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The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Threaten
« on: April 19, 2017, 04:42:05 AM »
What about a general "Threaten" command? Just generally waving your weapon around and making noise. Would make certain creatures to flee.

Waving torches or sticks in front of animals to scare them, or threaten NPCs with guns. It's really a simple concept, i can't really add much. What do ya think?

What about, if you hit an enemy while running and having good speed, it would give a critical or at least buffed attack?

So I thought of this, what about, if you have been running for at least four tiles in a direction, without changing direction, and with a good speed of course (so it wouldn't work while you are too hurt), you'd gain "momentum". A message would appear to indicate it, of course.
Momentum would do two things, it would make the next melee attack buffed, and it would also hamper the ability to aim.
Therefore buffing and nerfing.
It would make moving and attacking a bit more interesting than just "attack and back away, preferably to bushes". It helps people who have an aggressive way of playing.
Of course, of you walk one tile or move in another direction, momentum is lost.

General Discussion / Happy new year, forum!
« on: January 01, 2017, 03:26:08 AM »
We may argue over some stuff as normal, but I still think all of you are great, otherwise I wouldn't have been here for so long! Grew up next to you, to be honest. So have an awesome new year, and let's keep this great community blooming!

I have found too many "last stand" basements lately, those who come with a dead person with an m60 with full ammo. I have already emptied my third m60 today. It's fun, but certainly game breaking. Can it be toned down?

It would speed up tileset development by a lot. Having to go to the menu and change it twice to refresh it is actually not that bad, but having a button to do it would be perfect, and changes to the tileset could be seen almost automatically.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Quest Bug
« on: December 27, 2016, 10:07:18 PM »
The "go and kill some bandits in a cabin" quest is bugged if it doesn't find a cabin, spawning the bandits next to you, which is kind of bad. Most probably this has been reported to hell and back, but i'll just say, just in case.

I was thinking about hordes, and how they are dynamically spawned around the map. I was wondering, couldn't we do sime kind of "effect" dynamic overmap tiles? But not just one tile as the horde, instead taking entire regions. Basically, making the map a bit more interesting and strategic to move around in, specially when planning how to travel from one place to another.

Basically just small modifiers in the map, some maybe visible and some maybe not, that would engulf entire cities and forests and whatever is under them and affect them.

Things like having all the place covered by mist, or maybe having the place have toxic smoke everywhere, making you need to use gasmasks.

Maybe buff the monsters, or make all animals aggressive or zombify them.

Another one could be make animals spawn more, in some kind of hunting zone.

Maybe have the place be "warm" and have it not be cold or snowy in winter.

And some more drastic ones, like an entore regiĆ³n filled with portals and demonic enemies, or places where lots of military events like helicopter crashes and roadblicks happen, and lots of soldier zombies appear, as if they tried to clean the zone.

Places where huge zombies spawn everywhere, specially if it's a city, zones with severe radiation and better loot,  etc.

I think it's an idea that would bring some good into trying to vary the overmap a lot, and making traversing it, if unprepared, not an easy task. I always thought the map in the game never really gave you much to think about apart from the "go to X place because I need X thing".

Of course, not all "regions" would be seen at first glance, but they should be recognizable with some time spent in them. Others like Mist and Toxic could be seen I guess. If it were me, I'd just show them all in the map, as it's a way that makes you think and look at the map, but it's arcadey as hell, so I guess no.

Maybe they could show up in your map only if you get into the overmap tile, and then and only then you could see it in the map.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Mi-Go Dungeon
« on: November 11, 2016, 03:07:19 AM »
You'll have to forgive me for some time until my lovecraftian fever wears down, but for now I'm so up for this.
So in the Whisperer In The Darkness, the story where the MiGos appear (if you haven't read it and are interested, do yourself a favor and read it, it's VERY GOOD) they live in the hills, hidden in caves, where they are miners searching for stuff they don't have in their planet.

They are really obsessed with hiding and not be seen at all, and they live in communities.

What about having a kinda mid level dungeon or even an special kind of mine that is infested with them? With ore loot or maybe some strange bionics -they were very good at that.

I don't think it could be some kind of overlap thing like a fungal tower, that would mean the end of low level players, but hiding in caves could work!


It also does not add to your thirst meter.

Note that i am playing with a few mods: Overmap Rebalancing, Arcana, PK's Rebalancing, Add Bandits and Extra Buildings.

EDIT: Looks like i was just seriously thirsty, it does add. It just does not give you the can, and just gives you a None.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Dirt roads
« on: November 02, 2016, 06:37:21 PM »
I was reading the Overlap Rebalancing mod's thread and he was saying some buildings shouldn't really have paved roads leading to them, because they were secret or weren't there before the apocalypse started, and that if there were dirt roads, he'd use them, as they would make more sense. Would it be hard to actually add dirt roads? Just paths of normal dirt and no grass or trees basically. Could it be easy to implement and make them behave like roads?

It's a page of game news that I love, and while Cata's part in the article is really brief, I thought you might like it!

Don't worry, the place is safe. You might even find a comment from me down there.

Other Games / Virus Stand! [v1.4]
« on: September 19, 2016, 04:30:55 AM »

Hey! I am making a new game! You could say it's finished, but i still want to polish a few things.

You are an antivirus turret and your work is to dispatch all viruses coming your way. Bat files, infected DLLs, to huge executables. Destroy them all!

(click to show/hide)

By the way, the game screen is seriously small, as i made it to pass time in programming classes while hiding it in a corner just in case. It ended up being way too frantic to be played hidden and calmly, but from errors you learn i guess! You can make it bigger, though.
I hope you like it! Tell me any criticism, and please show me your scores in case you play! Pass my own score --38695. It took me a lot, but i hope you do better.


New version! With serious rebalancing, now it's way more fun and less bullshitty.
Also, a new enemy! Quite shy to appear though, but i swear it will be a fun and tough one to beat.

Old downloads:

It doesn't have music yet! I'll try to look for some musicians, but for now, imagine the virus explosions.

So i was checking out this game the other day, "Death Road To Canada". In this game you usually end up finding NPCs a lot, because they are critical to how the game works and stuff. But what's fun about it is that you can create NPCs that then appear in the game! You can even play with only the ones created instead of the ones that come with the game.

And hey! That's seriously fun, actually. I'd love to be able to create a bunch of my friends and family and be able to survive with them. After all this game is a sandbox roguelike, the perfect thing to make fun stories, ala Dwarf Fortress. Well, adding custom NPCs that would be your friends would add a lot of flavor to those stories! Like, i don't know, being robbed by your mother or meeting all your gang of friends and make some kind of survivors group.

There is already a way to costumize NPCs, but it is really clumsy in my opinion, as the menu closes each time you do any change and it's not as convenient as the normal character creator. Also it's modifying an NPC, not having them spawn already customized, and you also have to have the debug menu key to even know about this. It's cool to have it though!

I don't know how this could be implemented. Though, i'd suggest two options! One would be copying the character creator that is already in game in another menu, but putting a new tab that would be "relations, trust, fear" etc. Even "inventory", why not!

Another would be having a menu that would read all your Presets of character sheets you have, and then be able to tell them which ones you would want to appear as an NPC. That doesn't have the trust fear or inventory options but well, having the option to have them appear is awesome enough IMO.

What do you think? Don't you think it would be fun?

(Also i'd totally put some of the forum people to see how much they survive, hahaha)

I hope this is an interesting idea. What stops us from adding pockets to clothes if we have thread and rags? Nothing!

That'd be actually pretty awesome. Extra volume! Maybe it could have a tradeoff, like not being able to be refitted? Also this would only be able to normal clothes that already have volume values, yet I don't know if this is a good system. What do you think?

I just had a thought. What if we all post our builds here, the ones we usually use, and then put them all in a mod as professions or something so new players can have some good ideas to build themselves? With suggestions for easy plays, intermediate and hard! So learning is easier and because of that, it's more fun.

I would post the template here but i am on the phone. Anyways, is this possible to do?

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