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What clothes/armor do you use fot yourself and NPC?
I totally reworked outfit after update.
Now I have such:
Heavy surv helmet
Helmet liner
Surv mask
Dragonskin vest
Mail shirt
Leather arm guard
Chitin bracers
Medical gloves
Light surv gloves
Chainmail leggins with both upgrades
Steel greaves
Heavy surv boots
Flame resistant socks
Also jumpsuite for winter/flameresistant jumpsuite for summer
150 volume surv backpack
Sheath and surv tool belt

I checked most of clothes for combination and this has reasonable encubr with max protection

Also I give Npc such complect:
Heavy surv boot, mask, gloves, helmet
Surv suit

But I cant repair this on them so its pain in ass to maintaince their equipment.

And what do you wear and give to NPC?

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