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The devs has said that they have no plans to "fix" the broken world in this game, but I think having a mod that allowed some local means of "fighting back" would be cool to try out.

The first and easiest (and probably least game-affecting, really) would be a way close shimmering portal and possibly even fix the lesser versions of that.  I think that could be done quite easily with something in the construction menu, actually - shimmering portal to weak spot, weak spot to regular ground.  What it would take is a little weirder to contemplate... it seems like the sort of thing that would fit in RD's Arcana mod, actually.  I think I'll message him about it.

Next would be something to help with the fungus... now, just plain killing them all would be WAY too good, but perhaps some kind of "anti-fungus" monster - a creature that spits out anti-spores that de-fungalize terrain (with the same chance as the fungus has to fungalize it to begin with, maybe?) and/or mutually destroy spores, and maybe damage fungal creatures?  Or perhaps, some kind of local field that makes fungaloids hurt each other instead of being all on the same team... or just prevents all fungal-ization within a certain range?  That could be interesting...  It wouldn't get rid of them, just help you deal with the locals.

The "field that makes them hostile to each other" thing could work for the plants, instead (not both, obviously), or perhaps some kind of disease?  Something communicable to each other that makes them take small damage over time, and perhaps lowers local plant spawn...  Again, it wouldn't fix the world, but it could be quite useful for dealing with a local infestation.

The only thing I can think of for the blob is some sort of wide-area weapon that does no damage but does split all blobs once... or maybe something that de-evolves zombies in the area?  Would be a nice way to deal with hulks...  But mostly, zombie/blob just needs a good beat-down, so I don't think it needs much.

Any thoughts?  Other methods of dealing with the locals?  Any thoughts on how to implement some of those ideas?

So, the forums are back up (yay!) - anybody know what happened?

One thing that would be fun at the beginning of the game would be the first few days having a much higher (and rapidly falling) spawn rate for "survivors", but make all the "extra" (not spawned by the current mechanics) be very low skill/equipment and not homing in on you to talk - these aren't survivors, they're just "not quite dead yet"ers - the zombies should generally make short work of them (if you're lucky, maybe you can save a very few).

One of the things that makes starting in any kind of city location hard* (especially if you're fairly deep in) is that you're the only target around - if there were a few other people also trying to get out, it's more likely that any one of you would make it, but most of them wouldn't.

*The other is the nature of large spawn numbers just bumping what gets spawned into more evolved types - starting with a shocker brute IN THE ROOM WITH YOU, for instance, is pretty crazy.


So, I've been looking at Dwarf Fortress again for the first time in several years (this game took me away from it), and one of my kids has gotten back into Minecraft againm and it got me thinking.

One of the things people talking about wanting is a "secure" area where zombies can't magically teleport past the walls, and possibly more NPC/your own faction things (animal husbandry type tasks could also fall in here, since one of the difficulties is handling those things when not in the reality bubble).  The grand idea in my head is a bit crazy to contemplate, but I have some fairly concrete suggestions in moves in the general direction without being crazy (I hope).

In Minecraft, there's the concept of the "spawn chunk" - it's always in memory, always "live", always being processed.  In Dwarf Fortress, you've got a fortress of, basically, NPCs doing the tasks that you set up (and also, the z-level handling there is amazing).

If the player could set a "base" area (just one) that's always in memory and being processed (basically, a second, stationary reality bubble), then the zombie hordes that come by wouldn't be in a horde, they'd be actually be "live", so they could only go where they could go.    NPCs set to guard (or traps or turrets or walls or whatever) could interact with them in the necessary ways.  The player could go off into the world, having their own reality bubble as normal, but the home base would remain, handling things that need to be handled in a base.

This would obviously have some level of increased memory requirements... but some things already stay in memory all the time, so it might not be as bad as it first looks.  Handling what happens when the two reality bubbles split/merge sounds like the hardest single part of this.  NPCs guarding behaviour would definitely need some improvement.


So, there's this nifty little bionic that pulls water out of the air... but no way to do that without the bionic.  There's another one that will pull water out of a corpse... also not available any other way.  And there's the Joint Torsion Ratchet, but no wearable equivalent...

You see where this is going.  The vast majority of bionics should have non-bionic equivalents.

OK, there are some that wouldn't make sense (Exapanded Digestive System, for instance), but most things should be doable without having to implant them in your body.

A wearable Joint Torsion Ratchet that charges a UPS you carry, for instance, would make a LOT of sense.  An EXTERNAL version of the Internal Furnace would, too.  A power-hungry Hydraulic Muscles suit also exists in the real world today!

Some of these things should be relatively small and convenient, making the bionic version of limited utility (Aero-evaporator, for instance), just more convenient.  Some of them should be a big pain in the butt (the muscle suit should be VERY encumbering and heavy when not powered, for instance, not to mention quite bulky).

But most of them should exist - even professional soldiers would generally want to be able to take off their gear at the end of the day.

I first noticed in 4382 that the fusion blaster rifle shots go through enemies and only explode at maximum range.  I don't think they do any damage along the way (the explosion afterwards makes it hard to know for sure).

I tried it this morning in 4454 (downloaded last night), loaded up the save, and tried it again, both in an open area and against a solid object (lab wall) - the shot goes through the solid walls and explodes at maximum range, as if the walls weren't there.  I can't imagine that is intended.

So, being that I don't use alcohol all that much in the game, and having just done the molotov quest for a certain NPC and finding it to be very annoying, I was thinking of making some kind of "generic strong alcohol" that all the molotov-capable alcohols could be made into instantly (i.e., I want to pour these 7 units of brandy together with these 7 units of whiskey to make one more molotov).

Then I got to thinking about alcohol in general... do the units of different strength alcoholic beverages have the approximately the same amount of alcohol in them?  If so, it would be awfully nice to be able to distill the other alcohols into this same "generic strong alcohol", though it would obviously take more time than the already-strong stuff.

Any thoughts on that?  I have a still already (I crafted cheap wine into brandy to make the molotovs), so concentrating other alcohols (in a fashion that doesn't really care about flavor or even safety for human consumption) could be done in a similar time frame.

Heck, even beer could be concentrated, if one didn't really care how it tasted (or even if it was safe to drink) afterwards...

Not sure this is the place for it, but nothing else seemed much better, so here it is:

When I'm gone for a few days, and I want to catch up on reading, I see a thread like the "What's Happening in YOUR Randomly-generated Apocalypse?", and I know that I'm going to be a page or two behind.  The forum software shows the pages as "1 2 3 ... 595" or somesuch.

When something is more than 4 pages long, I'm most likely to start either at the beginning or at where I left off (right near the end, hopefully).  Pages 2 and 3 and the LEAST likely pages I'm ever going to start at, pretty much EVAR, while pages 593 and 594 (in the example given) are going to be quite common.

Any chance there's a setting to fix that derp somewhere?

When I get close to the refugee center I found, the game crashes, and if I look in the debug.log file, I find a bunch of these:

15:48:41.672 MAP : src/map.cpp:6801: Empty locations for group GROUP_SEWER at uniform submap 6,9,-3 global 978,3501,-3

The numbers on the beginning and end are different, of course.  I've tried it several times, and that always happens, so I guessed that there simply wasn't a special pump-station town to generate the GROUP_SEWER in, but when I loaded up the game again and tried leaving the area, I accidentally found one ... quite close by.

I explored around a little more, then saved and tried going to the refugee center again, and it crashed again, but there were a lot fewer of the crash messages this time.

Any ideas?

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Well well well
« on: August 21, 2015, 05:28:44 AM »
So, making a well requires construction 9.

The highest book takes you to 8.

In 0.C, I could make metal doors to get to level 9... but in dev, they only take level 7 skill now.  How is one to get to level 9 construction skill?

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Seats
« on: August 17, 2015, 10:11:36 PM »
So there's the standard seat, the reclining seat, the folding seat, and the military seat... and the bed, I suppose, should go in the list.  The military seat may come from the extra vehicle parts mod...

Anyway, can someone tell me the differences and pro/cons of them other than the obvious hp/storage stuff?  I mean, clearly, the advantage of the bed is a good place to sleep, and the advantage of the folding seat is that it folds, but is the reclining seat as good as the bed for sleeping?  And what is the advantage of the military seat?  It must be something... lower HP, 0 storage, same build requirement...?

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Modding mutations
« on: July 30, 2015, 06:05:04 AM »
So, I had an idea about mutations, and before I dug in too deep, I wanted to ask/verify a few things:

-Mutations seem to be mostly hard-coded at this point, is that correct?  A few things are in the json, but most of it must be in the code... so adding new mutations, except for a few basics (stat modification, wet protection,ugliness, more?) seems impossible.  Any way to clone an existing mutation under a different ID so it can have different requirements, etc, for a different category?

-Mutation categories: anything in the category can be chosen (unless it's post-threshold and you don't have it yet) with equal chance, right?  Also, if you put a second or third tier mutation (say, the +2 strength one, for instance), it can gt the pre-req also, right?  What happens if you put in the pre-req AND the main one (say, the +1 str AND the +2 str) - does that make it more likely to get the +1 str one (effectively, it would have double the chance to be chosen)?

-Threshold: does every category have to have a threshold?  Is it possible to make something that's "post-threshold" for one category NOT be post-threshold for another category? (looks like no)

-mutagen/recipe/book/etc - Add the mutagen item, add the recipe that makes the item, create the book that holds the recipe, add the book to an item group so it can be found.  Am I missing something there?

I doubt that's exhaustive, but it's a place to start.

Line of sight and cover behaviour seems downright backwards - turrets, in particular (that's the main enemy that fires at you).  I can't see the turret because I'm face-first against a wall, but hey, it can quite happily shoot me to death.

Um, no.  That's backwards.  I'm hugging a concrete wall that it can't shoot through - I have nice, hard, impenetrable cover, especially if I can't even bloody see it.

When the turret is lined up with the door, there is NO safe way to open that door.  The "peek" mechanic seemed to cover things nicely in the last stable, but (probably as another side effect of the bloody lighting rework), now it's usually useless, as well.

The only way to know about turrets without exposing yourself to fire is to make use of the lighting bug that already existed and isn't fixed by the lighting rework...

Is there anything in the works on this?  It's really bloody stupid.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / atomic lamp and nightlight mod
« on: July 14, 2015, 05:13:16 AM »
Quoting from a thread in the Bunker:

So, I downloaded the latest experimental last night, and I found an atomic nightlight (yay!), but when I carry it, it ruins my night vision.  (I dislike this lighting overhaul in general, but that's a different topic.)

Is there any way to carry an atomic nightlight with me, say, closed up in my pocket/backpack or something so I'm not changing the lighting around me unless I want to?  Because if there's not, atomic lighting just became nearly useless for large chunks of the game.

so, no way to hide the light?
None implemented yet afaik (but you could put it inside your trusty cart/car from where it should be giving no light until you take it out)

OK, easy solution, make another item that is craftable from the atomic nightlight and the atomic lamp - "atomic nightlight in a bottle" or some such.  Basically, a flashlight with an atomic nightlight/lamp inside instead of an amplifier circuit, and it uses no charges.

So, I go looking for the atomic nightlight/lamp in the json... and I can't find it.  Can't find amplifiers, power converters, etc, either.

Are the hard-coded somewhere, or am I just blind?

Oh, and I'll add this to my folding vehicle parts mod that makes solar panels and few other things foldable (vehicle clock, for instance).

Anyway, pointers/help?

-non-zombie aggro to the player is broken.  Most non-zombie things either don't attack me EVER (manhacks), or only attack back or VERY VERY rarely first.  Killing ants doesn't make the other ants come after me, and I can butcher ants surrounded by ants, no problem. Spiders,wasps, and bees are the same (though I haven't tried a black-widow house/basement in this one, so there's that).  Bears and moose seem to be the only exception, and even they are incredibly tame compared to before.  Zombies attack everything, and animals attack other animals and zombies just fine.

-mapping - in a Lab start, the mapping seems to be off a bit.  Sometimes it reveals the next square over instead of the one you are in, then you move around enough, and it reveals the one you are in, too.  Eventually.

-the new corrosive zombies glow, but the huge boomers don't.  I suspect this is backwards.

Otherwise, I really like it.  Keep up the good work!

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