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So I am using Linux Mint these days, and mostly loving it minus a few areas. Most involving mozila firefox unfortunately :(

  • No adobe Flash support, or unity support
  • This themes thing v
the thing that annoys me most at the moment is that my mint theme (Mint-Y-Dark) is overriding site defaults for textareas but not the font color so I get dark grey on slightly less dark grey. I can't seem to get the userContent.css file I created to stick though.


what should this look like? I think I am being redundant here but I can't seem to get it to work even when I restart firefox.

Code: [Select]
*, select, textarea{
background: none !important;
Color: none !important;
background-color: none !important;

Edit: solved
Themes settings > unchecked use theme for certain applications. why did nowhere I checked mention this?

    Whats your favorite inventory hotkey layout? Or hotkeys for other areas? Maybe a hotkey combo you think most people miss?

    I usually run around with a fairly simple hotkey layout, letting most be auto generated as they will. But I am very specific about keeping it consistent every play-through on certain items I use often. As we go I'm going to compile a "recommended" hottest hotkeys list.

    Edit: also look into disabling auto hotkeys if you plan on using a layout like this.

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The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / possible Safe mode bug?
« on: December 25, 2016, 04:17:19 PM »
For some reason a Squirrel at the edge of my vision set off my safe mode alert. (he was tracking me) So I went to add him to the White-list, but the game crashed when I hit (M)ove messing around with the menu to try and make sure he was white-listed not blacklisted. Can anyone reconstruct this?

Has anyone already submitted this bug? It's been active for some time, but hasn't been fixed yet.

Moving Diagonally towards an adjacent drug vehichle results in standing on-top of the vehichle, instead of vehichle staying put.

So in other words any of these:

* * X   X V X   X **   * * *
*@ V   * @*   V @*   *@ *
* * X   * * *   X * *   X V X

Results in this:

* * *
* # *
* * *

* = empty space
V = Vehicle (duh)
@ = character (you) (double duh)
X = Problem locations
# = @ standing on V

Has anyone else noticed this? I use the detailed searches alot. Whether its: S:tailoring, s:mechanics (4), c:wood, t:srewdriver or whetever to search for specific things I want to work with/ make Its VERY handy for making sure I don't forget any really useful items to craft while I'm still at the level to gain XP from crafting it etc... but recently it seems like the only searches that work are the very basic ones.

What interesting little features and funny bits have you found that you overlooked 1'000 times before? What have you oh mighty finder of half secrets have you found that we of the blindfolds are ignorant of?

Decided to try to set a nailboard at my feet today. Just cuz, and also it was a doorway and I didn't want to step out right now. Got this little message in return:

Yeah. Place the nailboard trap at your feet.
Real dam smart move.

On a slightly unrelated note,

Did you know ostrich eggs give the Easter Bunny hernias?

General Discussion / Code alergies/ General electroic alergies
« on: June 02, 2016, 04:34:06 PM »
Well after erasing my entire computer, and all my backup info to the point of being unrecoverable last year when trying to revert to a backup save. Today I have found that my favorite flash Drive is somehow now in MS-DOS(FAT32) despite my having not plugged it into any PC's and having a Mac Air without a partitioned drive, which is the only pace it gets plugged into AND having had this computer write basically everything that is currently on there.

My backup Disk also seems to reject any attempts to do anything with it. I think it might have somehow found a way to do the same thing. I suspect Bork, and random have trouble similar to this all the time as well. Anyone care to share some stories of your one-way relationships with technology?

Also Any good ideas for dealing with this that I might not have thought of? I'd rather not delete everything on my Important Things backup flash-drive.

General Discussion / US Political Race and all its horrors
« on: May 29, 2016, 05:22:50 PM »
Surrendered to a police bot. I just wanted to comply with authority. I guess authority doesn't always know best. Now I'm going to vote libertarian in the primaries.

What is libertarian platform? Not that it much matters at this point...... Just about anything but Hilary or Trump.

I don't know how to get the map gen info but this building but the bedroom window on this building does not spawn with curtains. I don't know what these voyeurists are doing with a curtain-less window in a bedroom.... but I assume its a missed tile. Is there a way I can fix little bits like this? Seems like a good first project. Overly simple. Add curtain.
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So to start off. How do I find out what building this is/ name of this specific house?

Probably not something that could be easily done, but maybe it will give someone an idea.
Tracked Aisle: A simple aisle-way with tracks for pushing/pulling around an in-vehicle cart. Tracked Aisles have no container space but take up the vehicle space reserved for containers. )To prevent container collisions) The carts which can be crafted onto a tracked aisle can only move on tracked aisle, attempting to pull them elsewhere results in collision same as pulling a cart into a wall or furniture.

Thoughts? Brainstorms off this idea?

So I was just playing along Win graphics on my mac through wineskin when this crash screen happens. Might be completely useless for you guys because of this... looks like it probably is. I don't know, but I figured I would post it anyways in case it is helpful somehow. Though I suspect it might be completely outside the game error based solely on what I DO understand of this.

(click to show/hide)

Not sure what is causing it, going to play around with it and see if I can get more details, but I had a weird event with a wolf. When I went to fire my bow at it (south west of me) the camera went WAY south west to where I couldn't even see the wolf anymore. Perhaps something weird with the target focus?

General Discussion / Lost acrhives
« on: February 04, 2016, 02:47:28 PM »
Feel free to make this a game, or just help one another find things but, this thread is for finding threads that have disappeared into the abyss. Willing to listen to any ideas on how best to turn this into a game.

First to find.

Bro you even lift thread. At least I thought it was called something like that but I can't seem to find it. Pages of people giving objects like diamond katanas names, usually in reference to other cool mediums.

The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / The Adventures Of Mosin
« on: October 29, 2015, 03:37:56 AM »
The Adventures of Mosin

And thus, Enke went off into the sunset with his Mosin-Nagant, where he was promptly shot by a random NPC who decided that being an ass was on his list of things to do today.

Thus the epic saga concludes.

concludes? Did you mistake who the main character there was? So then the mosin was picked up by a crazed NPC who used the mosin for neferious looting, and murdering of ALL THE PEOPLES. Mosin started to go a little crazy itself. Hmmm... Now starting The Adventures of MOSIN

And thats how this Thread started. Now continue the adventures of Mosin!
Thread rules: Try to keep it to a few sentences per comment, this is a shared story telling. And when in doubt remember: What would Mosin do?

General Discussion / Cata based Tech help: icon help
« on: October 12, 2015, 08:35:30 AM »
(Warning OP MAC user!)
Ok so I have been trying all night, without functioning AC, to make my obnoxious Wineskin icon into a wondrous Cata DDA icon, or icns, or jpeg, or ANY dam thing that will just work. I have 2 other apps that now have their pretty icons back including Gimp. Somehow Cata remains stubborn to do anything with the original Cata "Z" no matter what I do. Other than spit it back in my face of coarse. Let me show you how bad this is:
Not so bad until you stare at it for days and every attempt to fix it just leaves it mocking your face. If someone could make me (or find) an .icns or a .tiff that works correctly I would greatly appreciate it. Somehow even after following tutorials and turning the .png into an .icns just isn't doing it.

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