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Currently, recepies are listed in the crafting menu by the end product. If multiple recepies have the same result, they also get the same name. We have the tag "id_suffixā€¯ as to not have variant recepies overwrite each other, but this is not visible to the player. Soups are an example of this. The liquid only, the soup in a mason jar, and the soup in a tin can are identically named.

I propose that recepies be given an optional value in JSON giving display names. The format could be something akin to
Code: [Select]
"name" : "jar of %s" where %s inserts the crafting product. If no name is given in a recipe, assume
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"name" : "%s" In addition to differentiating variant recepies, this could give some more flavor to recepies, communicating to the player how they are crafting something. For example, "bake flatbread" or "whittle pointy stick".

On a scale from flipping a boolean to rewriting the game, how hard would this be to implement?

As it stands, the integrated toolset does pretty much everything crafting related. Almost all relevant tools, welding, and soldering. I propose that the toolset be split up into multiple CMBs so that crafters CMBs are more nuanced. Proposed new bionics below:

  • Integrated Toolset: Remove welidning, soldering, and any large tool. Now more like a toolbox sans woodsaw with hammering, bolt turning, (fine) screw driving, hammering, metal sawing, drilling, and butchering. Possbible inclusion of tongs and chisel if these are made into qualities. Perhaps throw in food cooking 1 as a bonus.
  • Rubble Clearing Tool: This CMB would be framed as a tool for firefighters and rescue workers to clear rubble in car crashes and collapsed buildings. It could include prying, digging, jacking, wood sawing, wood cutting, and metal sawing.
  • Bionic Welder: This would simply be the bioninc acting as a welder, soldering iron, and hotplate. Perhaps you could fold in the mini-flamethrower into this bionic.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Ammo Belt Mod
« on: May 19, 2017, 05:43:47 PM »
A mod that adds single use cloth ammo belts for shotshell, .50, .308, and .223. Includes a variant belt feed adapter which is applicable on most guns of the aforementioned calibers with some kind of feed system.

Latest release at:

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