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The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Eorld creation
« on: December 18, 2016, 07:18:19 PM »
I have a decided to create for the first time to play with wander spawn on. My question is, is it possible to clear off a small area in town to establish a little community? Cause in static spawn it was easy to erase z presence from a complete town. I keep posting questions for your annoyance guys :)

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / A bug, or i dont know
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:57:42 AM »
Hi all! So I think i have found a bug... currently i can tell you which version im playing, but i have a problem.

I try to build lamps for my shelter. I got the parts. I have light wooden frame on me. I open the construction menu and select "start vehicle building", i select the location to build, time passes, it ask what should be the name of the vehicle, and nothing happens. The frame is gone from my inventory, but there is no vehicle started. Whats happening? Im doomed to live my remaining life in darkness? Or am i predestined to wipe out all the trees from earth? Thanks for the help

The Drawing Board - Suggestions, Comments, and Future Plans / Some ideas...
« on: December 14, 2016, 02:19:31 AM »
I was away from the forums, cause staying alive in the cataclysm is addictive :) The scenario is that two character and an npc are grouped in a small town called Whitelaw. The town is Z free. The surrounding land is mostly forest with FEMA camps scattered and a lot of farms. There is a good location, for a future colony if we can figure out a couple of things first. Liberty (another town) is to the south for like two hours of driving. Worth to go there, cause its full of supplies, though we already hit two milsup stores. We gathered good amount of supplies and trying to settle down in a basemant. On the street level rightnow a small workshop is about to be established. Got two operating cars, supplied rich with fuel. The mission is to cultivate the lands, hunt and gather supplies and slowly develop into a small selfsupporting community. We try to establish a safe zone for other survivors, who are willing to build a new world.

The questions i have...

Is there any will, idea behind community management?
I was thinking, maybe such approach could be used for ease, that we can set a timetable. There would be a list of names, and a set of selectable tasks (like hunting, gather wood, gather water, craft, repair, explore etc) and for the set amount of hours that npc would be taken out from the reality bubble, and return to the same spot, with random effects (found item, wounds)

Is it possible to order NPCs to consturct?
Would be nice to outsource some of these tasks.

There is two basement located close to each other. Is it possible to dig a tunnel to connect the two underground?

How can a player, make a basement to have a light system? Right now I can only craft next to campfires which is depleting our 2x4s fast. I would like to have a small generator to power a small lightsource, just enought to read or craft.

Im using static spawn. If i clear a section of the map from all monster and enemy, will there be some in the future? or it is clear forever?

Right now thats it. Im thanking anybody for the answers!

I picked up cataclysm a couple of months ago and since then, it has become my favorite game. Im missing from contemporary games, that involve imagination and immersion. So congrats to everybody involved in the Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead project.  I still dont know a lot of things how to do stuff (for example base related things), but i have evolved into a competent survivor. I usually set up a couple of characters into the same world and try to rally them to the same spot, and establish a stronghold. I was wondering where does the development going? what are now the focuses, cause i have some questions:

-is it possible to transport a character? What i mean, that two characters are in the same world. One character ends his turn (saves and quit) in a car, on the passenger seat. The other character gets into the same car, as the driver and drives to a different location. Ends his turn (save and quit). First character on the passenger seats loads the game, and is on the new location where the car is now. Rightnow the character stays at the spot, even if the car has been moved.

-Is it possible to make multiple player character exist in the same world? If I play characterA and move in the generated world, I can bumb into characterB as a stationary NPC.

I have to admit, that i dont posses any coding skills or experience, but i was thinking about possible functions to existing things, but I dont know where i could post about this. If anybody would be so kind to point me to the right direction, would be aprecitiated

I think it would do good  for immersion, if there would be more text ingame depicting various events. There could be also a journal like option, where players could write their stories.  How can I make preset characters? And how can I spawn multiple characters to the same location?

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