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General Discussion / Unfair/Ragetastic moments in multiplayer gaming
« on: February 25, 2015, 01:42:28 AM »
Post your rageworthy stories here, in any multiplayer game. I'll post a couple of mine.


Playing Space Station 13, be pleased to find that I am a traitor engineer.

Purchase an energy sword/energy crossbow combo, and begin to prowl around in search of my kill target.

Notice an assistant beginning to follow me around. He follows me into the HoP line, and steals my ID as soon as I set it down for the HoP to take.

I proceed to chase him all around the halls and eventually push him down and retrieve my ID, which I promptly pick back up, and also request that security as he decides to pursue me and try to steal it back.

I manage to lose him by ducking into a maintenance tunnel and return to the HoP line to try and get the access I was looking for.

While I'm typing out my request for the HoP the assistant turns the corner and before I can react, grabs me and throws me onto the table, stunprodding me to keep me from getting up while he strips me of EVERYTHING, including the energy sword I had in my pocket and the energy crossbow in my backpack.

Upon seeing said traitorous items, he announces over the radio that I'm a syndie and proceeds to kill me with my energy sword.

The admins deemed it a legitimate kill, even though I had done literally nothing traitorous and was randomly stripped by a griefing greytider. I'm still pretty mad about it.


One day I was playing minecraft on some random build server, when one of the admins on the server announced a building competition and gave people free plots to build their creations on. I decided to give it a shot and poured hours into making a large, colorful, helix-like structure that rose high into the sky.

The admin gave me 3rd place, along with a meager in-game reward. What they didn't mention is that they would be demolishing all the structures made during the competition. Obviously nearly everyone who had spent hours working on their buildings objected to this, and asked why.

The admin stated that the building plots were temporary and allowing us to keep them would be unfair to other players, so they needed to be deleted. I reasoned that the buildings could be kept as plots that couldn't be edited by anyone, with signs stating who made them.

For some reason the admin in question told us that if the buildings were to stay then we weren't allowed to be credited for building them. Understandably this pissed off people, and told the admin to just demolish my creation if I couldn't claim credit for it, which I stated not so politely.

I was banned for admin disrespect.

I find it odd that your character knows exactly how much pain they're in based on a number. I think this number should only be visible if you take self-aware, thus increasing it's utility.

If you don't have self-aware then the indicator for pain should be a lot more vague, on a scale of mild, moderate, strong, severe, intense, excruciating, and agonizing pain. Just as an example.


For those of you feeling bored or like there's not enough to do, I whipped up a generator that creates random objectives for your character to accomplish. Just for fun! Could interpret it as your character's desires or whims for the day.

The ruleset I generally follow is that the character has to complete at least one of the listed objectives before the day is finished, the default amount is 4 but you can generate as many objectives as you please.

I'd enjoy feedback or suggestions of things to add to it. :>

Other Games / Cataclysm 2: Dark Days Ahead?
« on: July 02, 2014, 01:48:48 AM »
With Whales working on a new Cataclysm with what he argues will have a better framework, what do you guys think are the chances of people swapping over to modding Catacylsm 2? I love DDA as it currently is but to be honest I'm pretty burned out on it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Whales does with it, and what WE'LL do with it once it's out.

You see the horde closing in on you and the automobile you parked in the middle of the wilderness. You believed you would finally be safe to sleep, but they followed. Shell after shell you unload into the endless tide of undead, before they finally swarm you and you are overtak- Oh hey! Is that a gun store on the other side of the field? Oh man a turkey! You don't see those everyday! The view sure is great from he- OH DEAR GOD MY FLEEeeEeEEeEESH!

TL;DR thick groups of zombies and other large mobs should obscure our vision so we can't see past them. Maybe completely obscure our view once more than 2 zombies are in the way.

Sitting down

Why not give players a slight morale boost for sitting in a comfortable chair? Waiting over a chair pretty much equates to sitting in it, so if a player spends a good amount of time sitting in a chair (Reading, Crafting, Waiting) they should get some sort of 'Sat in a comfortable chair' morale bonus.

A bed fit for a king

I've always imagined that our perspective of the character is just bird's eye view, and when they lay down in two square long beds they simply stretch out their legs to occupy the adjacent bed square whilst sleeping. If there's only one bed tile I just imagine the character curls up into a sort of fetal position to sleep.

Why not give a moral bonus for sleeping in a large bed? As in, when you sleep on a bed tile, the game checks for adjacent bed tiles and you get a 'Slept in a comfortable bed' morale bonus upon waking up. Sleeping in those giant mansion beds would make ME feel godly, after all.

The morale bonus should be small-ish, but last for a good portion of a in-game day.


Soap is now in-game, let us practice personal hygiene! Having enough clean water in your inventory to use (10-15, about a gallon jug worth) and then (a)ctivating a soap bar should allow the player to strip down and wash themselves, receiving a +20-30 or so 'Clean' morale bonus that lasts for a couple days. Standing in shallow water could maybe count as well, but then again river water isn't exactly clean.

I'm strictly against the player being penalized for forgoing pre-apocalypse comforts such as basic hygiene, sitting in chairs, and sleeping in comfortable beds, but I definitely believe they should be rewarded for it.

I made a bindle for walking along the train tracks, and realized there aren't any trains, train stations, or tracks! These should be implemented!

I'm just gonna shove a handful of suggestions here, relating to cash cards and more common use of the computer skill as well as general hacking.

Purchasing Gasoline: The pumps at most (if not all) gas stations should be locked unless the player uses a console behind the gas station counter to purchase some gasoline with a cash card. The player can then walk outside to the pumps and obtain the amount of gasoline they specified. Of course, the console could just be hacked to just unlock all the pumps as well.

Guns n' Ammo Vending Machines: Considering how easily the average citizen can get their hands on weaponry in the Pre-Cataclysm, I wouldn't see why there wouldn't be vending machines that dispense low-caliber ammunition and perhaps some smaller firearms. These would obviously be located in gun stores, and constructed with stronger materials so it could withstand a grenade blast. Really persistent characters could go at the thing with a pickaxe for a few hours, and characters with high computer skills could just use an electrohack to unlock the machine for 'restocking'.

Cracking ATMs: ATMs already exist inside banks, so why not give players the ability to crack ATMs with their hacking abilities and highly inflate the balance of their bank account? This would obviously have to require very high computer skill in order to access millions of dollars, of course the use of said money is rather limited.

I couldn't help but notice that Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, and many other condiments not having much use other than straight up drinking it and perhaps some limited use in crafting.

So here's my suggestion, allow players to (a)ctivate say, some ketchup and apply it to any food item. Such as some freshly cooked meat, for instance.

You now have a Cooked Meat+!

Higher enjoyability and slightly higher nutrition to boot! Perhaps even sprinkle a little salt on there.

Of course applying certain condiments to certain foods should result in negative enjoyment, like adding ketchup to blueberries, or cereal!

Give us a tourist profession that starts out with a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, flashy camera, and a cash card.

Would be cool if they didn't start out with a big chunk of the map revealed too. Goddamn tourists.

Looters: Will typically base inside of a desirable location such as a grocery store, pharmacy, gun store, etc. clearing out infected but sticking close to the chosen location and never wandering far. Will pretty much always be armed with melee weapons, unless they find suitable ranged weaponry. Just want to be left alone and will shout a single warning to the player to back off their turf before all of them turn hostile.

Bandits: Will either base in large areas or wander in groups. Often a mix of melee and some ranged weaponry. Bandits will always be aggressive and attack the player on sight or just rob them.

Military Remnants: Ranged weaponry aplenty. Will order the player to stop to examine them for bites/infections/abnormalities. May extort the player for supplies or even forgo formalities and shoot at the player on sight if they have enough mutations.

Mutant Band: Wandering group of mutated humans. Armed with mix of melee/ranged weapons and whatever their mutations afford them. Hostile to normal humans, but friendly to the player if they are mutated enough.

That's what I've thought of so far, mostly got these ideas from other people. Also suggest that Zombie aggro range for Hostile NPCs be halved at the very least, so they can actually survive to interact with the player.

Opossums and Raccoons seem to aggro me sometimes. Mostly when I'm shooting at a horde, or driving a vehicle. I also noticed that I can just stand still for hours and train dodge off of them, pausing to eat and drink of course.

So... yeah. I've got 16 dodge from several training sessions with the local wildlife...

With the way the current map looks, it's pretty suburban looking. However later on in development I suggest the map being split up into 3 large zones representing Urban, Suburban, and Rural environments.

Rural: Low amounts of loot in exchange for low zombie density, but higher amounts of potentially dangerous wildlife. All you're going to see are rolling fields, farmhouses, gas stations, as well as the occasional lab, bunker, or other secret stuff you're going to found out in the middle of bumf&%$ nowhere.

Suburban: The way things are now. Small towns and wilderness spread across a large area along with all the other goody bits.

Urban: Insane zombie density in exchange for enormous amounts of loot to be found for those brave or crazy enough to fight through an ocean of undead. A late-game playground for powerful characters, where clearing an entire urban city will be a feat worthy of song or squelching shits of terror as we all lay eyes upon the unstoppable behemoth who did such a thing.

I'm tired.

General Discussion / Official music discussion and sharing thread.
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:49:13 PM »
I haven't seen any threads of this flavor yet, so I'm making one!

We've all got our favorite tunes, feel free to post some convenient links below to your favorites! Being a fan of Homestuck, I also listen to the awesome fan-made music that some people dish out.

Another Chance:



Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse:

Power Fantasy:

This thread was inspired by some ideas tossed around on the IRC.

Basically, during character creation there are several things to spend your points on. Permanent benefits like your attributes and traits, and temporary benefits like skills (Can decay) and professions (Gear that can be pretty easily obtained otherwise).

I find it rather silly to sacrifice points you could otherwise spend on attributes and traits on things that provide no lasting benefit and result in a weaker character.

So what I'm proposing is that skills/professions and attributes/traits have their own separate set of points to be spent, so you can buy temporary starting benefits without sacrificing the permanent benefits you could get otherwise. Putting a point into a skill probably shouldn't raise it by two anymore due to having a separate pool of points.

So what do you guys think?

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