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Talkin' 'bout skeletons and goblins, dwarves and magic.

We have most of the tools to do so.

Not explicitly offering to make, one, but prefer to talk about it and see what happens from this.

In my own mod radiation is a real enough threat, if you let it build and dont keen its sources.

with a tail mutation, most common rad blocking suits are out the window.

are the plausible RL examples of partial rad protection clothing that is not a suit proper, or cam be found/crafted easily enough, or what materials would be available iyo to a survivor to enhance clothing for this end?

to my mind jumps lead aprons, such as worn for xrays.

this is me asking who would be willing to make some.

we have the json technology.
we don't need perfection or awesome; we need variety.
we can make these worth exploring.

id be willing to try to match people, 1 for 1 one each varient we can craft before 0.D

this can also include varieties of other small buildings too.
if you really cant or don't want to json you can still submit ideas

Do you use them?

Have you ever tried to survive in them?
Have you ever raiding inter-city with them?
Have you ever made your home in them?
Why isnt there a 'teenage mutant ninja turtles' meme in the game yet?
  Dont answer that, Ill fix that.
What functionality do they provide to you?
Did you know you can find randomly spawned stuff down there, especially with PKs_Rebalancing?
What can we do to the (reasonably) to make them better?

The Toolbox - Code Help / The Minor JSON Questions Thread
« on: November 03, 2016, 01:29:38 AM »
Because having a new thread for every small question is unreasonable.

I hope this sticks.

The Toolbox - Code Help / Why do I need to redefine mtype (or zom)?
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:54:41 AM »
bit of a crosspost

Is this the proper thread to cry tears into?

I have a chunk of c++ here.  The former

(click to show/hide)



(click to show/hide)

Throws errors about zom not being defined.  I dont know.  If I add a mtype_id before zom they read (and then the line add_spawn(zom, 1, zx, zy); fails to read 'zom'), but I shouldnt have to?  zom is simply shorthand for a specific group of monsters.  I am sure Ive otherwise defined the specific critters.

all Im doing is extending the concept of spawning a specified set of critters based upon a dice-roll, correct?

in case you wanna know where I got this

Even with the new rebalance and subsequent limitations on bionics, mutations simply lack a real incentive to pursue them beyond variety, roleplay, minmaxing specific pathways, or simply passive use.

For starters, locking away the really helpful early ones, such a light eater/drinker, fast healer, et al will help make people more invested into the process, since mutations already prefer to travel down partial paths.

For next, some of the maladaptions, such a herbivore or carnivore, can grant more nutrients from their food choice.  Its called specialization.

Things like gross body deformations should come as prereqs to more beneficial mutations, to give people a reason to accept them.  People should perhaps be able to craft specific gear to accommodate them, if only to partially mitigate their new disadvantages.

Mutations, such as chitinous skin or treebark, should grant acid armor.  This is a fairly large one since these same mutations are on the path to gross body deformations.

Slight nerfing of how the strongest trees work, which are unironically the ones granting multiple passive buffs, would help.

Mutations should have a chance of firing their special attacks while using a weapon.  In tandum infact.  while its fine to base it on the unarmed skill, to restrict most to only fire when unarmed is silly.  In fact, Id argue for a button to be set up so as to allow players to use their abilities at will, or attempt to.  This also allows noncombat special functions to emerge.

For, you know, bugtesting or debugging.

But I do appreciate the finally final death mechanic

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Crash Via 18304-g6b4d4da
« on: September 13, 2016, 02:38:38 AM »

This is recurring across several worlds and despite me recompiling it.

(click to show/hide)

                                                      ?     ./usr/include/c++/5/bits/random.h:1938: std::normal_distribution<_RealType>::param_type::param_type(_RealType, _RealType) [with _RealType = double]: Assertion '_M_stddev > _RealType(0)' failed.

Functionally, why do we have these two items?

And, the only difference I can see is that leather dusters are 2 encumbrance less than trenchcoats.

why?  Does anybody even use the trenchcoat?  Does it even make sense that a Trenchcoat, the thing that reaches to the tops of my ankles, doesnt cover the legs?

Im proposing that consuming mutagens will cause you to mutate over time, as in a single injection will cause future mutations and that taking more mutagens will cause the process of mutating to speed up.

Purifier would slow it down or stop the slow mutations.

Robust genetics would slow the process down, as a well a provide reduced amount of buffering as it does now wrt positive/negative traits.

this way, players could stop creating 70 flasks of mutagen and all that tedium.  You take the mutagens, you consign yourself to a mutagenic rollercoaster.  You slowly change over days into something else, and it stops over time, as your body cleanses it out of the system much like food or alcohol or w.e.  Multiple mutagen shots would speed up the change, and make it last longer.

Or at least Im having trouble getting them to attack on sight, in some cases at all, and sometimes they act as if they have incredibly low morale or aggression.  Theyll all hostile, and might engage if I close to something like 3 tiles, but :|

This applies to the bandit camp as well as a custom region Im playing with.

Ive been giving it some thought for morale and its use and proper effects on the gameplay.

For most people it seems to be something you can disregard, and perhaps it shouldnt be something we ignore except for studying/grinding.

I know that its vital for my early game, since I balance slow learning and bad temper and addiction and fast reading and other morale-sensative traits.

Some thoughts

  -Lowered threshold for stat decreases.  -50 is the minimal for crafting refusal, -100 for stat lose.  These are hard to reach without torrential rain or withdrawal.

  -Focus related roll modifiers.  Low focus applies a penalty, high with a minor boon.

  -More persistant modifiers.  Make boons and maluses last longer.  That awesome meal I ate at breakfast is still awesome at dinner.  That means a lot to me personally, as irl I certainly feel better at 5pm if I ate a solid breakfast than if I skipped it or ate garbage.

  -Modifiers for eating regular meals or variety.  These don't need to be huge -at first- but theyd flavor the game more.  This helps with the grinding session.  People will be less capable of 2 week grind sessions if they slowly accumulate maluses from eating pemmican only.

  -lower or cap the penalties from filthy clothes, allow them to last after clothing removal.  You ever feel itchy after taking off a dirty shirt you've sweated in all day?  Imagine a gore covered shirt that you pulled off a dead guy who shat himself before dying.

  -Bonuses for explosions or low chance successes.

  -Bonuses for human contact, and postive contact.  Positive, as in trading, talking in non-agonistic manner, generally working to rebuild society, etc.

Nether wildlife, nonaligned or loosely aligned critters, are more or less lacking in umph.  They stand out as bizzare, but arent exactly common, exceptionally deadly, or havestable for anything.

Mi-Gos are a new players nightmare, and I think I did a neat job with the gracke, but other than that I think the blank face and the flaming eye are the best known examples of nether.

We could see about adding some or some kind of functionality to them.

The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Farm mkII
« on: July 17, 2016, 07:45:25 PM »
Here is my attempt to de-hardcode the farm structure.  Its got red barn, a chance to spawn 'pests', which are likely not going to be present outside of my own mod, no planted seeds/fruit spawns, instead having crates of seeds, more chances for farm animals, that second barn/garage has itemspawns for farm/garagey type stuff, and I feel its a good compromise between the two.  Ive added a well and the frontyard traps as an afterthought.

I want to make it a 5x5 structure with bigger fields, but I decided against that for the moment since this is the original and current layout.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

pedit:  remind me that grey linolium does not have a roof  :\

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