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Everyone: Time seemed to disappear...when you all awaken you feel the texture of sand on your body and hands, the feeling of water lapping at your heels, and the sound of many insects chirping. Along with the a heated argument of some other people? Standing before you was a man and a woman. The woman had long oddly silver hair despite looking quite young and was rather tall. Her skin was pale but her face was red with anger. "What the fuck do you mean you dont know were we are! What fucking good are you for you fucking asshole! How do you not remember anything fucktard!" She seemed rather....gruff, she was wearing some gym clothes as well. The man standing there with a slight look of distress but overall an extremely calm demeanor was listening to her and holding his hands up. "I told you...I dont know, but what about you? Do you remember anything?" The man had a shock of somewhat puffy brown hair and was wearing a hoodie jacket bearing an interesting design along with some tan colored pants, his shirt under the hoodie was a simple white. The silver haired woman looks back with shock. "Y-You...I asked you first asshole!" With a huff she turns around and stomps over away from the group. Noticing that people were waking up the hoodie guy walks over to the group. "Oh guys are waking up...are you all alright?" His voice was calm and naturing perhaps the total opposite from the silver haired woman.

Heidi: When you wake up...oddly you can...see? wasnt seeing, it was some sort of odd...sense. Like you could FEEL the others laying there, feel the movements of both the man and the woman. You...couldnt ever do this before...what the hell was going on...

The Coffee Room
A pleasant sort of room, filled with the smell of coffee. Soft comfy chairs await those who wish to sit on them and brewing machines flash ready to give up their wonderful coffee. The door here is open, but no one is least not yet. Its big and of course perfectly warm. The table littered with empty mugs and magazines of various topics, it seems the people in here before left in a hurry. How odd, perhaps they just needed to get to work? Who knows it doesnt matter now, just come in and relax, you all have quite the ordeal ahead of you. Now then who will be the first one to enter?
Code: [Select]
Traits: (Up to three positives but for every positive you must have an equally as damning negative trait.)
Skills: (Pick one and you'll get 3 points in that skill. No mixing and matching. Also please include all skills in your character sheet. If you have a trait that would add to one of these skills or take away add/take away a point (and yes it can go negative))[First Aid:0] [Crafting:0] [Cooking:0] [Fighting:0] [Athletics:0] [Biology:0] [Botany:0] [Perception:0] [Accuracy:0] [Stealth:0]
Special: (I will allow minor special traits or skills or a special item, however I will approve what is put down. Unlike in the traits section the ability here can be somewhat super natural or super human, however lets say...its healing, the most it would do (for now) is heal a medium gash at most. Also you need not put a negative to balance it out, but feel free to put some negative special traits if you like.)
(This rp will be an island survival with elements of PvP later on, updates will be in the style of SBII large updates maybe once a day for each character along with a thing about your condition)

The Notebook

"Your all probably confused, thats ok. Just know I'm trying to help, the wind sheers around here are too bad for me to land though, I've dropped supplies around the island, and this book...which since you're reading this probably means you managed to find it. I cant afford to explain anymore, it was lucky to even get this notebook past, all I have to say is trust each other, fear is your worst enemy right now. Survive, help is coming." The message ends here with it becoming sloppier and sloppier as time went on. The Notebook was large and filled with blank pages, a pen was attached to it via a latch on the side so it wouldnt get lost...perhaps you could write down some notes in this.
The Truth

The Survivors
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There's a crude note scribbled under this section in sloppy hand writing.

So we have a hydrophobe, an albino, and a sensitive to sunlight person on a deserted island.  We have a mute, a blind person, someone who can't feel, and someone with bad eyesight.  Two drug addicts, a cook, a craftsman, two thieves,two spotters (one of whom is blind), and a fighter. This is quite a bunch we have gathered.-Some Awesome Guy

The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Dear Diary [The Pre-Prequel]
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:49:52 AM »
It happened all so fast...some days I wish I could go I flip through my pages I sometimes wonder what someone would think of all of successes...I...suppose I just hope someone gets something useful out of it. Dont make the same mistakes I did...god its been so long...I...can barely remember sometimes. My whole life seems like a burr once normal and happy, but that was flipped on its head. I miss the old days...things were handed to us, sliver platters all around. We thought it was hard but really we had it easy. The poor saps who died in the first week probably had it the worst didnt they? I mean they barely had a least I escaped survived for just a little longer.
Some metal groans loudly much like the owner of the Diary
Its coming back now...the end, no not the end...the beginning.
You start for the bathroom but the question is which bathroom did you head into...

The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Just an interest check
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:12:33 PM »
Ello' Everyone its Nickboom again and I'm planning an rp! Its going to be in the style of a choose your own adventure with a single character who you control. It is going to be hard, challenging, and most of all dangerous. However something different I'm planning to do is have it be in the style of a dairy. I just wanted to ask some people their opinion on the idea and if they would support twice a day or once a day updates with this style of rp?
(Sorry about the misleading title.)

Battle Royal TV

You dont quite remember how you got here but you're in a room with many other people all in their underwear, you look down and notice you're in your underwear too. You remembered something about not being able to bring anything into the arena turns out they wherent kidding. You see a few people around but one thing strikes you as odd, you saw the guy who was in the preview for the show standing there, he had a scar over his eye and was fairly big but he looked about average. So what do you do. It seemed this was the prebattle talking and interviewing phase.

The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Battle Royal TV
« on: August 09, 2014, 01:21:48 AM »
Battle Royal TV

You turn on the TV, you see the normal boring shows you like to watch. But something new was on. You click open the channel guide, it says "Battle Royal" odd you dont remember hearing much about this. You click it on and see a man armed with a revolver in one hand and pipe in another in a dark gray destroyed town. He is walking up to a man kneeling on the ground praying at him. He walks forward and slams his pipe into his face. The man falls to the ground spewing the most realistic blood you ever saw, his teeth flying out of his mouth as the armed man simply steps on his torso and pushes down, sickening cracks fill the air as the man screams in pain and begs for his life. The armed man finally finishes him off with a bullet to the brain as he goes limp gray matter splatted on the road. The credits start to roll as you think it was a pretty good show, damn best graphics you seen in a while. Until finally at the end of the credits it shows. "Actual people where harmed in the creation of this show."
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(This is a new rp concept I had this is going to become the ooc for it later so feel free to post your responses about it here. I will need some alt roles but the main roles will be fighters in the arena. PVP and some PVE will be going on combat is fast and brutal on both sides. A few roles I thought up, Hosts, Fighters, Protesters, Supporters, Watchers, Special Guests.)

Land of Nightmares
You wake up on the cell of a padded floor, you dont really remember how you got here or whats going on. The door looks strong enough to withstand a missile blast however you hear something move around out there...something big. It sometimes grunts or groans but it sounds fucking scary to be frank. Sitting up you finally realize there are some other people around with you and the light on the ceiling flickers every once in a while, what the hell happened.

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(This is a onexone for those who dont know, it involves only 2 people and is a freeform rp. You are welcome to read but do not post)
Nick finally awoke, waves lapping against his knees, sand in his face. Sitting up a bit his chest held an extreme amount of pain. "Fuck I probably fractured a rib or 2." Sand seeping around his hands as he pushes up looking around he sees he is on a beach with a lightly treed plain with a cliff jutting into it rather suddenly. Nick groans and manages to pull himself up from the water flopping down on the sand, it crept into his clothes but that really didnt matter. He closed his eyes and remembered back to how this happened.

Nick was relaxing on a small yacht with some friends, they decided to get a bunch of their friends and go on a little sea adventure. Nick was certain the driver has some drinks before he decided to take us out even further, before we knew it we where out at sea having a grand old time, fishing, horsing around, drinking. It was the perfect day...except the engine stalled and in the process of trying to fix it a storm rolled in. The waters sloshed violently against the boat moving it as it saw fit until suddenly it slammed against a rock and he fell out of the boat, hitting his chest against the rock and sliding into the water he passed out.

It was a fucking miracle that he was alive but the boat was no where to be seen...Staggering to his feet uncertainly he started to walk down the beach. He staggered down the beach the plain and cliff still in sight as he saw a woman laying in the sand. "Hey! Are you ok!?"

Dead Rising

It's been 20 minutes since the outbreak happened. Your freaking out but you managed to find a fairly safe place to hide for the time being, but the sound of death and decay is all around. Just a few minutes ago you where enjoying your trip to Las Vegas and now an outbreak occured. Your beyond scared but you know you need to get to the safe house before they close the doors and lock others out. A lone zombie straggles through the door and starts to head in your direction theres a pile of junk beyond you...what do you do?

(This may or may not happen)

Shooter: Guns deal more damage.
Basher: Blunt weapons deal more damage
Cleaver: Cutting/Sharp weapons deal more damage
Joker: Gag/Silly weapons deal damage.



Character Sheet
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Lost Lands OOC
You wake up on a cold concrete floor along with a few others. You look around and realize this isnt where you passed out the night before...there is a notice on the wall saying, "It's finished TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND!"

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The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Lost Lands [Changes]
« on: July 05, 2014, 06:47:49 AM »
Lost Lands
You wake up on a cold concrete floor along with a few others. You look around and realize this isnt where you passed out the night before...times were tough so you had to do...some unsavory things to continue along. But you were finally almost out of the rump when you woke up here...but do you really want to leave?

Hey guys this is going to my Rp its probably going to bit shit and not updated that often but I decided fuck it I might as well try again now that I have boatloads of time.

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The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Request GTAGUY read
« on: May 28, 2014, 01:59:38 AM »
So Gtaguy do you think you could set up a survival horror RP with inventory tracking kind of like Survival? Just curious with AJ gone and the other guys being fairly new your a pretty stable GM and interesting (I'm sorry so many of your RPs dont pick up)

Ok so guys I figured I could try to restart the once massively popular cataclysm RP things. Now I'm not going to do *much* scripting but I will try to set up events for the party to deal with also this isnt always going to be day by day of how they survive I want to start off with people barely surviving to post cata civilization building.

Alright so you should already now the story if you dont SHAME! Anyways unless your joining later on no CBMs, mutations, guns, or general weapons on your characters (knifes are acceptable but have to make sense, a business manager isnt going to be walking around with a switchblade) The story is going to start off on a bus with our near and dear survivors, you can set up your character by a post of them sitting on the bus when shit gets real. The bus is also heading out of a major town and will flip on its side into a ditch for the record. Just dont Godmod,don't be OP, DON'T WRITE SUPER SHORT.

I recommend starting your post something like this.
Nick sat alone in the back of the bus, his meds where starting to wear off he felt himself slip into a more wistful state of mind. He did his best to hide his shaking hands, after his son died he was never the same. Nick turned angry and very aggressive unless under the influence of his meds. After a while he was able to return to work at his nondescript boring business job, pay his bills and form a persona of normalcy. (Good normal post) However the bus ride was taking longer then usual, the driver said he felt a bit sick so he decided to take it slow. Behind the bus a long line of cars honked angrily before just driving around. At this point Nick starts sweating lightly worrying if he can get back home before they wear off and what will happen if he doesnt...(Great post)

This also is my character :P Anyways feel free to RP a bit till enough people joined and I flip the bus.

The Rec Room - Forum Games and Roleplaying / Survival
« on: May 07, 2014, 02:43:49 AM »
The lone blub flickers causing the room to flash with darkness, a steady drip of water comes from outside the room always beyond reach, you swear you hear things in the darkness whispering...growling. Your supplies have run low and the only way to get more is to brave the rest of the bunker but you swear every time you go out there the layout changes. Aside from that you wonder about that other locked door in the small living section you call your home, it looks nicer and is almost comforting. So what do you do?

So this is basically a request, people in a bunker need to survive supplies are in a changing maze of a bunker (for the record it stays the same when you are in it but once you return to the safe room it changes and shifts unless you did something special. Groups would have to stay small so either one small group or a few groups about, the first goal would be living and finding the key/way to open that locked door.

The room has storage for things and a small kitchen with a few bunkbeds and lockers so its pretty safe. The door to the rest of the bunker can be closed and locked so your not in any danger in the safe room. Anyways I just need a or a few Gms to run this, it would be focused on player interaction and scavenging for even the smallest things for the design of the bunker thing SCP containment breach and old fallout (the game) vaults.

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