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i create blob container
create blob feed.
try A - no blob feed in the listing (hmm blob feed can't be activated?)
try I - blob feed within the ammo list. do i need some special weapon or instrument which use blob feed as a ammo?
what instrument or weapon i need?
and what limit of effective feeding of the blob? what maximum size of blob i can get with feeding the blob?

i found a truck.
his motor need fix
for fix i need spark plugs.
by the logic - for get plugs i need auto spare part shop.
in game there is gun shop, any food\drinks shops\restaurants, also electronic shop, agriculture shop any other shop but - in game many vehickles and - there is no any auto shops.

yet fuel stations - trade with snack food but not any for auto.

i think this is not good.
maybe fuel stations can trade auto spare parts?


someone tell me where the highest probability of finding a .44 caliber cartridges?
I thought that I can not find ammunition for my 9x18 Makarov PM - but not - i found him in the basement with spiders!!!
but .44 - I can not find. as I representative refugee center (which gives the quest to the old guard) gave me .44 revolver and a few cartridges - and that is all. more I that caliber bullets did not meet in the game.
a world in which I play - I have it was built in 2015. During this time I have not seen such cartridges.
tell me where I should stick my curious nose? where the probability of finding such cartridges?
gun shop - in the county searched all weapons shops. :(

or. maybe I was just unlucky with the generation of a new world - they are not generated?

собрался я скрафтить бумажных патронов.
но сколько патронов будет после крафта? хз. либо считай до и после - сколько в твоем инвентаре данного типа аммуниции было-стало.
никак иначе.
по гильзовым патронам все просто. сколько гильз - столько патронов.

а как быть с безгильзовыми? 20х66 к примеру...
необходимо доработать окошко в котором описание крафта выдается чтоб выдавалось количество готовых патронов на выходе.

now-to know - how many of bullets or shots or rounds i shell get after successful crafting of ammo?

only counting of th number of ammo - before and after craft? there's no other way?

if craft cased ammo then all simple - number of casing = number of rounds.
but what about 20x66 or other caseless ammo...  like paper cartridges...
heh? number of pieces of gunpowder not tells me nothing.

maybe i overlook some?

scrolling by bionics list is not fair. why only up-down? why cannot get to the bottom by pressing up in the top?
i mean when i in top of the bionics list (on the 1st row) press up and by circle - jump to the down (last row)... or when i on the bottom of the list, press cursor down and - hopla- i on the top. and no need to slowly scroll all the bionics list (with slow redrawing of course).

i need to build draggable field cannon which i can use without driving the tank.

1 first build car 1x1
mount cannon
add accumulator (dunno for)
add management system (sorry i do not now exact name)
also i add external camera with display

in the menu of the manage of the cannon i have
examine car

i case drive and have
switch light
cruise-control on\off
remember position
set targetting by turret
set fire by turret
aim manually

and no nothing more. there's no fire option. no big red button :(

how to fire? i want to deal ba-bam-bang to all W green meanies (like blue meanies in "yellow submarine") in the underground vault.
maybe i need to add some other system?

when i Fire - autotargetter first catch exactly purple (or neutral-like like mi-go) targets and i need to target my weapon by myself. and then, after purples - autotargetter, though reluctantly, to aim my gun at the red targets. "red" i mean enemy-targets, not neutral.

is it a normal?
in the underground vault (which lies under the city with two bomb-craters) i may have sityation when near me is Old_Guard soldiers and around us - many Wanderers. and autotargetter, catch Old_Guard soldiers first. not, but so that as well ???!!!

how this situation may be fixed?
only with disabling of the autotargetter?

чето не получается у меня дубленый мех.

рецепт "дубленая меховая шкурка"
нужна 1 обработанная меховая шкурка
превращается в: дубленый мех

вроде бы я этот рецепт неоднократно выполнял но ни одного дубленого меха не вижу.
может быть я где-то чето протупил?

а может это кидалово такое и меня искусно развели? :)
наверное где-то чето намудрили - с базой


interact involves the interaction, ie, the mutual action of objects or subjects to each other.
but, tell me, how can a car by his desire to influence human?
human, yes, can act on the car.

my propose - change "interact with" -> "act with"

when i try to craft reloaded .40sw ammo - it use .45 ACP casings...

i look into \items\ammo\40.json - it looks ok. casing - .40sw and no any of .45 casings.

which JSON i need to correct?
i think it's misedit. ok. i potentially may fix it myself but i do not know which JSON i need.

i wish to build micro-bulldoser. maybe micro-excavator. this and that tractors need to build most small as it may be.
in perfect it be 1tail tractor with diesel motor. tractor-rooter.
but i do not know volume of smallest diesel engine in game. i mean - is 0.5l engine is 1.0l engine

короче, может быть кто из местной публики подсобит до авторов достучаться.
нужно приспособу запилить. приспособа к машине, по типу "грузоперевозчика" но это будет некий механизм как для трактора, а может быть и для трактора - чтоб можно было дерево целиком вместе с корнем выдернуть из земли и чтоб можно было его пересадить туда куда тебе угодно.

для чего? ну чтоб можно было бы сад забубенить. найти себе свободную ферму и на базе еейных просторов забубенить плодовый сад.

это было бы классно. вопчим нужен корчеватель. ямку для дерева ладно так и быть можно и лопатой выкопать.
ага, а рецепт я еще не изобрел. пусть он будет сделан из ну скажем стальной рамы (думаю прочности стальной рамы будет довольно), домкрата - нет, крана, boom-crane, который изпользуют для монтажа колес на тяжелой технике - им деревья выдергивать, чего еще - ну длинная веревка, нет стальная цепь. еще чего ага, четыре лопаты. это будет так что одновременно 4 лопаты разом вокруг дерева вонзаются в грунт, чтоб взять с комом земли дерево, ну всмысле чтоб корневую систему вместе с грунтом брало, потом это все дело краном поднимается - и .... машина!!!... неа не машина!!! это будет малогабаритный 1тайловый трактор что ли... нет не трактор. 1тайловый трактор он будет сам мало весить - дерево с листвой и корнями и грунтом его перевесит. хотя если в качестве противовеса положить камней в достаточном количестве - ну скажем если спереди к трактору примонтировать грузоперевозчик и его полностью камнями заполнить - противовес - тогда я думаю подобного рода трактор-трелевщик сможет меж деревьями проехать и довезти дерево до нужного места. ведь вокруг фермы обычно лес растет.

че скажете, как идея вам? возможно если домозговать ее, да предложить авторам игры - может быть запилят?

или хотя бы на английскую ветку выложите чтоб эту идею возприняли нормально. меня чето там не всегда понимают, а уж с такой сложной идеей - так и вовсе не поняли. хорошо что с тамошней ветки в личку кинули совет на нашей ветке выложить просьбу туда на нормальном языке кинуть.

очень хочется мне свой садик вишневый колу хаты иметь. нет не хохол. но сад свой хочу :)

ребят, подсобите, кто более грамотный.
ну и дообдумать идейку с изобретением и рецептурой.
может быть подумать какой уровень чего для кравта установки надо будет.
может чего еще не учел.

i cleaned the forest of fungaloids
and catch parasite. fungal parasite. i eat (or, to be more correct, drink) vegetable juice which get from Butchered corpses of fungaloids.

is the mutation do lower % of possibility to catch parasite but not 100% of parasite-free living?
or mutation works only if you not eat parasite-contained food? i mean versus skin parasites can not enter into your organism but via stomach - very well?

for TL;DR users -
need to switch for ignore All mode.
all to down may not to read. its flood and blabbering :)

you yet not get out?
:)) he-he... ok.

when i craft some what need many time and i'm in really safe place - i wish to ignore all cases. and what do on the other side of my walls - all. because my character fed me up with their messages "JESUS HE WALK NEAR US WE ALL DOOMED" (not literally, it's my emotional colorisation)

I do not know how and what to call it, but very much in the process of building or crafting interfere reports that somewhere within the "bubble of reality" farted field mouse or cockroach scratched his balls. these posts my character reacts nervously and constantly asks "can drop everything and run away?" (Well, not here literally, but me personally, it's already got) want the character to poke ears poke out his eyes that he did not hear anything not seen anything to dig it the f**ng pit (drat him) - he just an idiot, then water from it take to be . so no - all from under the stick works. Well, not a moron?

And are lacking in the indicator "% process is complete". to not become hysterical when another pin drop next. If the process of cutting wood boat (well, I say exaggerated) almost ready - then okay, let fly flies itself. but if the process has just started and a swarm of flies went - it adjusts to minor way. For each fly from a swarm will cause a banner (stop? yes-no).

my suggestion - enter the game switch "put the OUR THICK BOLT on all around" (well, the one BOLT that with NUTS)". okay, not literally so - and the switch to "ignore all" this. my will be very good.

there is also a button to interrupt any process, such as reading, or waiting, when we read but want to interrupt an interesting (for the character) process, well, if, purely by chance, our house caught fire. and the character was read. For reads "voraciously" reads so that the house does not burn notice. - That the button we will interrupt the process, if it is about to mature "big bang"

and let them fly fly even cockroaches at least until the blood scratching itself all that is possible to let the mouse lost their shit thundering Niagara Falls, even if there is anything, but only let them not prevent us from digging our well (for thirsty already)

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