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I think there is a bug in the mattack::chickenbot, the grenade launcher used only when range is exacly 38.

Code: [Select]
bool mattack::chickenbot(monster *z)
    case 2:
        if( dist <= 20 ) {
            rifle( z, target );
    case 3:
        if( dist == 38 ) {
            frag( z, target );
        return false; // Weak stuff, shouldn't bother with

    return true;

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / bunch of bugs
« on: November 04, 2016, 05:45:13 PM »
- when i tried to reload a fully loaded American-180 i got "Out of .22 LR" message while there are hundreds in my inventory. It should be give an already fully loaded message.
- i found a chloroform soaked rag debug item in a veterianian clinic safe. Also a triffid antidote, triffid neutralizer and a pocket ball (PK_rebalance mod). I don't think they should be available in a pre-cataclysm safe.
- Kel-Tec KSG effective recoil is 2500. Is this intended?
- Repairing a grey heavy duty frame on a SWAT truck where is also a door, make that tile not passable, i can open the door but can't leave the vehicle. if i remove the door and install it again, i can leave the vehicle.
- My contact lenses are expired so my "vision starts to blur" while sleeping.

- If i have 2 plastic bottle of clean water (1), i can't unload one of them to pour the water into the other one. I think the water is poured back into the original bottle.
- Is shooter's earmuffs working? I still can get impared hearing debuff when it is turned on.
- windbreaker is keep us dry and warmer than raincoat?
- I found a gel razor (living blob weapon) on the gardening supply shelf. (Blaze mod)
- the "Biodiesel: Renewable Fuel Resource" book level your mechanic to 6, but contain a recipe biodisel which needs cooking level 6.
- Shooting four times with a SVS-24C drops 400 6.54x42mm casing.

- butchering a broken eyebot crash the game.
- I can't drop my RM11B scout rifle to the empty floor (or any other tile) with the AIM because the "destination area is full". If i drop it with the normal inventory menu then it's gone. I can drop other items without problem.
- In the lab there is a type of room where we can find crates behind two metal doors. They are not openable with the mechanical winch anymore.
- How is the warmth calculation working? I exploring a cold lab and if i going up, my character feels less cold on the same level than before while the temperature is the same. For example on the level -2 the temperature is -49 Celsius the my mouth is cold, on the level -3 it is -67 C and most of my body parts are freezing. If i going back to -level 2, i feel comfortable. If i standing on the level -3 after a while most of my body parts temperature are green except the mouth and the hands, they are the least protected. It is a bug or the character burns more calories to stay warm?

It is worked fine, but in the last few versions (5781 and above) not working properly. Maybe the problem is older i was just not aware of it. In 5729 it worked fine i think.

I usually set -filthy,-pulped and now that items are not excluded from the list. If i use only one exlude word than it is works fine, but if i use more than one then none of them are excluded.

The material and category filters also not working.

If i write two commas in the filter the game freeze.

I play the game with a lot of mods, it worked fine for a time, but now there are some error message. I don't know what was the previous version.

version: 5781

Error message when the save loading:
    DEBUG:    item id handloaded_654 is unknown
   FUNCTION:   virtual void Single_item_creator::check_consistency() const
   FILE:      src/item_groups.cpp
   LINE:      116

Error message when i open the crafting menu. The spraycan flamethrower is the default selected item in the list. I get this error message every time i select this item:
    DEBUG:   tried to set invalid ammo of gasoline for spraycan flamethrower
   FUNCTION:   item& item::ammo_set(const itype_id&, long int)
   FILE:      src/item.cpp
   LINE:      279

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Bugs in 5498, 5550 & 5581
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:58:52 AM »
- I found a lawnmower at a zombie corpse. If it is a drop then it is a strange one.
- can install CBM in darkness. It should not.
- nicotine withdrawal should give -1 intelligence penalty according its text, but there is no penalty.
- butchered hellhound drops nothing.
- acid zombies can kill millitary outpost turrets with their acid. I think turrets should be more resistant to acid.
- butchered flaming eyes gives normal meats. It should be tainted i think.
- npc cant reload their weapons and their heads blow off
- A shocker zombie died in a building fire but a razorclaw running into the fire after it anyway and died too.
- "A encrusted zombie leaps from the deep water!" should be "An encrusted"
- following npc gone when i descended into tha basement of a shelter
- pair of sock mitts cannot changed back to pair of socks
- wore clothes should be not used in receipts. The game always use my tailored clothes for it not the unused ones in my inventory. It is very annoying.

- After i killed the shocker zombie in the refugee center, i asked for items as payment. Got no payment, only the trading windows opened.

- opened tin can of meat soup (2) turned into opened tin can when i moved it from a locker to my inventory. Not turned if moved to other places from the locker (i reloaded the game). I was able to eat from it by proximity. After that i moved it into my inventory and it is turned into opened tin can again. The meat soup is not fresh but not old either.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Few bugs
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:39:59 PM »
Build 5227
Eating Prozac has no message.
Atomic nightlight must be held for enough light to craft or read.

Build 5254
Sleeping survivor can read books for you.

Build 5265
Radiation biomonitor has no body cover type.
Floodlight on car drain batteries quickly.
Cooking still use rotten ingredients.

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / pests
« on: July 13, 2016, 05:27:00 PM »
Nowaday i had an slightly unpleasant encounters with pests and i just realized there are no real pests in the game. We need the rats to eat food and gnaw on items. It should be mostly "behind the scene", some newly generated items would be damaged and food would be less, replaced by rats.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / bugs again
« on: June 26, 2016, 03:23:47 PM »
- I was greeted by an agressive survivor while cooking. I agreed to leave, but she attacked me anyway because i didn't stop cooking and my grace time elapsed. BTW, she threated me with "Thanks pilgrim!" and i still don't know it is a mod or a vanilla error.  The dialog was fine in the 5137 and i was able to stop cooking, so i presume it is fixed.
- Temperature rarely changes. It was 13C for days.
- can't use disinfectant on bitten NPC
- NPCs hit a zombie in the car. The zombie died and the last hits attacked the car. There was some *From the <direction> you hear crash!*
- Z-9 kevlar dog harness is not filty
- can't bash through doctor's office wall with fire axe and 8 strength. It is worked in the past.
- It is possible to make a wound worse with first aid? I tried to fix an NPC almost totally broken limbs and they became grey. now they have 0 hp in the save file.
- So this NPC's limbs are damaged to 0. All of them. If i want her to use my canteen of cullen skink she takes the canteen, not just consume the food. If it is a jar of cullen skink she complains her weapon is better and refuse it.
- Guarding NPC in car has been doubled in the save file. I think one is at the original position, one is in the moving car.
- vehicle menu now is full screen and the parts are in the wrong window (left window, below the vehicle).
- NPCs open doors unnecessary, this makes cars unsafe.
- If a mission giver NPC die before i finish the mission, there is a error message. Sorry, i forgot to screenshot it.
- NPC wields a none.

Edit: nvm, my mistake. :)

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Bugs
« on: June 16, 2016, 02:47:06 PM »
5048 bugs
- dialog is wrong. NPC mission: someone forgot to code this message id is 78, topic is TALK_MISSION_OFFER. I use mods, so maybe it is a mod error?
- My car collided with a wreckage. Literally every part of the wreckage was destroyed.

- dialog is wrong. Agressive NPC says: - Thanks pilgrim! and i can refuse or drop my weapon, as usual.
- Friendly NPCs does not help against hostile NPCs. It is very annoying, hostile NPCs can be very dangerous.
- Something is wrong with the PC vs NPC damages. Glock 19 (handgun skill is 1) with 25 damage can't wound a hostile NPC wearing a leather jacket at blank point, but a baseball bat (with 2 melee and 2 bashing skills) with 19 damage can.
- If i try to move left a grabbed furniture and there is an npc left to me, the game think i try to move left and i can push the npc or swap our positions.
- Is there a way to turn on the headlights without start the car from the driver seat?
- game watch has no alarm function
- If a NPC's path blocked by another one, they open doors to move to their destination, which can be trouble in labs and annoying in car.
- Under the door of my car, i repaired a grey [frame] part. Now i can't get through the door. Also, NPCs bashing to pieces that vehicle tile as they try to embark.

- There is one crate in one of the lab rooms which blocks the way to other crates. Crates should be movable or that one should be placed somewhere else.
- Is NPC with better mechanic will help me to fix my car? Is their skill is checked for the requirements?
- NPCs should close doors, if they opened it.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / some bugs
« on: June 12, 2016, 10:52:42 AM »
- A blow from the zombie brute sends the milspec turret flying!
- game crashing after a milspec turret shoot with a rifle at some zombies. I can attach a save game if needed.
  Error message:
   Assertion failed! File: src/line.cpp, Line 321
   Expression: !line.empty() && line.front() != line.back()

- I lured a tough zombie into a fire, it is died and after that exploded several times, killing me. It's not fun if an ordinary zombie can walk with instakill explosives.

- map refreshing is partial after adding a note
- plastic canteen of clean water (rig? - The text is too long and i can't see the water "portions" in the canteen.
- scissor jack description: seeing this is a bug

- when NPC changes clothes it says:
   <NPC> takes off their <clothes>
   You put on your <clothes>
  After that, i can't sort their armors, the command does nothing. If i move one tile, it start working again. I can't reproduce this every time.
- NPC sort armor command uses my inventory for equip an armor, not the NPC's.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Some small bugs
« on: March 17, 2016, 07:00:00 PM »
version 4509
  • Crafting use up wore clothes when there are same kind of clothes in the inventory. It should use up wore clothes as last resort or not at all.
  • There would be good to see a "wait until fully rested" option.
  • At the start, skills should be at 25%+ to the next level. It is annoying they are decreasing by one point soon after the start.
  • Non-zombies should not step on wreckage - it's hurts them -, only if there is no other way.
  • Maybe shocker zombie special attack should blow up explosible things?

version 4546
  • Compare items ('I' key), display the name of the both items on the left window.
  • Even 1 thread or 1 pill has a volume of 1. It is very annoying.
  • Following npcs don't help against hostile npcs. An hostile npc beat me to death with a crowbar, while my gun-toting friends just chilling next to us.
  • Asthma is non-lethal, it's effect duration is 50 * rng( 1, 4 ), but it is lethal above 1200... (player.cpp)

Funny messages:
"You have an asthma attack!
You feel good. Healthy living does seem to have some rewards.
You wake up.
You can't breathe... asthma attack!"

"The zombie lunges at the milspec turret, but they dodge!"

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Insane luck or bug?
« on: March 01, 2016, 10:38:53 PM »
I was surprised when I saw the zoldier's cash card. Build  4494.
(click to show/hide)

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Ideas
« on: August 09, 2015, 06:04:22 PM »
I know, there are many cons against the below ideas, but i think some realism should be discarded for the fun.

This is an old problem, player with decent armor cannot be harmed. This change the monsters from a dangerous enemy to an annoying obstacle. Risks should never be gone. It would be a nice change if some percent of damage could bypass the armor anyway, until someone figure out a good solution.

Item resistance
The item damage resist calculation is easy and simple, but it has its shortcoming. High resist items almost never damaged, which makes them just a perfect items forever. Item quality value should be change to a hit point value, calculated from the matters of the item. This would make every item vulnerable on a long run. Also items should be wear out from use. Repair should more difficult - or less successful - on an item which need a high level of skill to create. I really miss the constant repairing like in the Fallout games.

Nerf fire damage. Nobody dies from it, only the zombies and they are already pathetic.

Many monsters have a difficult time to kill the character while others can easily kill them. I think monsters should be wear down the character, damage should be low and healing should be slow or difficult. It would require more planning on a long run as the problems add up, but also permit more mistakes in a short time. Don't starve use similar solution, most creature can't kill you outright (well, a basic armor doesn't harm), but health wearing down on long run without healing items.

High damage
A high damaging attack should be change to a normal and a rare special attacks. Normal "High damaging attacks" should be a low damaging but armor penetrating attacks, so they will be challenging even for an armored character, but still not deadly. Special attack should be high damaging, but evadable.

Weak special attacks
I love special attacks, they make the game interesting, but they are too frequent and not punishing enough. Most of them are just a minor setback for a short time. They should be rarer but more dangerous. I would like to see a much rarer but cripplingly painful poison bite, maybe for a full day.

Early warning
There should be a warning before the special attack and there should be a way to evade that. If the player failed to evade it, it should be an automatic success for the special attack. A hulk smashing attack or a zombie bite would be defeated if the player steps away from the monster. Chicken walker grenade attack should be "slow targeting", player should see the slowly moving laser point, so constant moving would defeat the special attack. The games come to my mind with similar features are the Doom the roguelike and the Don't starve.

I loved the game because it was a levelless game. But the constant "new power item" problems forced the developers to "evolve" the monsters, so they can challenge the player character. I think this is a wrong direction, because it has no ending, there would be always a new power item, which would need a new monster for the challenge. Less damage from the monster attacks, more meaningful special attacks and not full damage stopping armors would make a constant challenge.

Abundance of items
Abundance of items is very helpful at the beginning of the game, but items should be gone with time. Bring back acid rain with an early warning message or just make weak, item consuming monsters (acid blobs, item chewing monkeyman, aimlessly wandering, building destroying, item stomping, neutral golems, anything) everywhere. As time goes, new places should be less chance to spawn items as the monsters already eat them. I know it is forced and silly, but i think self sufficiency is a major part of the game, and it is currently defeated by the large amount of free items.

Change wandering npcs into some kind of strange, intelligent cthulhuish aliens until their code is finished.

- in a lab, there was stairs under a display rack in an "armoury section". The stairs led down to a 3x3 rooms section, totally separated from the rest of the lab. In another lab i found an upstairs, which was "under" a chair.
- found a room, where secubots guarded some cbms. Damaged cbm in computer manifest looked like this: <color_magenta>|. </color>Solar Panels CBM
- weight in the inventory and in the advanced inventory are not the same. My character can hold 61.0 kg stuff without being overburdened. In the adv. inv. the weight was 61.0 and the character was overburdened. In the inventory the weight was 61.1
- cloning vats are always empty, there are no mutated body parts in them anymore.
- Skitterbots can shock me while dielectric capacitance   system is on.
- Incorrect string concatenation "From the west hear You listen to some pumping bass."

- used a petrified eye on a strange temple pedestal and save the game after the earth rumbled twice. After load, the temple stay closed.
- I created a downstairs into this temple and on the second floor, the "fire passage" ended in a blob pit.
- i tried to "write on an item" with a knife on an artifact. The message was: You can't  itchy disk because of the material it is made of.
- power armor does not protect from toxic gas. Enviroment protection is only 10

- In a mine at a downstairs the game warned me: "There is a LOT of heat coming out of there. Descend anyway?". Down there was a streak of lava as usual, nothing serious, like a pool of lava what i found under a house once. I get the same message at upstairs when there is a lava above.
- blobs should go through fences.
- if i take a careful aim and i lost my target (smoke, fire etc), i shot the closest monster instead my target.
- deep underground (-6 level) in a mine or a lab, i can list the objects around the player with the 'V' key, but i can't see while i doing it, like when i'm in a dark room without a lightsource.
- in the inventory i can't see the number of bullets in the spare magazine
- npc has rotten food in their inventory.
- butchered broken cyborg should drop some scrap metal, electronic items and human meat.
- some cbm implanting is just too hard. With 16 int (10 default +2 int from cbm and +4 from artifact), 10 electronic, 8 first aid and 8 mechanic the chance to fail is still 24%.
- power armor helmet is too rare. I found more then ten power armors and 2 power armor haulers before i finally found a helmet.

- road suddenly ends in a deep river, looks like the road map tile overwrote a river tile.
- dissector is not destroyable. I can't attack it, also when i set the whole room on fire and everything was destroyed except the dissectors.
- firearms shoot one bullet in burst mode.

- When i try to drop all my clothes on me with the advanced inventory, after the the "Really remove all your clothes? (woo woo)" question, nothing happens. Still i can remove them one by one.
- Integrated toolset cbm needs a menu where we can repair items with it.
- List items ('V' key) should be remember the last selected sorting.

- make the hospital computers needed for cbm implanting. It would give more challenge.
- amigara horrors can stun character with good armor forever. I had to kill the cdda process because of this. I suggest a special FEAR_PARALYZE monster attack for the amigara horrors, which works only while the amigara effect exists.

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