, if ever, in your life.

But, I think, starting with Game Maker's Code is great to learn the basics and then moving on to C# or maybe Flash when your confident?
However, I don't code, haven't in years. It just wasn't exactly for me.

General Discussion / Your Achievements/Goals?
« on: October 17, 2014, 01:31:31 PM »
So the community here is fairly small but great. Love it.
I read quite a bit, especially the last few days, don't talk as much as I want to.
Anyway, I figured many of you's a great people and you've all given me some good laughs in various threads.
I had a question, or well a topic that could help us all get to know each other a bit more or just share some of our interests. Something many of us, may not be able to do with most of the people we personally know because they simply just don't care or we may not be comfortbale talking to about some things?
This is kind of pointless, apart from the sake of interst, and I'm very interested in what you guys may like to say.

So, I was wondering. What goals in life did people around here have? Anything noteworthy? Even if it is important to you and not really to anyone else. If you would like to share, please do. And what do you do to help achieve these goals? What would you like to start doing? How important are these to you?

Me, I'm a student, in my last 2 weeks of school. And then exams and then.. I dunno, I'm free.
Every since the age of 9, I've wanted to write. And the last 2 years, that interest has really shown a lot more.
Ever since I was a small kid, I used to run around the back yard, pretending I was another guy in another world and it stuck. My whole life, it's been on my mind, that game. And Its been a seed of an idea, growing into a book I've wanted to write for roughly 8 years now. I always did start, then I'd give up or get bored. Until I decided to write other stuff the last couple of years, and well, lately I've written a lot more and am proud of my writing. I can see where I improve and lack and find a huge enjoyment in just writing anything down.
And thats me.
Anyone got any advice too? That would be interesting to hear from you guys to.
(Advice I hear a lot; "you's isn't a word") But of course, I have my own style of writing.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Death Bug Respawn/Clone
« on: October 17, 2014, 11:40:37 AM »
So, today I was killed like the moment I walked out of my shelter by an NPC. Really annoyed because it was a perfect start, but you know, it happens.
I decided to just close the game instead of saving and quitting or whatever. From past experience this still deletes your character and all... Your still dead. Come back an hour later and play the game, saw I can load game. So I loaded game. I'm back to life right before I attacked and got one shot in the head.
However, all my inventory and earlier dead body is on he ground at my feet. Wtf, so.. That was weird, took a step down and sure enough, I could see it all there. I'm aslo holding the same inventory I died with in mine. NPC reloads, I attack him he one shots me in the head again, I died. Thats normal. I closed the game on grave screen again, and opened it, loaded. Now my body is on the ground, dead, twice. All my inventory is on the ground on both bodies, and I'm also holding another duplicate of my inventory.
Now the NPC is running from me...
I like to imagine he's scared that I keep getting back up, leaving my body behind. So he's fleeing..
Imaginations aside, this bug needs to be fixed.

Additional Notes: Version 2e6a32e

Dylan Wade Benbow

General Discussion / Re: Grownups post here
« on: October 16, 2014, 03:17:51 PM »
17 and still, I feel far more grown up then my mates.
Always been more comfortable talking to adults, eh.. when they aren't drinking and going on about people they slept with when they were my age. (My dad and his mates)
Also, damn, I wish I had lived in the 80's.
Just feel like posting randomly on here, haha, because I'm in one of those moods.
Ya know,  months in a relationship with a girl halfway across the world who you've never met, after telling everyone you would never date online... And you really learn a lot about yourself.
And today, I tried to send her a message on GTalk.. ('You cannot send messages over 2000 characters long')
Well damn, so I trippled the size of the message and emailed her the txt doc, haha
Is any of this even related to the topic? I'll just end with, I'm an adult because I choose to be. Couldn't jave been born just a year earlier.. Then, my dad would have been like 17 then.. Wow..

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Re:
« on: October 16, 2014, 07:58:36 AM »
i can think of four games i initially quit just because i couldn't figure out how to play, then returned to them, read manual/wiki and finally loved them:

championship manager (00 - 01) - this shouldn't be on the list, but back then i was impatient.
and cataclysm.

add to these deus ex, and you get something close to my top five list of games :)

designed by idiots indeed. :)

Welp, I love every game you mention, but never played HoI2, think this weekend, I gotta give it a try. Sounds like I should.

Just read the last 80 threads in the last couple of days. Soo much more here now, love it all.
Gonna go back a few pages this weekend, and look at that you tube link seen as there was a lot of discussion around it and learning to draw. I never got around to it because of school and stuff.
Might draw some more as well because been playing again after these last few months and am loving the new experimental. Glad Cata's back to development again and am glad to be playing again.
Had a good run earlier, me and a mate over Skype take turns, sending the world back and forth whenever we die. My last death sucked, turns out Eye bots aren't so harmless... Summoned please bots on me and well.. Well I'll let my next drawing tell the story.


Closed curtains still raises sound questions, though.

I won't mock someone for wanting to start at the evac shelter.  You wanna die a lot, that's your decision.  That's why "starting location" would be a separate option: default it to special locations for professions, sure, but make it changeable.

Thats fine. Dieing a lot as a "separate option" is just as good. : )
This is gunnnnaaaa be awesome.

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