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Salt can be ingested with many different kinds of food, improving the taste. Human can survive for quite a while without salt, but that is neither healthy nor enjoyable.

The survivor needs salt. Salt gives certain comestible more morale bonus. Salt can be a type of vitamin. The problem is that we need a good UI. Making a salted version for every recipe, or requiring the player to manually feed their character daily salt, is not reasonable.

How can we make salt play a role without it annoying us? I suggest that the player character checks for nearby salt when they eats, and then automatically takes a little bit with their food. Eating food with salt adds +1 to enjoyability. Prolonged lack of salt gives certain status effects.

Similarly, the player character checks for nearby soy sauce, black pepper, cinnamon, vinegar, chili powder, sugar, maple syrup, sugar beet syrup, mayonnaise, horse radish, mustard, ketchup, red sauce, blueberry jam, strawberry jam, garlic, lemon, etc when they eats, and then automatically takes a little bit with their food. Eating food with condiment adds +1 to enjoyability. A survivor with a well-stocked kitchen can get more than +10 bonus( it may need to be capped).

Thus, the various spice and condiment becomes more useful, when they can be automatically consumed and then benefit the survivor.

Neutral NPC keeps certain distance from you( I suggest 10).

When you keep approaching a neutral NPC, they will turn hostile like an angered moose.

This solves the problem that neutral NPC steals from your shopping cart in front of your eyes.

My car shrinks to a red hash - the driver's seat.

This is my car.

Put the cart here.

Grab the cart and move east. Shrink! (Log also says "Can't find grabbed object.")

Examine the driver's seat...

 ??? ???

Incidentally, it's also the same car mentioned in the last reply to issue #20039.

Now I need to find a way to upload my that is not via google drive or dropbox.

In lab, rooms should be themed. One theme for each overmap tile. Dormitory, goo pits, vivisection room, CBM warehouse, turret room at check point... They should be labeled on overmap accordingly. D for dormitory, ~ for goo pits, etc.

It would be easier to navigate, and it is also a more logical way to build lab.

The player character stands in the middle of the forest, and begins "examining bushes". Five minutes later, all shrubs within 6 tiles, with a clear path to the player, are all examined, and the resulting items appear under his feet. The player character doesn't move during the event.

Similarly, there could be auto-butchering, auto-pulping, auto-rubble-clearing.

I found an atomic nightlight. It's good to have a permanent light, but it has to be held in inventory to give enough light.

I found out that it can be installed on a vehicle. Maybe it can be turned on, so I can sit there and read? No. It is still "very dark" when it's turned on and I sit on the same tile.

How does one use a vehicle atomic nightlight?

He has a rifle, a SMG, enough ammo, several grenades. He wears scavenged military armor. He stalks you at the edge of your reality bubble, keeping distance when you approach.

At night, you fall asleep. He comes and shoots you.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Unexpected artifact effect
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:40:48 AM »
Code: [Select]
        translate_marker( "humming" ), translate_marker( "hums very quietly" ),

I found some "humming beads", but they summon shadows when activated. There is no AEA_SHADOWS in "humming". I don't know if this is a bug or I misunderstand the code.

The Toolbox - Code Help / NPC reads computer screen for PC
« on: September 07, 2017, 03:20:25 PM »
A repost, as I found this board a more suitable place:

NPC reads book for PC, but doesn't help PC using computer console. I want to make NPC read screen for PC.

In game.cpp, the function use_computer checks illiteracy, blindness, near-sightedness, but I don't understand the read function. Where does read function checks illiteracy and let nearby NPC help? I want to add that to use_computer.

Is it true that one can see every possible map feature, if he travels the entire area generated at start?

The co-ordinate starts at 0, goes to 0'179, then to 1'0, then to 1'179, so a 179x179 map seems a default unit, and is exactly what one sees when he reveals map. This is small though, and does not have every features.

How large is the area generated when the player character spawns? How many 179x179 blocks does it contain?

edit: 180x180

In the apocalypse people can make diesel that fuels truck and tank.

Producing bio diesel looks promising but is rarely talked about, if it has ever been done. The process turns out to be very complicated as I take a closer look at the recipe. It involves brewing alcohol, extracting oil from seed, a bit of lye powder, and the farming to get the ingredient. As difficult as making rock nut oil soap in dwarf fortress.

So I plan to build a bio diesel plant surrounded by canola and blueberry field.

The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Zombie shark
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:50:15 AM »

And its prey.


Lava crawling through the cemetery, a book of tall tales, a willow, and a gravestone splattered with boiled squirrel blood, was what Dastot Tri-Lakes saw in this rainy autumn morning.

Does DURABLE_MELEE make a weapon more durable smashing windows and corpses?


Both katana and fire axe are DURABLE_MELEE, are they durable to the same extent?

I can't find the recipe, and haven't seen a welder in its natural habitat since the item spawn change.

Fortunately, I found a usable car, but I have to be very careful if it can't be repaired.

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