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Ideally, it would function identical to the mp3 player already in the game. However, it wouldn't require batteries. Of course, it would be controlled via the vehicle controls menu:

1. Enable cruise control
2. Turn on headlights
3. Turn on the radio
4. Exit vehicle
5. Do nothing

Anyhow, I'll be adding this feature to my fork and submitting a pull request to the main branch in the next couple of days. I just wanted to get some feedback on the idea, first.

Trash bins! I'd love to see functional trash bins in the game. Especially, if they have appropriately ironic slogans printed on the side when examined.

Examples include:

"Do Your Part! Save Our Planet!"

"Don't Let Our World Perish! Recycle!"

"Go Green for Life!"

"Go Green Or Die!"

"Nature Saves Us, We Must Save Nature"

Also, some (or all) bins could provide permanent disposal for whatever is thrown into them.


The last three nightly builds CTD on even the simplest of tasks. For example, cleaning up a broken window. Also, CTD when choosing "N" to "Heard a crash! Stop crafting?" message. The mouse cursor spins for a bit, then CTD.

I waited to mention it, because I thought it might go away with the next nightly build. Nope, I was wrong.

I'd love to have a simple mechanism for storing and/or reusing the random seed used for world map generation. I, for one, have lost many interesting and challenging world maps to these issues. This would make restoring that deleted save, or recovering after a save corruption, far less painful.

I hope I'm not alone here!

Version: 0.5-314-g1f4459a-dirty

Game crashes after selecting a task in the construction menu, but before being asked to choose a direction to build. Strangely, the crash occurs in the MinGW compile, but doesn't occur in the MinGW+Code::Blocks compile.

Tattered or shredded clothing drops make perfect sense for nail boards/bats, and many other melee weapons, but not for weapons with certain ammo. Pebbles and arrows, for starters, shouldn't leave clothing shredded or tattered. This could, possibly, be applied to weapons using small caliber rounds, also, but that needs further discussion.

I went to 'Forum Profile' to update the URL to my avatar, and not only did it refuse to save the URL, but it broke the old URL. Could someone with administrative powers please reset my avatar URL, or simply set it to this URL:

Thank you!

You whack the grabber zombie for 19 damage.

This idea came to me while slaying a mob of zeds the other day. Damage to enemies should be descriptive, not numerical. This would make the game more consistent, improve realism and make combat far more interesting and fun. What does 19 damage to a grabber zombie actually mean to our characters, or to us? I haven't fully formed all of my ideas, yet, but that's why we have forums to discuss these things! ;)

Here are some ideas to get things rolling:

1. Assign simple phrases based on the location, type and amount of damage.


You hit the zombie for 5 damage.
You whack the zombie for 17 damage.
Headshot! You bash the zombie for 31 damage.


You graze the zombie's leg doing imperceptible damage.
You slice the zombie sending pieces of flesh and bone flying.
Headshot! You smash the zombie in the head crushing it's jaw.

2. As above, but find the percentage* of damage in a range, and use these ranges to assign descriptive labels, etc.
(* damage รท current health, or damage รท max health)

Option (a) 1-25%, 26-55, 56-70, 71-80, 81-85, 86-90, 91-95, 95+
- Ranges decrease in size as damage increases, allowing for more rare descriptions when damage levels are at their highest.

Option (b) 1-10%, 11-20%, 21-30%, 31-40%, ...90%+
- Ranges in increments of 10%. Boring.

Option (c) 1-5%, 6-15%, 16-30%, 31-50%, 51-75%, 76%+
- Ranges increase as damage increases, allowing for an even growth.

3. Perception 12+ could enhance descriptions further.

More to come...

GlyphGryph, here are links to the raw recordings on YouTube, for future reference. I'm sure better quality are available somewhere.





Well, I just learned that Skill Comprehension is broken and being capped at 100%, regardless of Int/traits. (I'm looking at you Fast Learner!) This definitely affects gameplay/tactics. Are there any other broken game mechanics that I should know about? But, especially, mechanics related to character creation. To me, broken mechanics in-game are just difficulty modifiers! ;)

Edit: borked > broken

After much time and frustration I've learned that the MinGW instructions for compiling Cataclysm-DDA are lacking a few bits of information. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Download the latest Cataclysm-DDA source code.

2. Extract the compressed file to the folder of your choice. Example: C:\github\Cataclysm-DDA

3. Download the latest MinGW installer.

4. Run MinGW installer and check the box for C++ Compiler and MinGW Developer ToolKit options. (NOTE: If we fail to install these options, then compiling will fail.)

5. Start the MinGW Shell. Start \ Programs \ MinGW \ MinGW Shell

6. A new window will open. At the prompt, change to the folder containing the source code we extracted in Step 2:

cd C:\github\Cataclysm-DDA

7. Once inside the correct directory run the following commands:

make clean
make -f Makefile.Windows

NOTE: The compile will take several minutes to complete.

8. Profit!

We can open cataclysm.exe directly from this folder, or we could copy the data folder and cataclysm.exe to another folder of our choice. Example: C:\games\Cataclysm-DDA

I remember reading that the order in which we Wear items is important. Anyway, I put my reinforced trench coat on after my rain coat, which was put on after a tank top and a polo shirt. Somehow, a wolf attack ripped the tank top and t-shirt but left the two large coats intact?

Am I just doing it wrong?


The current safe mode setting is saved when performing a Save/Quit, but the current auto-safe mode setting is lost.

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