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Currently, you can't store solid obects in containers, as you can with liquids. Would it be possible to make an object that "encapsulates" a number of items chosen by the player, stores a list of them and unloads them from the game resulting in a box with weight dependent on what items were deposited when sealed? Think of it like an carryable item equivalen of a crate. You could put spare food/water/medicine as to not accidentally use it in crafting or to leave at a safehouse. You could migrate First Aid Kits and MREs to be sealed "boxes" instead of specific items to be deconstructed. You could box all the random weapons you don't use to reduce clutter in the inventory.

"Boxing" could potentially increase performance, as a sealed box could require less calculations than the multiple different items contained therein.
A "NO_BOXING" flag would need to be added for time/charge dependent items such as activated flashlight and grenades as they would be unloaded inside the box.


During times of oil shortage (especially during WII) combustion engines were converted to run on wood or coal using wood gasifiers. This fits the apocalyptic aestethic, is feasable to make with existing combustion engines, and is more practical than steam engines (at least in the short term).


The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Tool Bundle
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:56:26 PM »
The Tool Bundle mod adds the titular tool bundle, an item that acts as a sheath/holster/belt for most tools. It can hold 20 different items without restrictions on weight or volume. This does not mean you get magical storage, as the weight and volume of the bundle is derived from it's contents. Thus this is a mod for those who like to keep an organized toolkit. Additionally, sheathes and scabbards can be stored in the bundle, enabling you to store knives and swords.

I enabled holstering the tools by adding the BELT_CLIP tag to numerous items. Thus the capability of the tool belt and the fireman's belt has been expanded upon as a byproduct.

If a tool in the mainline game and should fit in the bundle, let me know and I'll add it.


I'm looking at adding more requirement lists to the game. However, there is no current ID naming convention to differentiate reqs from singular items, and I feel that that could lead to confusion down the road. Would a suffix in the ID, such as something_type, something_like, or something_req be suitable for a item requirement list?

As it currently stands we have two system for modifying items in-game: gunmods and toolmods (also clothing mods, but that is a dead end dev-wise). Gunmods use multiple predefined slots for different mods, while toolmods are limited to one mod per tool (as far as I can tell). While, if memory serves  e right, Kevin has expressed a preference for creating new items instead of adding more itemmods, I would like the capability to create itemmods for different items, be they weapons, clothing, or tools, in addons of my creation. Would it be feasable to create a generic framework for itemmods where an item can have multiple itemmods with optional slot restrictions? If a modification system for power armor or PA accessories were to be created at some point, it might be timely to implement a generic framework as a part of this.

Inspired revelation or idiotic ramblings? Discuss!

I've touched upon this in another thread, but the whole "refined carbs are bad" thing still feels off to me. While modern nutritional science does expand our knowledge in regards to health, it does operate with the assumption of a caloric surplus (in the western world). If tomatoes and lettuce becomes better base foodstuffs than flour, sugar, and lard, it clashes thematicaly with Cata as a apocalyptic survival game. Of course, if we outright state that food should be abundant as a game design choice, my objections becomes pretty moot, but to my knowledge no such statement or (pseudo)consesus has been made/reached.

If we are to going down the road of caloric scarcity, I would suggest lookng at historic times of starvation and/or rationing. What food was considered valuable? What was prioritised in agriculture?

Are there plans for implementing the wandering hordes system currently used for zombies only for other factions (post 0.D release)? Would it be possible to have a general system for non-human overmap movement, faction specific behaviour not withstanding? For clarity, I'm not refering to storing individual monsters states and movement.

Although this has been discussed multiple times in the past and will be again in the future, I felt the need to add my own ideas to the pile. So let’s get our turnout gear against the flame war, because I want to talk about the food system.

To start of, this is not directly about the controversial vitamin system. However, it does propose more simulationist aspects the game. As of writing this post, the two main components to the consumables are hunger and thirst. These are tracked independently of each other, although many food items affect both. Especially the hunger value seems to be a combination of satiation and caloric intake, which to me seems a bit simplistic in contrast to the complexity and depth that otherwise permeates this game. My proposed armchair game designer suggestion is as follows.
The main food system, not counting vitamins and other potential macronutrients should be comprised of three stats: hydration, energy, and satiation.

Hydration would be conceptually simple, how much water your body contains. The difference from the current thirst would be that there is no hard cap on how much you could drink. Upon drinking  excessive amounts water poisoning could be possible, but otherwise the water loss should be proportional to your current hydration. If you had a lot of water, your hydration loss would be higher as the body expels excess water through multiple means. If you were dehydrated (with associated debuffs) your body would conserve water. If hydration reaches 0, the character dies. This system would discourage the practice of drinking large amounts of water between periods of willing dehydration.

Energy would represent the caloric content of a food item. Similar to hydration this would be calibrated as 0 meaning a dead character. This could also be uncapped stat, with moderate diminishing returns on uptake for high energy levels, with additional penalties as the character grows fat. Low levels would of course also give debuffs from starvation, yet metabolism would lower to conserve energy.

Satiation is the fullness of the stomach. Both food and drink would have a satiation value partially based on their volume. Drinks moves quickly through the intestines which can be modelled as them having low satiation in comparison to their volume. Satiation would be capped, but would not be hazardous at low levels. Satiation has the role of acting as limiter to food and water intake, and to affect mood. Being hungry is a miserable experience, but is in itself not lethal assuming access to water and calories.

This could further be leveraged by mutations and bionics. A predator gorging on large amounts of meat between longer periods of dormancy? A bionic serving as an artificial camel hump, reducing water loss at high levels of hydration?

Please discuss.

Currently, recepies are listed in the crafting menu by the end product. If multiple recepies have the same result, they also get the same name. We have the tag "id_suffix” as to not have variant recepies overwrite each other, but this is not visible to the player. Soups are an example of this. The liquid only, the soup in a mason jar, and the soup in a tin can are identically named.

I propose that recepies be given an optional value in JSON giving display names. The format could be something akin to
Code: [Select]
"name" : "jar of %s" where %s inserts the crafting product. If no name is given in a recipe, assume
Code: [Select]
"name" : "%s" In addition to differentiating variant recepies, this could give some more flavor to recepies, communicating to the player how they are crafting something. For example, "bake flatbread" or "whittle pointy stick".

On a scale from flipping a boolean to rewriting the game, how hard would this be to implement?

As it stands, the integrated toolset does pretty much everything crafting related. Almost all relevant tools, welding, and soldering. I propose that the toolset be split up into multiple CMBs so that crafters CMBs are more nuanced. Proposed new bionics below:

  • Integrated Toolset: Remove welidning, soldering, and any large tool. Now more like a toolbox sans woodsaw with hammering, bolt turning, (fine) screw driving, hammering, metal sawing, drilling, and butchering. Possbible inclusion of tongs and chisel if these are made into qualities. Perhaps throw in food cooking 1 as a bonus.
  • Rubble Clearing Tool: This CMB would be framed as a tool for firefighters and rescue workers to clear rubble in car crashes and collapsed buildings. It could include prying, digging, jacking, wood sawing, wood cutting, and metal sawing.
  • Bionic Welder: This would simply be the bioninc acting as a welder, soldering iron, and hotplate. Perhaps you could fold in the mini-flamethrower into this bionic.

The Lab - Contributions and Mods / Ammo Belt Mod
« on: May 19, 2017, 05:43:47 PM »
A mod that adds single use cloth ammo belts for shotshell, .50, .308, and .223. Includes a variant belt feed adapter which is applicable on most guns of the aforementioned calibers with some kind of feed system.

Latest release at:

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