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   Effectively I think there should be some sort of debuffs you could inflict enemies with. Now I don't mean like special moves the player does, but maybe there is some chance with a certain melee skill or something that you kick a hostile NPC in the nuts causing them to temporarily slow down. Maybe a club can stab a zombie if you hit it hard enough. Maybe, if the winds of luck blow in the right way that one arrow won't just hit the head but stab near the eye making their attacks for a while less likely hit. Sweep under the legs and knock them over maybe? The higher skill level in something the better than you will do something extra cool! Dang, that arrow just pierced through two zombies? Now of course to successfully shoot through two enemies and keep the arrow intact not only are you going to need to be really skilled but you gotta have good gear, better stuff should help too!
   Maybe there is something like this already in the game but I think this would be cool function. I would like to accidentally slash the zombie next to me also

   Wha, what happened? I went to bed and just died with a sentence like this? What the heck? If this is about eating badly I'm fairly certain a human can survive off of mostly meat and water for a long time, especially with occasional protein shakes, healthy oatmeal, and just some other random noms. That game said to eat healthy that day, so I did, and I died. Hmm, is this some sort of messed up troll? "Oh ya you make sure today you eat really healthy and then you die! You aren't allowed to eat good silly!"
   If it isn't that then what else is going on? If this is a new function it is a really dumb one, once you get to a certain point in a town (even a big one), it is hard to find anything to eat and drink other than meat and water. I didn't get into summer even, so fruit from the nearby forest was not applicable. Anywhere with food that would be healthy and isn't spoiled is blocked by hoards of zombies!
   What am I supposed to do with this?

I've taken a long break from playing Cataclysm, and when I got back into it I seem to be taking way more infections than I used to. Is this a change, just me or what? I stopped playing for a couple of months and so it would not surprise me if a fair bit has changed.

I haven't fully experimented with this yet, because if it is wrong it will be a massive pain, but I hate that my friend can't just pick up his own crossbow bolts; I need to give each one back to him manually. I did *crossbow* in autopickup, but I'm not sure if I turn 'allow pick up items' will make him only take things in autopick. I would have done *crossbow bolts or something like that but I don't really run into much crossbows in the first place. Any help?

Soooo, the nearest city is crazy far away, and I'd prefer to not walk the entire time, so I wanna build a vehicle! But can my buddy McGovern hop onto a seat and ride with me? I don't wanna leave him behind, he serves as extra storage, extra melee, distraction, and company! We haven't known each other long, but I don't wanna leave him behind inside a less-zombie-infested-city! Where I live is practically out of recourses and there isn't much point in sticking around

   This is effectively that an NPC will ask you to do something like kill 'x' amount of zombies or maybe zombie brute. A non-allied NPC can maybe also get targeted for a mission. I am not sure how the details in it would work but things like this seems like a really cool idea to me.

   I keep having trouble with mission. Half the time they aren't programmed in or something like that. and whenever I start a mission if I train before I complete it no longer allows me to finish; the chat option to finish it never pops up.

   My story is simple, I run around punching everything to death. Muay tai plus 20 strength and amazing armor with max skill in unarmed combat and melee means one hit kills on many of the existing enemies. Roland also likes to eat people and is slightly insane.

   I don't know if this is already going in or anything, but more interactions and options to talk with your followers and random NPCs would be interesting. I also am not certain if traits for NPCs would be added at some point. I think I might have once been told but I forgot. I'd love if even just a mild verso. Of that would be added. What is the point of even showing where the traits would be in NPCs info if it is NEVER used? You might as well get rid of it entirely.

   I am not entirely sure this would go here, but I have been trying to figure out how to make the useless  (to me) notifications about different forum discussions that I don't care to see ever again. I sometimes only intend to comment like once or twice and not care about the discussion after that. Any help?

   I could simply be a derp and notice this being a thing, but would it be possible to store storage? Not like the tardis of course, but smaller objects can go in large ones. If there is not a big enough storage option I feel like you should be able to make a 'mystery meat' storage. either had a could of people in or a couple of zombies. Or other stuff for that matter. and also a form that keeps it cold.

   I'm not saying this to be a pervert or anything, I am simply being realistic. The apocalypse has happened and few people are left, sooooo eventually after you are set up and safe enough it would make sense to eventually er, 'make love,' if nothing else but the continuation of the human race. Either you have kids or you clone yourself (Which I don't think has been invented yet, Right?).
   Also, I feel like NPCs should get traits, and your children would get a mixture of the mother's and father's traits (With a small chance of unique ones, or at least as they age.) I imagine that to make it no too much of a waste of time, it would take like two or three season for the child to at least reach teen level. And what would also be cool, is if you die you can choose to be your child rather than a brand new character.
   There is of course the part of them being WILLING also. If you assist someone a lot it would make sense they they would be more willing, and maybe a relationship thing can happen in more detail. Speech skill and traits/mutations will also matter to some extend. Why would a normal human be easily willing to sleep with someone who has fangs, a tail and fur? Also, a new starting trait possible would be cool, something like 'non-racist' as a positive (And for realism 'racist' trait as bad) Also, once again for realism, the option of character gen would be your skin color (Which also factors into what can happen to NPCs) You could simply have neither and be neutral toward any skin color too. You COULD add rape, but me being a major hater of that (Cuz it is messed to a very large margin) would prefer not. But of course, realism.
   Realism type things have been added quite a lot in CDDA as of late if I recall, but you detailed you would want to go is up to you.

   Let's just cut to the chase, I don't expect multiplayer to be easy or fast to program in, but it would be amazing:)

     I am simply a bit curious as to more details of how wander spawns work. Not into things like coding or anything, but it seems like with wander spawns there is a LOT more enemies; I lowered the spawn rate to 0.80 and hordes seemed to cover at least 1/4 of the map. I could just be wrong, but in the past when I used wander spawns there would be a lot of enemies but not that much. Also, just to verify, the 'Z' on the map represents a large amount of zombies right? Like a horde or something? I figured that is what it is.

   EXCUSE ME?!?! I love spam! It is amazing! It is not an uncommon like either. I like it cold, I like it hot, I like it with beans too. Spam is tasty, why would I not like it? I'm not a vegan or anything like that! Spam is worth at least 20 enjoyability in my opinion. This needs to change ASAP! If I knew how to make mods I make one simply to make Spam increase moral by 20 or something like that. Is this biased or something? (And I'm not just being biased since many people like spam. Hawaiians eat a bunch of it, I know that)
   REAL Trivia Fact: Consumers in the US eat 3 cans per minute. They don't eat it for no reason! (Of course this does not show how many people eat it, but it must be a lot for 3 a minute!)
   Have the creators of CDDA simply never had good quality spam? Get Spam brand spam if nothing else; Make sure you aren't just trying really low quality crappy luncheon meats. Do you not understand taste? When I found a can of spam, I ate it immediately expecting that I'd get a good mood buff, but SUPPOSEDLY it is gross. Why? Just why?

   To sum it up: Spam is considered tasty by a very large amount of the people in the world; it should not give a moral debuff, but a bonus to moral instead; Making Spam 'not tasty' in the game seems rather biased; I, knowing that an Incredibly large amount of people LIKE spam, am NOT being biased (However that misconception would be understood despite not being true)

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