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Newest experimental, 6518.

Started a new game as a firefighter for the first time and spawned in a doctor's office for some reason, tried to do it again but couldn't recreate. I opened up the map and there is a fire station like 2 blocks away so they're not absent from my world. I got default world settings (other than the season length and lowered npc spawn rates).  I didn't get any world/map errors when spawning in either.

Barely a problem, just thought I'd just report it to you guys lol.

I found two bugs yesterday in the debug menu on the expies yesterday... I'll try my best to word this out lol.

When you try to use the mapgen/map editor to spawn a house or something, you can't press m to move around.

Another thing I found was that you couldn't contain liquids in containers when you wish for an item, I tried to spawn in some diesel but I couldn't contain it. I'd press F and it would just bring up the search thing. (Updated from 6300 to 6305 and you can contain again, still can't move around the map editor with m though.)

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