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Some joker thought a fake bug report would be real funny about this time last year or so.

If you must post fake/prank posts, of any sort, disclaim at the end of each such post.  Fake bug reports waste our time and I'd appreciate not encountering any.


KA101 does not appreciate pranking others--a joking post that immediately self-disclaims is about as far as he'd go--and does not appreciate being pranked.

There's a PR to rebalance part-installation requirements afoot on Git.

And I like it.

Unfortunately, it would allow us to finally harden the skill cap at 10/99%--just knock down a few CBM-crafting recipes, IIRC, and everything that needed 11+ skill is gone.  This would allow us to finally but a hold on ridiculous levels of melee skills and resulting complaints that melee is OP (any combat skill is, at level 32, when the game is balanced around the idea that 10 = "world-class").  It would also mean that (as this PR would change things, and assuming the skill-cap went in) vehicles would be limited to two engines.

This may not please vehicle-builders, and would make the RMCC a relic of a bygone era, so (understandably) folks on the IRC have expressed Dismay, reacted with hostility, and provided ominous warnings of forum toxicity.  Golly, that's quick, the mechanics-skill PR hasn't even landed yet.

I was rather enjoying the lack of forum flamewars, and would suggest that we kick around thoughts on how this might work more effectively.  For example, one thought I've had is that (perhaps) same/similar drive units (such as large electric motors, say) might be installable in sequence, so they together function as one "engine" for  transmission purposes but provide more power.

To be clear:
1) As I envision this, we would not take away current skill levels--some people Ground Hard for those and want to deal Massive Damage every time.  OK, that's fine IMO.  Just don't claim that stuff needs nerfed because you're doing Massive Damage using balance-breaking skill levels, and back up your save as new chars would be capped/OP chars wouldn't be able to become further OP.
2) You could still, given time and resources/practice, get every skill up to 10, and all crafting skill requirements, etc would be scaled with that in mind.  This does not represent a change from the policy that we will not use skill caps to make content an either-or choice per character (at least not without some other workaround, see NPCs).
3) I've probably missed something, so I may well chime in later.

Have at it, all.

So I merged a somewhat controversial skilling rebalance early this morning.  Basically, higher levels take way longer to achieve, BUT crafting gives XP based on the time the craft takes (longer projects are more instructive) and ranged attacks give bonus XP based on shot difficulty and quality of hit (crits = more XP, not just more damage).

Obviously this is going to need some attention.  Whether that attention is acclaim for the modder's vision, nitpicks about the process, change requests based on things we didn't adequately consider, or some combination thereof, well, that's what this thread is for.

Have at it!

General Discussion / Time to spawn in!
« on: March 20, 2015, 06:10:20 AM »
It's 20 March here in the US.  Vernal Equinox.

Otherwise known as Spring, Day 1.

Happy surviving!

From time to time people download the SDL version and then have it not work.  Usually they're on windows 7.

In this case, try going into the config/options.txt folder, and changing the setting for the software renderer (it's a true/false thing).  Usually that fixes the problem.  If it doesn't, then let us know what's going on by posting in this board, please.


Forum Changes and Moderation Logs / wilson7755 has been banned.
« on: March 19, 2015, 01:49:23 AM »
For repeatedly provoking conflict and harassment of this administrator.  In light of his previous posts, other forum members repeatedly asking him to reconsider said posts, and his ignoring both a general in-thread directive to not continue the behavior and a mod warning to lay off, he's had plenty of opportunity to stop and has not done so.

So, permaban.

Forum Changes and Moderation Logs / HunterAlpha1 has been banned
« on: March 18, 2015, 03:10:34 AM »
For knowingly perpetuating conflict via posting a video that "technically" didn't contain a slur.

"I'm not touching you!" is asinine when between siblings, and it's not acceptable when you're doing it to strangers online.

Announcements / Bounty payoff!
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:04:42 PM »
Hey, Coolthulhu's efforts to factionalize critters happened to close an issue that had a bounty attached.

Nice job, Coolthulhu.  Have the money and this lovely MS Paint re-work of a classic X-COM scene.

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