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So, yes, I know, increasing difficulties have been a topic that spawns again and again.
Last time I started a topic, was some ideas about customizing your own guns and all which I still feel strongly for the idea an all, but here is something, much more plausible in my opinion.
I just re read this for the first time in a good long time, almost a year maybe?
"[17:38] <@GlyphGryph> I know there are a lot of people who want it to be a zombie game first and foremost"
"[17:39] <@GlyphGryph> Well right now they are basically a transitionary step for the netherum invasion, since it is using them to establish a foothold in our world until it figured  out a way to adapt"
These jumped out at me particularly, and I assume the second quote meant the Slimes/Goo using the Zombies as stated earlier in that document.

Anyway, a more, long term goal came to mind. Slimes. Slimes started this, right? And so, maybe having slimes become more deadly by spreading out further and further (as planned, like the mycus and all) but taking over the Zombies. So, I saw mention of
"In line with our plans for progressive difficulty, they can certainly become tougher, develop special abilities, etc" in reference to the zombies.
So, why not, the goo actually spreads to cities and when Z's becoming exposed and maybe even other wildlife, they mutate/evolve/develop special abilities, etc?
((Also, while typing this up and looking for these quotes I reread the last bit, just realizing that this sort of idea was vaguely in there.))
Anyway, I think this should be open to discussion? What do you'd think?
I'm not to sure on how or anything, it was just a sudden struck thought that came up as I was reading and so I feel like we should express our ideas regarding this.

General Discussion / Your Achievements/Goals?
« on: October 17, 2014, 01:31:31 PM »
So the community here is fairly small but great. Love it.
I read quite a bit, especially the last few days, don't talk as much as I want to.
Anyway, I figured many of you's a great people and you've all given me some good laughs in various threads.
I had a question, or well a topic that could help us all get to know each other a bit more or just share some of our interests. Something many of us, may not be able to do with most of the people we personally know because they simply just don't care or we may not be comfortbale talking to about some things?
This is kind of pointless, apart from the sake of interst, and I'm very interested in what you guys may like to say.

So, I was wondering. What goals in life did people around here have? Anything noteworthy? Even if it is important to you and not really to anyone else. If you would like to share, please do. And what do you do to help achieve these goals? What would you like to start doing? How important are these to you?

Me, I'm a student, in my last 2 weeks of school. And then exams and then.. I dunno, I'm free.
Every since the age of 9, I've wanted to write. And the last 2 years, that interest has really shown a lot more.
Ever since I was a small kid, I used to run around the back yard, pretending I was another guy in another world and it stuck. My whole life, it's been on my mind, that game. And Its been a seed of an idea, growing into a book I've wanted to write for roughly 8 years now. I always did start, then I'd give up or get bored. Until I decided to write other stuff the last couple of years, and well, lately I've written a lot more and am proud of my writing. I can see where I improve and lack and find a huge enjoyment in just writing anything down.
And thats me.
Anyone got any advice too? That would be interesting to hear from you guys to.
(Advice I hear a lot; "you's isn't a word") But of course, I have my own style of writing.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Death Bug Respawn/Clone
« on: October 17, 2014, 11:40:37 AM »
So, today I was killed like the moment I walked out of my shelter by an NPC. Really annoyed because it was a perfect start, but you know, it happens.
I decided to just close the game instead of saving and quitting or whatever. From past experience this still deletes your character and all... Your still dead. Come back an hour later and play the game, saw I can load game. So I loaded game. I'm back to life right before I attacked and got one shot in the head.
However, all my inventory and earlier dead body is on he ground at my feet. Wtf, so.. That was weird, took a step down and sure enough, I could see it all there. I'm aslo holding the same inventory I died with in mine. NPC reloads, I attack him he one shots me in the head again, I died. Thats normal. I closed the game on grave screen again, and opened it, loaded. Now my body is on the ground, dead, twice. All my inventory is on the ground on both bodies, and I'm also holding another duplicate of my inventory.
Now the NPC is running from me...
I like to imagine he's scared that I keep getting back up, leaving my body behind. So he's fleeing..
Imaginations aside, this bug needs to be fixed.

Additional Notes: Version 2e6a32e

Don't even ask why I am posting this.
I just found this so funny. Just imagine a Die Y/N message popping up when you die.
Yeah, this is kinda a pointless discussion, but hey, why not..

-Snip- "DIE? Y/N" option was added -Snip-

The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion / Achievements
« on: March 20, 2014, 09:09:59 AM »
Browsing these forums again and came across people wanting achievements in game. So, here we go, implemented achievements or not. CataDDA is technically an open world sandbox in my opinion. We know what this means. We make our own list of achievements. So anyone wants to make thier own lists of achievements, feel free. Others can copy and paste them then cross them off when done or whatever.
This boils down to Cataclysm having no goal except to survive. Oh, and the goals we make ourselves.
Just thought this was a good idea. So people, lets make a huge list of achievements here.
Loving some of Candlebury's achievements here,

Wow, so Ill start with my story. Hungry for knowledge and also bored, I was scouring the forums for, well whatever. And I came across the Welding rig after reading through about 30 or 40 pages in the Newbs, Tips, Tricks section.
This sounded amazing. I'd never used a solar powered car and this was supposedly really effective with solar power. So I gave it a try.

In game I had 5 Mechanics, 2 Fabrication and 3 electronics.
So, with my Tanto I drove my flatbed through 3 cities searching 7 libraries and smashing my flatbed far too many times. All just for a Fabrications and Electronics book. I totalled my flatbed which has most of my loot, back at a bar in a 4 building town far away, is my other loot which compromises of Wood, scrap and electronic parts as well as a lot of MRE meals. But everything else was in that flatbed stuck in the middle of town. This was the 3rd time I lost my engine, but I lost my 2 front wheels too.

I got swarmed by maybe about 50 Z's or so, and somehow managed to melee through them all. It was after then I checked my stats. Wow, 8 melee... I started the game with 0. Never noticed it had risen so much.
Now I managed to hang around, and survive in the center of town around my flatbed for a few days. Kept being woken in the night as I slept. (A week later I realised it was because of that lightstrip on the seat I sleep in attracting Z's)
So I managed to get the my skills up. Fabs to 3, Electronics to 5 and Mechanics to 5. By what I had read on the forums, this should have been enough. Nope.
I needed the Recipe from a book. Curse the day this update was out. Turns out I had the book. Got my mechanics to 6. Still got all recipes I could at this level. I got my mechanics to 8. Then got every recipe I could out of the book.
It was a mechanics book so I assumed I needed mechanics to learn the recipe. This was all while surviving hordes in the middle of the city.

So I read books to raise my electronics, then after another couple of days, I got my Fabs skill to 5. Finally, it let me learn the Welding Rig from the book. So I lived in the middle of town for well over a week in game just to learn how to make a Welding Rig.
Then, I stole a car battery and some different sized wheels and fixed up my car, driving my car back to the bar that was so far away but I remembered had everything I needed to make this rig. And I put it on my car, then later I totalled my car AGAIN! outside a hotel area. I did a similar thing (this was where I realised the lightstrip was showing enemies where I slept.

During the week and a half I lived here, hunting for food and water, I got attacked by Z dogs and Zombears at least 5 times a day.
Every time they would damage my vehicle. I had 2 solar panels from a broken vehicle on my flatbed and it was sufficent to never need batteries again. Wow. It was always raining and acid raining too. So I made an RV kitchen for my Flatbed after burning down three houses during my time there just to boil water and cook meat.

This made everything so much easier. Anyway, with the Welding Rig, I heavily changed my flatbed a lot. Over the week and I half I let it stay totalled. (This was also due to the battery staying on 0%)

Eventually I had it to 6 solar panels, and now it recharges a lot better. So I added another car battery and a lot of steel frames and sheet metal to adjust to the heavy modding of extending it and moving all the trunks. And then moved it to my bar. Then I repaired it so all parts are on perfect. Now I have changed the vehicle completely and from all this.. (Sorry about the long story) I have a few questions.

Question 1) What is with the excessive amounts of Zombears and Zombie Dogs? They are a nuisance and kept damaging my vehicles. I no at least 4 dogs a day attacked me. (Yes I pulped every corpse) And 1 to 3 Zombears would attack me.

Question 2) How exactly does Solar powered cars work? What vehicle parts do I need? Also why cant I have now put a car alternator on my vehicle? It never shows up anymore.

Question 3) What can I do to avoid Zombies smashing my car so easily? They have taken out my battery twice. (As in fully destroyed it) The 3rd and 4th time was my fail driving. Now the battery is in the middle of the car along with an Electrical motor.

Question 4) Does the order I place things on a single tile of my car matter?
Thanks people, and sorry about that long story. It's been the highlight of all my games.

Just been reading through a few pages of several threads when I remembered. A lot of people dislike how easy bushes are to use and other similar objects.
I just thought of this, and for many other reasons this would be a nice effect. Stumbling zombies.
What if Z's stumbled around diagonally as well when chasing you.
Checks what the last direction you ran was in. So if you moved left or right, the Z might have a chance of moving diagonally towards you, but not in a direction that causes it to be more then 2 squares up or down from you. If you moved up or down, the Z might have a chance of moving diagonally towards you but not in a direction that causes it to be more then 2 squares to the left or right of you.
Thus we have the effect of Zombies moving towards you a little more randomly. And it gives the idea that are stumbling/moping around/whatever you want to think of it as.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / Linux Starting Up
« on: March 03, 2014, 04:10:52 AM »
So, I haven't had Linux for long. Fairly new to it. Now when I try to run Cataclysm via
I get this in return
./cataclysm-launcher: 19: exec: ./cataclysm-tiles : not found

Suddenly started playing again.
Actually I recently got Linux on my new laptop. First time using Linux but after a while, got Dwarf Fortress and Cataclysm working on there, something about 32 but libraries..
Anyway, to the point. I haven't played Cataclysm in ages, and am wondering, what is the difference between the Graphical and Console versions?

Now, I have a game breaking bug, Im not sure if fixed but this is in the latest stable for Linux. And maybe the others. But when I pick up an item, and I pressed 1-9 etc to pick up only a few, I pick the item up, and a copy is still left on the ground. This works with all items as far as I know.
Whats more is if I pick up a radio or anything with batteries, or a lighter with fluids (anything with charges). I press 2 the pick up the radio (100), it will pick up a radio with 2 batteries in it, etc, and leave the radio behind with 98. Duplicating the radio. But if it is an item without charges, it will duplicate the item as well.

For an actual conversation on Cataclysm 2, go here:

So, today a friend of mine sent me this link.
Just wanted to share, in case people haven't seen this yet.
I haven't got a twitter account, but I was curious as to why, he's working on a Cataclysm 2? I mean, Whales is the original developer of Cataclysm, before it was picked up and made into DDA, right?
I'm curious as to why he is making a Cataclysm 2 and not, joining the DDA devs to work on DDA. What does he plan to make different with Cataclysm 2 then Cataclysm DDA or the Original?
I just thought I'd post here anyway. And wanted to know what other's think about this.
I don't know much about Whales and the earlier Cataclysm game. But this just picked up me and my mates interest almost right away.

The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help / My Game crashes on Load Game
« on: December 11, 2013, 11:41:56 AM »
Windows Stable 0.9
I've got a problem. I was just playing perfectly fine, Saved and Quit, because I save often. Loaded game and program crashed.
Started up the game again, loaded my save, crashed.
I was doing so well, this is my best character yet, and I don't want to need to restart now. But if I have to, I guess I have to.
I've zipped up the save, but I have no idea how you want to share it, if want to look at the problem.
Every time I load the save, the game will say Loading, the 3000/10000 etc and then when it finishes, the program crashes.

So, I've found PDA's in an Electronics store and I quite like them, Rather useful for giving light without exposing yourself too much.
I also found a USB Flash drive, a flash drive with HackPRO and a flash drive with Misc Software.
Naturally, judging by the PDA's description, "It can be loaded with a variety of apps" I instantly assumed HackPRO would be able to be loaded in the PDA, and an other software too.
I guess, now, or I can't figure out how. Anyone know if this is planned? I reckon it would be very interesting. I'd love to be able to load my PDA's with a bunch of software with many uses. Just a thought, I'd share.


You probably get the idea... I don't feel that vehicles spawning in the water is...
Well... Right...
Haha, however it gave me a good laugh.
Version .6-116

Okay, so this game has a very good vehicle customization and terrain customization.
In other words, we can make vehicles from scratch, we can make houses from scratch, but we can't make guns from scratch...
What I'm thinking of is...
We could have an Item called Gun Parts, which when activated becomes the base of a gun. We must then add barrels and sights and whatever else guns require (I'm not really familiar with guns).
We don't need to make it perfectly realistic, all we need is a good system that makes sense. I feel that being able to create our own guns like this would add so much more to the customization this game has to offer.
Just wanted to know what other thought?
Like the way it could work, is one you have activated gun parts to start the construction (Similar to vehicle construction but done in the inventory or maybe a whole new crafting screen?) you could then attach parts to make it functional, disassemble parts from it to add more parts to it, etc.

When we pick up guns, we could enter this new crafting screen to take parts of the gun, and add more parts to it? Rather like the vehicles? So we can more openly modify guns like this too?

Military Black Box???
So, I found a bunch of dead military men right outside my Evac shelter. Then further along, metal wreckage. And in the Wreckage, a Military Black Box.
So, how do I open it, and can someone please explain...

If you can find a system to analyse this you may find something of interest.

What system can analyse this?

Edit: Just walked along the road a bit. Found more wreckage, and another box. Jeeze... Am I feeling lucky today?

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