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So this is something that have just happened to me.

I recruited this NPC that gave me the quest to find patient records. Being the person that I am I decided to wait until we are a little more prepared before venturing that deep into zed territory.

First of all, I didn't even know this quest was timed. Why would it even be timed? It's not like she will-

She just spontaneously died for no reason.

What I think happened here is that some stray code from the antibiotics mission got tied up in here which caused the mission to be timed and kill off the NPC if failed to complete in the allotted time. Did anyone else notice this?

EDIT: Windows XP ( I know... ) SP 3 / Graphical version

My unarmed was stuck at 3 for a while, despite me fighting semi-frequently with just my fists. I don't get any exp at all, whether I fight against a petty zombie or mi-go's and zombie brutes. Kinda sucks since I've really wanted that counter-attack on brawling. :<

It's really simple.

- Make a pair of wooden clogs ( fabrication 3 ) using 2 pieces of splintered wood.
- Cut them up
- You'll get 4-5 pieces of splintered wood in return.

As I've mentioned in the topic, it's fairly useless as wooden clogs take almost 1.5 hour to make, so I don't think anybody would use it. Still, it bothered me.

I sometimes find houses ( I only noticed it in normal houses so far ) that have some furniture 'embedded' inside walls. If it's something draggable then you can casually remove it from the wall.

This was happening for some time and I noticed it in the earlier builds too.

I've went to a survivor house ( the one with boarded up windows ) and decided to disarm the 2 shotgun traps that were there.

I failed both times, and I almost died due to torso hits.

However, once I disarmed them, both of them dropped an item called undefined-shotgun_sawns

It has a negative 0 price, no weight or volume, is in the OTHER category and the description says "Missing item definition for shotgun_sawn"

I am the only one who encountered this?


Some additional info. I genned this world in Experimental 5633 and transferred it from that version to the one in the title. Also, the sawn off shotguns still have their graphics, so I think it must be something with the .json file.

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