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I like the concept behind the brightnights mod and was wondering if I could contribute to it with some simple json content (mostly buildings, dungeons and vehicles) that wouldn't necessary fit with the main game.

I wanted to ask Coolthulhu if he has already thought of something in particular about what kind of buildings the mod should have. And how stuff should look like.

Since Im sitting by heaps of free time why not do this again?

Basically just submit a screencap of the @ screen, your inventory and the bionic menu if you have bonics. (Please place them under spoilers to help the readability of the thread)

And i'll  draw them, or at least I'll try.

Here's a drawing of my avatar and (typical survivor) so you know what type of results to expect:

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The Toolbox - Code Help / Make a monster ract to being damaged?
« on: June 02, 2017, 01:26:25 AM »
I'm halfway through making a moster whose gimmick is teleporting randomly and frequently. I would want for this same ability to have a higher chance to  trigger  after the monster has taken damage.

Problem is that Im not entirely sure about the proper wat to do that.

I was thinking to add a new monster exclusive effect  "efffect_monster_was_hit" and then make void monster::apply_damage() add the effect everytime a monster  is damaged. Maybe limit the aplication of said effect if the monster has a certain flag.

Then make the monattack check if the monster has said effect and up the chances to teleport based on it.

Is this a decent way of implementing this behavior?

Basically just submit a screencap of the @ screen, your inventory and the bionic menu if you have bonics. (Please place them under spoilers to help the readability of the thread)

And i'll  draw them.

l'll try to draw at least 3 survivors per week, in the order they were submitted.


Here's a drawing of my current survivor so you know what type of results to expect:

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So I've taken a sweet spot for car making, and I thought, why not ask people from the forums if they had any car concepts, ideas or other stuff. This is what I've got:

Already done
-Electric Sports Car.
-Electric/Normal SUVs.
-Security vans.
-SWAT Trucks.
-Atomic sports car
-Superalloy plated police car.

-All terrain cars with and without rigid roofs. (aka Jeeps)
-Double bicycle.
-Normal Cars with V8s/V6s
-Sports Motorcycle.
-A ranger SUV.
-Hotdog/ Icecream trucks

And well thats all ive currently got, and well most of them err to the side of very uncommon cars.

General Discussion / Is it possible to get the font size option back?
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:17:16 PM »
I just noticed that we no longer change the size of our fonts, the change is probably due to how me and others often used the tiniest font size to make jokes and lame puns and whatever. But  different font sizes come handy for making titles more prominent, and perhaps also for running Rps.

But I think that having this option disabled just because it was occasionally used to make text too small is not the best course of action. Seems like it would be better to only punish the excessive misuse of the size option instead, in the same way we punish the use of quotes when it comes to making quote pyramids.

How are radio controlled cars meant to work?

Because it seems that I cant get to control this automated street cleaner, i always lose signal after trying to move once and my character moves instead.

Other Games / Flash Games recommendations and discussion
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:57:03 PM »
Flash games are really great when you want a few minutes of distraction from whatever you were doing. Unluckily, it can take more than a few minutes to come across a decent flash game . This is a thread to list and discuss about our personal flash games, so that you can skip all the searching and jump straight to the play flash games instead of working part!


These are personal favourites of mine:

Azul Baronis: Control a blue starfighter in randomly generated battles and rain painful fiery death upon the idealistic fools who dare oppose your pointlessly genocidal campaign to reinstall a golden age of slavery.

Portal: The flash version: Play the classic portal based puzzle experience as if it were a 2d flash game.

Armor mayhem: In a distant and faraway planet, great corporations fight for the control of mysterious energy crystals. Participate in this excuse plot war as a single space marine, shoot guys in the face, get better weapons, dig way deeper than you should, and prove the chromatic superiority of color red once and for all.

Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman:A suicidal salaryman attempts to take his own life. Who would think that dying in a plataformer could get that complicated?

With the advent of mid town killer robots, I have really noticed that unless they attack you in in numbers around the 20s,  zombies are truly laughable foes. Part of it is because the zombies by themselves are very weak, but I think its mainly because our current melee combat system is very, very, bare bones and completely devoid of any tactical thinking.

In the past two days I  have been briefly thinking about ways to change this system that don't involve things like halve all of the armor stats or buff all of the zombies; because well, those are actually really bad solutions. These are the main points of the system I have came with, without messing with balance numbers or anything:

-Melee attacks in general would become weaker, but they would get an increased chance for stunning the victim; this chance would scale with the damage rating of the attack. Further modifiers would exist:
a) Better armor reduces damage and  the chance of being stunned.
b) A creature becomes easier to stun the emptier its hp bar becomes.
c) Every subsequent attack after the first one in a turn would have increased chances of stunning.
d) A higher pain level  makes attacks more likely to stun and slightly increases the time  spent stunned for.
e) A higher encumbrance level increases the time  spent in the stunned state
f) Finally a creature cannot gain more stun time for being attacked while its stunned (admittedly this rule doesn't make much sense, but It would prevent both though monsters and the player to be completely stun locked until they die).

 As an example, if you are wearing inactive power armor attacks would be unlikely to stun you, but if a monster actually manages to stun you expect to be stunned for several turns as you regain your footing.

- Both stunned creatures and the player take extra or even critical damage for all melee attacks performed against it. This would be the strongest change brought by this system; ideally it would be balance until the point were a single weaker enemy in melee is a complete pushover, but fighting more than one at the same time becomes exponentially dangerous, more or less what would happen in a real fight.

-A shot with any firearm or  a head-shot with a considerably damaging thrown object would have almost guaranteed chances of stunning most normal enemies. This would allow the player to engage in groups in a safer  way and single enemies in a faster way.  You could for example throw a rock at a zombie and then finish it by smashing its head open with a wrench while it briefly stumbles backwards.

-A creature that is attacked to many times while stunned would gain the grounded status, while grounded the creature would always receive critical damage and their armor rating would be halved.

Well its actually a rather massive rework and it would involve some gruesome changes in the way the game is played, but I believe that this system is very worth attempting.

Bienvenidos al recién inaugurado subforo en español de Cataclysm DDA!

Donde nosotros los hispanohablantes podemos resolver dudas y llevar a cabo discusiones en nuestra lengua materna.

Y bueno supongo que este post tendra que servir como inauguración oficial. Si eres un nuevo miembro de nuestra comunidad, pues bienvenido, puedes aprovechar este topic para presentarte al grupo diciendo unas pocas palabras, si así lo deseas por supuesto.

So I took the time to test several armors and clothes against monsters and well I can say that I think the whole way in which armor works is in serious need of a rework. Right now, it seems that your armor level is a flat reduction of the armor rating of the piece of clothing that blocked the attack to whatever damage was rolled by your attacker, this is not exactly the case, but judging by the time I spent testing, it works very similarly. This is not a very good way to calculate armor, and it can be easily illustrated.

A normal zombie does 2d3 of damage as a normal attack. This pair of die have the following distribution:
Assuming high coverage clothing, this means that an item with 2 protection (most shirts) will block nearly 1/3d of zombie attacks and reduce the max possible damage dealt to 4, an item with 4 (some shirts, most pants) will block 2/3ds and reduce max damage dealt to 2, and an item with 6+ (all sort of jackets, reinforced cargo pants) will completely negate the attack.

This is somewhat overkill for normal clothes and its without taking layering into account.

And its not only a problem with basic monsters.

King of beasts, the almighty Jabberwock, does 4d8+3 damage in its normal attack. This has the following distribution:
Well as you can see this results in items with more than 21 armor blocking more than 50% of attacks, and something like a normal survivor (30 protection) suit blocks everything but 3.05% of attacks, well in theory, Jabberwocks have a very nasty tendency to gouge your eyes out with their claws, but if you pair those with a survivor helmet and welding goggles you can negate almost every single attack the Jabberwock will launch you, sure survivor suits are late game gear, but Jabberwocks are the most dangerous monster ingame and are meant to be dangerous to late game players, not some sort of cakewalk. It will kill you from a headshots after a lot of turns (nothing seems to actually cover the eyes with 100% efficiency), but a survivor who made that late game gear can kill it in less than 10 turns with a katana or a rifle.

And well its not like that made sense from a realism point of view either, its obvious that if something like a Jabberwock or Zombie hulk punches you in the face you are going to become jell-o even if you are wearing state of the art powered armor not to mention custom made military gear (Its not that I advocate instakills it would not be so fun to instantly die to those; but neither should you be able to tank 20+ hits before dying from them). And how much protection does a leather jacket actually offers you? Sure its tough, but you can still get punched through it, and most leather jackets arent thick enough to to prevent bites from tearing muscles , not to mention that leather is not nearly uncommon enough warrant the protection it grants you. Should military gear make you completely immune to the most common enemy?

Now I don't really know how we should come across fixing it, well I kinda know actually, armor should probably reduce damage based in percentages instead of flat damage reductions, as that would mean that you'll take at least some damage from the majority of attacks but I wouldn't know what equations should it use, as Its obvious that armors over certain thresholds should offer absolute protection from the majority of low damage attacks (namely plate armor and powered armor) and even then you should take damage while wearing those If you manage to get overwhelmed by zombies. Perhaps allow monsters to knock you of your feet and negate most armor benefits when you are downed (zombies knock you to the floor and rip your throat out like the animals they are supposed to be).

Another thing we could have is giving armor more levels of coverage (as an example: modern armor is much more protective to the back and front (were the ceramic plates are located. while leaving the sides more exposed. And we could simulate this by saying that 70% of a MBR vest offers good protection (were the ceramic plates are), 25% offers protection equivalent to just kevlar and 5% is exposed).


Its said that in the moment of death, your memories are taken away and your essence prepared for rebirth. And yet that didn't happen, not to me at least. I awoke here, not dead, not alive, cursed to wander these bleak lands for the rest of eternity. But I won't let this be my end. I will escape this prison not mattering the cost.

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First things first though. Who are you? What is your name? What kind of hero are you? A swordsman? A knight? A sorcerer? Perhaps nothing but a poor peasant? Choose wisely.

You are not constrained by my suggestions, you can literally be any class of hero, really, you name it.

General Discussion / I will draw anything! (A drawing a day by me)
« on: May 04, 2014, 09:14:43 PM »
It seems to be a popular thing to do in forums elsewhere, they say doing things like this help when it comes to wanting to be more productive when it comes to doodling stuff. So why the hell not?

So it works like this:
-Suggest anything and I shall do the best I can to draw it in less than a day. I don't strictly follow the order in which suggestions were posted, instead I will start with whatever sounds awesomer.

Recently, the way the game indicates quantities changed from this

(click to show/hide)
Aka item name (charges) x amount of items

to this:

(click to show/hide)
Aka amount of items item name (charges)

Personally, I think it was a change for the worse, as I could easily spot duplicate items in my inventory before; but under the new system, i am forced to read every single entry of my inventory to actually check for and drop duplicate items, which gets pretty horrible if you are carrying lot of medicines and tools around.  I was wondering if anyone else had problems this new way of displaying the inventory.

The Warehouse - Wiki Forum / Image uploading disabled
« on: April 23, 2014, 10:47:42 AM »
Any special reason as to why image uploading is disabled?

I am asking because I wanted to improve the pages of several buildings next, this included uploading several building layouts to serve as visual reference.

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