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what's up with snow 5 out of 7 days of the week in spring? that's totally unrealistic, it actually seems that snowing is by far the most common weather in spring season honestly, i've seen hail during spring once in my entire lifetime, but never snow.

i keep getting windows error type crashes with the latest build while running it in borderless windowed, basically i'll have it open on the main monitor and click on a secondary or tertiary one to post something to the forums or other things and that causes the game to crash.

is this a problem with borderless windowed? or maybe the recent builds? i've lost two saves to this already, so it's kinda keeping me from wanting to start a new character until i know the game isn't going to crash all the time.

not sure what causes this at all, it seems to happen at random.

it would be nice to be able to ask recruited NPC followers to help you haul a large amount of items back to a location, what if there was a command in dialogue that made them pick up everything they can hold while not moving beyond your immediate smallest vision range and another command to have them drop everything they don't have tagged as they "own it" like personal equipment.

i'm honestly not sure if the current way radiation typically works is intended or just waiting on more polish, but in my experiences rolling around in nuclear waste in the cataclysm it seems to always be random single tiles that have radiation dosing going on.

i suppose, if we assume that there is some (probably microscopic in a lot of cases) radioactive particle left there emitting the radiation then this makes a lot more sense, but i've always thought personally that radiation in cataclysm could be improved through one or two approaches:

1. blanket radiation, for areas that are intended to be highly radioactive i would think the most simple and sense making way to represent it would be the entire building emits radiation constantly as well as bleeding out of the structure into a few tiles of standard grass or whatever type of terrain that would extend past the boundary in all directions.

2. more radiant point radiation, i feel that most if not all radiation sources should accurately be an Area of Effect of some size or another, for something emitting lots of rads in an area that's mostly clean, like a vial of plutonium in or whatever a few tiles near the source depending on intensity would also emit radiation at a reduced ratio to the source.

additionally, in cases where it would make sense, maybe the cleaner robots should actually be able to sanitize a certain tile of radiation, not sure if that would really be doable to give terrain tiles a true/false flag whether or not they're radioactive at all and to be fair it would probably be somewhat unwanted by at least some players as well - if i find FREE radiation, i'm GOING to take some, believe me, it's a valuable resource in my eyes - so maybe the cleaners could produce a container of some sort that would let you take it to contaminate another area if you so choose.

this is an old one but a good one, managed to spot a seweranha which i assume must have been underground while i was in a house and my NPC companion seemed to be trying to kill a smoker zombie i've still never figured out if it existed or not (i'm guessing it was in a basement though), this has been a problem for quite a long time now, probably almost a year.


i started disassembling this vehicle being very hungry, slaked and well rested, suddenly i'm pulled out of the menu by death.
no warnings, no indications i was even in pain, or hungry, no clue how i busted my head, or arms very nearly, this makes no sense.

what the fuck?

what happened to warning us about this sort of thing before death takes you in the middle of undoing a screw?


wanted to report these but not sure which mod causes it for the most part.

the maximum is too narrow, is there a way to go above that?
2560x1440 @ 16:9

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