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The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Disinfectant not working
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:57:18 PM »
latest exp - disinfectant, hydrogen prioxide and the such dont work, they dont show up in the 'a'ctivate menu nor do they have an 'a'ctivate option when examining them
first aid kit works just fine though

so i'm a relatively small time youtuber and i run a series that report on roguelikes (think IGN/Game Informer but exclusive for roguelikes).
i've been playing for about 2 years, lurking and commenting on the subreddit and on the forum and i think i'm a pretty experienced player but i dont want to miss anything.
so let me know what you like most about this game, why you play it, and such.
comments on the game, quotes or anything that you think i should add to my presentation are also welcome, if you wish i'll add your name next to the quote as well.
Thanks in advance for your efforts, as always, a great community.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Swamp Water ?
« on: November 17, 2016, 05:27:47 PM »
does water from swamps (and no , not salt water) not count as water for crafting recipes ? because it doesnt count for me
i tried having an empty container and a full one , 2 empty ones and standing near water source
nothing , i have a fire and a cooking tool but the water isnt there

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Stone Pot
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:32:02 PM »
Latest Experimental - 5879
I have 2 survival and 3 fabrication , stone pot/makeshift pot still doesnt show up in the craft screen
usually its unlocked by survival/fabrication 1

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Small Ass Inventory Menus ?
« on: November 16, 2016, 08:32:23 PM »
seriously , why the hell were the inventory menus fucked over ? they were fine to begin with , focus your efforts to shit that actually needs fixing , not something that doesnt
to the point , how do i make them go full screen ?

General Discussion / Well this is weird as fuck
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:29:15 AM »
so last night i had a dream , a dream about motherfucking CDDA , the thing is , i remember the thing perfectly , i spawn in what i think is an evac shelter , mainly because of having like 16 windows and BIG FUCKING SIGN saying "Evacuation"
from there i went on to making a crowbar , but then it got real fucking downhill and i was swarmed by chicken walkers and tank drones , i think there was a couple 'o' manhacks there too
long story short i got stepped on and squished by a huge ass chicken walker

bonus points that i am a lucid dreamer (when i'm in a dream , i know i am in a dream , so i can pretty much control myself and the dream)

10/10 would dream again

just like in DF , this question pops up alot , do you treat them as actual people or just meatshields ?
i just RP that shit , make them actual clothing , cook them food , make them weapons , pretty much deck them out
and i bury them , too , when they die
how about ya guys ?

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Items Fixing Themselves ?
« on: November 11, 2016, 09:43:25 AM »
just looted a riot helmet off of a zombie cop , it was on its last degradation thing (..)
about 20 minutes after looting , i went home , when i dropped the helmet off , it had (/.)
bug ?

i know that the defailt game , blazes part pack and the folding part pack add some foldable parts
i know the small electric motor and foot crank are foldable , but what about gas or diesel engines ?
also i know solars and small liquid tanks are foldable , also batteries , but if i can get the list of all foldable parts in the default game and these two mods that'd be great

TL;DR: is there a foldable engine that isnt electric or muscle powered ?

since i'm half established right now , i started work on something called a "survivor's quad"
7 wooden frames like so :
4 wheels on the corners , powered by a pedal , cart on the back

how much do you think i can upgrade this with no hacksaw and no glare protection ?
i also have a makeshift welder with 2500 batteries and level 4 mechanics

The Library - Lore, Stories, and Creative Endeavours / Radio Chat RP topic
« on: November 02, 2016, 04:18:00 PM »
since radios are a bit useless , i thought we could "create a chat" here ,you need have a radio and for each sentence you say will cost you 1 charge , talk about pretty much anything going in your game , but keep it RPish , if you get me
i'll go first
???:hello ? ..... is anyone there ? ... (static)...this is ba....i th...nk one of them got arm is infe...ted , badly , there is a pharmacy nearby bu... i m..... not make it , remember me , Ous.....Oh shit , they're here , please , for all ou.. sakes , surv.... (transmission ended)

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Cooked Tv Dinner Bug
« on: October 30, 2016, 05:54:28 PM »
Uncooked Tv Dinner has 50 nutrition
Cooked Tv Dinner has 36

in the cooked version the description says "...and is more filling...." so i assumed this is a bug

Meta : usually i'll just stick to cooked meat and cooked wild herbs , maybe even a meat/veggie sandwich if i'm feeling great

RP : when i'm feeling a little of that RP in my bones or if i just did something grand like clear out an outpost or lab , i'll make myself a feast , deluxe scrambled eggs here , sandwiches there , and even some pizzas if i'm feeling really good

i mostly reserve non-perishables for emergencies , and only eat them if i absolutly have to (broken arm and cant go scavenge) , its easy to get food , really , just kill a moose/dog/whatever and cook the meat , or just hit up the forest bushes and cook the wild herbs

out of topic here , but i heard that uncooked wild herbs and meat can give you parasites or someshit , is that true ?

i am 7 days into the game , From day 1 to 5 i lived in a house in my starting town and boarded it up , looted every building (2 alch stores , 1 office , 4 houses and some other shit ) and now i have a full shopping cart worth of stuff , also have a swiss knife and a glock with 7 mags worth of ammo , got a funnel and a jug to collect water and a whole load of non-perishable food , but on one day , zeds broke into my home , i was forced to leave , walked for 2 days , resting the night in a pine lean-to , now i found a cemetary and boarded it up , got funnels set up for water and right next to a forest so i can pick bushes and cook wild herbs for food , got the place boarded up and even have a makeshift bed

Where Should i go on from here ? i can post pics of the map and/or surroundings if needed

i know this is simple and all , but is it really normal to know how to hotwire a car from level 0 mechanics ?
you should at least need 1 or 2 in mechanics or maybe electronics

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