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0.A, SDL, Win 7
I decided to place the fuel tanks of my slightly modified flatbed truck at the inside of the vehicle,
so I removed one of them to weld it in another tile.
However, it was partially filled, and when I want to attach it, the menu shows I have no metal tank,
but its next to me on the ground, I even tried it with my hands on it.
Still it says I have no metal tank.


Build is 0.9-4834-g594489d
Curses, on Win 7 64bit

Spring, Day 3,
what I thought killing a specific zombie did is an issue with my char,
whenever I get really hurt, be it mines or a zombiemob while I just stand there or fight back,
my game crashes to desktop without any further information.
This did not happen with my first char in a different world,
or the days before.

Okay, when some giant wasp killed me this did not happen, I just died.
I think it only applies for specific enemies, I mean a solo Zombie and not Zombies in general, since 3 of those were involved in my last death

I searched a zombie that cause the game to crash when he hit me with another char, nothing happened. This i really weird.
Unfortunatly my bugchar is dead now.

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