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The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Bases and NPC crafting
« on: September 13, 2017, 02:48:35 AM »
The following link is the upper levels of my CURRENT outline for implementing bases and a "Base Mode" NPC AI to match for the community's perusal (Just the what's planned part not the implementation; I'm not ready to open that up).  At this point I am still very much in the planning stages and will gladly take any feedback, ideas or concerns people might have (not going to say anything in regards to considering it for longer than it takes to read though).  This is already rapidly turning into a major undertaking so I would appreciate comments being focused on the core framework rather than the extras as those can always be added at a later date. Also, don't expect me to be done with it in a week, I'm just starting and still want to do other things with my life like play CDDA.

It is a Microsoft Word Outline so it looks a little weird in google but i'm not bothered to change that.  Have a good read!

For you more code savvy people:
  • I basically kept adding layers to this outline until I got to individual methods.
  • The AI is going to work by making priorities from a bunch of maps.  It's very memory heavy (relatively, unless someone debugs hundreds of followers it won't matter much) but fast.  Also, it's very easy to tweak. (Probably could put every variable you could possibly want to tweak in one file)
  • Once I get the framework a little bit more solid I would be grateful for any collaborators especially because:
  • While I have worked in 6 or so languages C++ is not one of them (c is though). Probably going to write a bunch of sudo code and try and translate it when I'm done so I don't get bogged down in syntax
  • I have no friends... lol... ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ -determined not to cry

When you start a new game you get the options of [Custom Character],[Preset Character],[Random Character] and [Play Now!] how hard would it be to add a [Play Last Character] option?

It seems every time I say "I wanna try _____ scenario this time," something happens right at the beginning (crash site too remote -> frozen before reaching town; prison -> brute double team in start room, etc.) and I want to restart but haven't saved a template for them.

Alternatively, create a [Last Used] character template that gets automatically overwritten with your character at game start.

EDIT: Pull Request is in.

I have been playing CDDA on and off for a long time now (pre-kick-starter).  After coming back to it a week ago I have decided I want to put my mostly completed CS degree to use and take a real stab at improving cataclysm.  I have 2 mods partially planned out that I will (hopefully) be bringing to you soon.  The first is a content addition mod adding a bunch of items and other stuff I want and will allow me to familiarize myself with CDDA's code before moving on to my more complicated project: designating bases and a new @base AI for NPC followers.

Here is a brief overview of what i'm planning (Names subject to change).  I'll make new topics for each of them once I'm a little farther along but I wanted to go ahead and say hi and, let everyone know what I was thinking.

Personal Mobility Mod (Skates and Rollers)
(click to show/hide)

Bases Mod
(click to show/hide)

After taking a road trip through a city to reach a military bunker on the far side only to realize I left "my" ID cards back at my home base I started wondering what other dumb but non-lethal(at least not immediately) mistakes people were making.


I use the advanced inventory management to move stuff between my base and vehicle as it often involves several thousand in volume.  However, it keeps deleting weapon ammo and casings.  It doesn't do this when I am only moving ammo(or at least I haven't noticed) or when I am only moving a few things but when I try and use "move all" w/ full ground tiles it's bye bye hard earned gun-store loot.

I have been playing with the tanks mod and it adds these checkpoints with 2 turrets.  They inevitably run out of ammo and since the zombies can't hurt them end up just sitting there surrounded by Z's.  I think that since I should be able to pick them up or at-least salvage stuff from them once I'm done using them to train my throwing. For-instance adding a construction command that functions like "Disassemble Furniture" only for turrets.(you get shot in the face if it's not out of ammo)

For me the most tedious part of the game is unloading my loot carrier and moving everything the dozen or so tiles from my garage to work area.  The advanced inventory management helps a lot but it's still annoying. I have a few ideas regarding this that I would put out there.
  • A "Unload" option in the examine vehicle menu that dumps stored items at your feet as it would if you removed the part. Maybe also an "Unload All" option?..loading this way would be pushing it (although making a vehicle act as one container of its total cargo volume would make life easy)

  • Large push-able bins(I mean like the 8,000+ capacity).  Container shipping is a standard practice nowadays and I don't think it's unreasonable for anyone who can build nuclear deathmobies to follow suit. However, given that detachable vehicle sections/towing is not supported I propose having a large container on wheels to move stuff in bulk short distances.  In order to prevent abuse it would a special  frame that can't be contented to other vehicle parts and be slow/require stamina to move.

  • A conveyor belt-pretty simple drop item on, it gets moved to the next square and repeat until it lands on the floor. Could be built as a long vehicle.  Would require power on a per part basis so no building one from your base through the middle of town unless your overpowered anyways.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Win Condition
« on: October 29, 2015, 01:29:50 AM »
After playing factorio I realized it bothers me that there is no way to end a game of cataclysm without dying.  Factorio has a goal: launch a satellite. But, you are not forced to complete it. I have 100+ satellites and am still building and improving my bases.  I came up with a way to "win" CDDA for people who feel like they have done all they can:

Build a transmitter that attracts every zombie for hundreds of miles.  For the next 100 days the spawn rate is raised to ridiculous levels. On day 101 "Original Subject" spawn near by. Activating an item crafted from their unique loot means you have rid the region of zombies and the survivors can start the process of rebuilding  civilization(the game ends). However, if the transmitter is destroyed it explodes in a giant fireball of doom and destruction killing you and everyone else. If it looses power its quantum entanglement field destabilizes and it explodes in a giant fire ball of doom and destruction w/ similar effects.

I'm hoping this will encourage the construction of heavily fortified bases since there is no point to them currently.  Also, since it will be extremely hard to leave your base for a long period of time supply levels become an issue that normally endgame players don't have to think about.

(each update will be in the next color in the drop-menu)

Basic Rundown of my plan:

-Book found in lab gives you ideas about how to attract every zombie in the region.

-You build a device requiring very large amounts of resources.

-Mount the device on a vehicle(has to be outside).

-Upon activation the device drains more power than my Deathmoblie, a moderate amount of noise, acts as a dome light and "wandering hoard" spawn points on steroids fill a 4 map tile radius around it.(not on the same tile though)

-There is no turn device off option and the only way to remove it is through the console. Oh, and if it either gets destroyed or looses power it explodes killing you automatically.

-After a period of time(I randomly picked 100 days) the device stops, the spawn points go away and a group of unique Z's appear.

-You can craft a trophy from stuff looted from the unique Z's.

-Activating the trophy displays a message saying you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Then prompts you as to whether you wish to retire to the countryside and live in peace since the zombie threat is (mostly gone) i.e. game over or  continue exploring searching for your next great challenge.

So far I have:

-Added: vehicle part "Quantum Noise Maker" -as of now only consumes power.(1.5 minireactors worth)constant 42 sound. floodlight's lighting.

-Added: book "PE065-Radiation Effects Test"-contains recipe for "Quantum Noise Maker","Pandora's Box"

-Added:items "Zombie Essence","Pandora's Box"-as of now useless objects. Pandora's box will be end item, cardboard box w/13 Zombie Essence.

In Progress:

-Modifying copied code from the hoard spawning.

-Making the boss enemies "Original Subject"-Necromancer Hulks w/ AOE raise the dead anyone? Just consider the number of corpses after a 100 days of solid wall spawning.

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