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The Toolbox - Code Help / CVD Machine =/= Ball Mill
« on: October 18, 2015, 04:08:46 PM »
So, if anyone is still tracking the my SHTF mod, you may have noticed with several peoples help, I was able to get the ball mill to work in game.
It works in the recipe only as a carried item. Now, I tried using a cvd machine in game but using the terrain editor via the Debug menu, but diamond recipes won't work with it. So, that tells me a few things and leaves a few questions too:

Q1) Does the terrain editor not properly "cheat" in terrain or furniture to be used as a cvd machine should?
Q2) Does the recipe for diamond items require a "legit found" cvd machine?

Q3) Does the cvd machine even work as it is supposed to; i.e. standing next to an actual terrain cvd machine allows you to craft diamond items?
Q4) Since I can't find any proper usage or discussion concerning the cvd machine, has anyone actually properly used one to confirm its use as a static object?

And lastly, someone more towards my mod direction:
Q5)If a static terrain feature usable in a recipe is Not actually possible and the cvd is broken in a sense, would it be easier to simple make an insanely heavy "item" and give it a non-bug description unlike the cvd machine "item" and use that for gunpowder crafting?

The Toolbox - Code Help / Compiling error (RESOLVED) (I'm an idiot)
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:53:54 AM »
In my many attempts over the past 24 hours, I can't seem to figure out compiling my doctored version of catadda to get the machines to finally work.
I was using the method discussed on the wiki, or at least what seemed the most up to date method, via MSYS and MinGW, but I am running into an error, 127 to be precise. unless I'm getting it all wrong, it sounds like its an issue with the g++ install.
the exact error is as follows:

g++ -DLOCALIZE -ffast-math -Wall -Wextra -g -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG  --std=c++11 -MMD
-c src/action,cpp -o obj/action.o
make: g++: Command not fonud
make: *** [obj/action.o] Error 127

That was proceeded by the command


which was followed per the aforementioned wiki method of compiling.
Help is very much appreciated.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Karicter's SHTF Handloader Mod
« on: October 08, 2015, 09:57:12 AM »
Hello and welcome everyone to Karicter's SHTF Handloader mod.
This mod is a new, more canon, non-game-breaking, mod that reinvents not only the use of crafting gunpowder and firearms without scouring for a kinetic bullet puller, but also fleshes out the process as an actual in game hobby/pastime of destruction. The mod rose from MANY other players desires to keep gunpowder crafting:
However This iteration of mine is mostly, for me anyways, a reason to validate all my work on the wiki

I will use this thread to post updates and of course releases that will hopefully maintain compatability with the Actual game as it releases. Everyone's help is much appreciated both past, present, and future. Have fun handloading!

Current Visual Update:

After gathering previous posts and discussions from players concerning handloading as a whole, I think I was able to list a number of items and devices that will be need to be created in order for this to work. That list and its progress is below.

Gunpowder will need:

1. Static version: Ball mill and chemistry set (which will actually be mobile like the hand press & die.
|||\ .
Mobile/handheld version: Mortar & Pestle (produces "broken gunpowder") and chemistry set.
| . . . .
2. Power system (Generator or UPS), or heat source for mobile version.
| . . . .

Bullet Casings will need:
Static version: Large drill press & die machine and Hand prime tool
|\. . .
Mobile/handheld version: hand press & die set and Hand prime tool
| . . . .
While repairing gunpowder is impossible for obvious reasons, "broken" casings can be repaired via use of an Annealing machine, whether they are fired or die pressed ones.
|\. . .

Handloading (Current "mobile" process) uses:
hand press & die set
heat source of some kind
| | | | |
As stated earlier, this will be made inferior to Static handloading via "broken" rounds/powders/casings being created which of course may misfeed or backfire.
| . . . .

Handloading (Static) will need:
1.Large drill press & die machine.
|\. . .
2. Power system (Generator or UPS)
| . . . .

New items needed for the process:
Graphite - Powder used in the Ball mill to coat the Black gunpowder along with Ammonia turning it into modern Gunpowder.
| . . . .
Pencil - very small source of Graphite.
| . . . .
Pencil box - disassemble for multiple Pencils.
| . . . .
Jar of Graphite - usually found in school labs and hardware stores.
| . . . .
Casing mold (9mm) - Different caliber molds, but this is a 9mm version just as a placeholder. Used to make casings.
| . . . .
Hand prime tool (Maybe) - used in conjunction with the Drill press & die machine OR the Hand press and die set for priming cases.
| . . . .
Barrel brush (Maybe) - used to clean out crude firearms that use black gunpowder as a propellent.
| . . . .

Proposed new Recipes:
Gunpowder = Black gunpowder+Graphite+Ammonia+Ball mill (Nearby)
|||\ .
Casing (High chance to produce "broken" casings.) = Hand press and die set+Hand prime tool+Casing mold (desired caliber version)+Copper+Primer (desired firearm model).
| . . . .
Casing (Low chance to produce "broken" casings.) = Drill press and die machine+Hand prime tool+Casing mold (desired caliber version)+Copper+Primer (desired firearm model).
| . . . .
All reloaded round recipes stay the same, however crafted with "broken" casings or crafted themselves "broken" by low skill or the Hand press and die set can be repaired with this recipe:
Annealing machine (Nearby)+power source.
| . . . .

So, tl;dr:
Large drill press & die machine
Annealing machine
Ball mill
Hand prime tool
Mortar & pestle
 The above "machines" are offically TBA for this mod, and the infered tweaks to canon/vanilla game mechanices i.e. producing "broken" casings/gunpowder/rounds will be the finalized fine tuning.
Please let me know of any suggestions if you're interested.

Special thanks to:
Noctifer - starting the discussion in a more organized manner and equipment theory.
SkyeAuroline - documentation on RL handloading for reference.
vache - Equipment theory.
Kevin Granade - code description/definition/breakdown.

I only just recently started Seriously enjoying C:DDA, about 5 days ago in fact. I had attempted the game several months back, just after falling off the Dwarf Fortress bandwagon of about a few months itself. But now that I've seen some videos, used the dreaded "DEBUG FEATURE" (Yes I know say it ain't so), and finally got the hang of surviving past day 1, I want to really get up to the levels it some players here are at. However, even though there is already an Item Browser courtesy of Shecon I've always liked the fluidity and dynamics of a game wiki. Thankfully, I just got a small vacation from work and decided to waste my time, according to my wife, spend my time wisely rebuilding every item and object I can get my hands on in the wiki. I'll be listing everything I change here in case someone wants to go back and ruin all my hard work constructively correct my errors.

P.S. Apologies to previous threads like Litppunk's, I am only posting this as a new thread so the changes aren't lost among other posts in case I get the boot for some reason.

P.P.S. As an added "I have WAY too much time on my hands on this vacation" note, I'll be linking each changed item with the wiki, again in case someone want's to nitpick my work help with corrections. It is also notable that many templates will be slightly altered as I work in order to be as comprehensive as possible: Ammunition Template and Explosives Template have been updated so far.

Reloaded explosive slug:
Reloaded 9mm:
Reloaded 9mm +P:
Reloaded 9mm +P+:
Reloaded .38 Special:
Reloaded .38 Super:
Reloaded .40 S&W:
Reloaded .40 FMJ:

RDX charge:
RDX sand bomb:

Nitric acid:
Sulphuric acid:
Hydrogen peroxide:
Hydrogen peroxide (concentrated):

Firearm repair kit:

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