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****DISCLAIMER: This is mine first attempt of writing a story on this forum, and I'm not a good storyteller, but I'll try my best to write a story. Anyway, here we go!****

One day, I was relaxing in my mansion, when someone knocked on my door. I walked to the door and asked "Who's there?". The guy responded: "I've got terrible news!". I responded with a bit of fear in my voice: "What is it?". The chap said: "I'm a journalist and I'm here to tell you about a "strange disease" that changes people into zombies.". I've responded: "They for sure are terrible news! But can I do anything about it?". The journalist responded with confidence in his voice: "Their zombification is irreversible. You need to disable their brain, let it be through an electrical shock, or a bullet to their head, to eliminate them.". I responded: "How dangerous are they? Also, is a microwave gun able to disable them?". Journalist responded: "The real danger is that they can infect you. However, you can cure the initial infection (about 6 hours from it) by disinfecting the wound. Also, s microwave gun could be a wise idea for defeating them.". After this conversation, I've sent the journalist away, locked the doors shut and went to the workshop. I've spent about 2 hours on construction of a two-handed laser gun, but it was worth it - its beam travels at the speed of light, and it can be recharged. Once I've finished the weapon, I peeked out of a window to check where the zombies (relatively) are. They were about 150-200 metres from my mansion. I went to the workshop again, this time, to attach a scope to the gun. It took me another 20 minutes. I opened a window, and started shooting at the zombies. Due to the laser's (relatively) silent operation, I was virtually undetectable (aside from the beam), although the zombies wouldn't see it, anyway. I've took like two dozens of them before having to recharge the weapon. The reason behind that was I was unable to find better cells.
I decided to recharge it, and in meantime, I constructed a device consisting mainly of electrochemical cells and a bit of circuitry - its purpose was to recharge most portable devices on the go - an utility that could save one's life one day.


Translations Team Discussion / Polish translation
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:22:27 AM »
Hello, I'm currently translating the game to Polish together with mr_sep on Transifex, and I need someone to coordinate the translations and update the game .po files. Any help is very much welcome!

Polish translation project:

As the subject says, I'd like to know what are the minimal and recommended system requirements of this game?

BTW: I've under-clocked mine CPU from 3500 MHz to 2500 MHz. 

Add antimatter - an EXTREMELY rare substance, available at labs.
AM engine - practically infinite power, needs to be refilled with M/AM (Matter/Antimatter) cartridges.

Fusion reactor - essentially a mini-reactor taken a step further, now it generates power from nuclear fusion (combining of lighter particles in order to make heavier ones), various fuel modes, e.g. p-p (proton-proton (hydrogen-hydrogen)), D-T (Deuterium-Tritium), D-D (Deuterium-Deuterium), just to name a few.

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