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I'm not, no

I got this PM:
I've been working on updating the wiki lately, but have run into some problems with 500 Internal Server Errors. Here is what they say:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The problem comes and goes, but just now it was so bad that I couldn't reliably access any pages even after multiple attempts. I mentioned this on the wiki thread after getting an above maximum user error which I hadn't got before. Zireael mentioned that he has had the same problems as me, but KA101 said he didn't have them. I don't know if you can do anything, but KA101 said you were the person to contact.

This is a thread to keep track of serious problems with the technical side of the wiki.

Other Games / Re: CrystalKeeper
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:16:05 PM »
Considering this guy made a fix just for you, is he a friend of yours or like a coder on C:DDA?

Neither, but I did hook him up with his music and sound guy.

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Other Games / CrystalKeeper
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:32:10 AM »
A ludum game jam from the jam that JUST FINISHED, this is so much fun. Play three different minigames at the same time, keep those plates spinning and don't let them break!

The guy who made it even made a special version just for me (with a bugfix or two)

Ludum Dare page:

Remember, right and left clicks do different things!

e: Since it's open source, if reaper makes a pull request, and someone else fixes it up, would it be merged?
That's generally how it works, yes. What matters to the PR is whether it's worth merging in the state its in, not how many people have worked on it.

  2.b if yes, why aren't you just doing it automatically? Just to add a hassle and catch the player out if they miss it?
Here's a possible answer:
You see the sign that something is happening, but you're under pressure because you're busy doing something else, and the pruning is at least a little bit time consuming (maybe half an hour). And the signs you're seeing probably don't mean that it will turn now. You'll just handle it later, when you finish up with what you're doing. Okay, so the signs are getting worse, well, that's bad. Maybe I should have dealt with that earlier. Well, I can still... shit. Shit. DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE DEALT WITH THAT EARLIER.

Maybe I shouldn't have slept in the same room as the zombie. Or at least tied the leash to something!

Basically, if you want to make it interesting:
1) Make it infrequent and unpredictable (once every couple of days? Maybe less frequently as time goes on, once a day at first or more often for progression but not a guaranteed risk). Make it an event, not a chore. Even better if its effected by circumstance - radiation, for example, could increase frequency.
2) Introduce a choice. Make it take some small resource, or a decent chunk of time. Give the player time to respond. Something like how infection works - at each stage there's an increasingly larger chance of it breaking free, and the player decides whether to respond immediately or accept the risk. Have other methods to control the risk - give the ability to tie the zombie up to a post outside instead of leaving it in the bedroom, so if it does turn over night it still won't be able to do much, or at least the player will have time to respond. Perhaps they'll decide, if the cues indicate it's probably just going to break free as a regular zombie, it's easier to just leave it outside and re-kill it and re-surgery it only if it actually turns.

Pulping kills them because you do enough damage to kill the organism living inside the shell, essentially. They definitely have special regenerative abilities - that is why they heal fully over time, and sometimes why they become various mutant forms.

That said I still think that it would be more effective to just cover your zombie with some thick gloves and a mouth guard and use as little mutilation as possible, than going the full on mutilation route, given the ooze's way of bouncing back from any sort of injury you throw at it but stronger.
I don't know, thick gloves would still allow it to grapple you and probably hurt you. You'd have to basically put it in a straightjacket, and since it would probably destroy a mouthguard fairly quickly some sort of of full face guard.

Either way, Zombie Masters should still be able to mutate them out of the situation. It would be cool, if they end up staying surgically altered, to let them even become something special.

I too would prefer a two-word name to another (imo, dumb) z-name. :/

And i2amroy, the zambies are certainly less people than the triffids are. Their intelligence is sub-animal-level (for the most part). You could argue that getting a pet dog in the game is "enslaving" it, but that would still be dumb.

Back to important issues: Can anyone tell me if these creatures respond to Master Manipulation? I am really looking forward to my posse of Pacified Zombies becoming my death. :V

That's your point, and I agree with it, but that's not a rationale anyone else has expressed.  The other suggestions have been even more cutesy, and people (possibly just turtalicious, not keeping score) are directly targeting the "slave" appellation rather than claiming it's being misused.

Yeah, I'm not really trying to argue anything but that. My major problem with the name is that I think it's just a weak name. Technically inaccurate (it's not really a slave in any meaningful sense of the term), flippant when basically anything other than flippant (dry description, obvious rationalization of horrible truth, description of function, evocative) would be better, and (although this is the first time I'm mentioning it) I just hate the sound of it in my head. Zlave. Sounds like what someone would call their uber-extreme-glaive or whatever.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter that much though, so :shrug:. I actually think Thrall is kinda bad for most of the same reasons (I do like the connotation of physically bound thrall has that slave doesn't, which is at least more evocative), but it's still better than Zlave.

Also, at some point we should add a Robot Slave Zombie Thrall, because then it means "Slave Slave Slave Slave". ;) Really drive the point home!

Do we even have any friendly robots in the game yet? Because this sort of code (alter the corpse of an already defeated enemy to make it revive as a different) it would be HELLA AWESOME to apply to robot corpses, based on computer skill, and then a repair skill check to "revive it" based on the amount of damage it took, or something, you know?
You can wirelessly hack robots with the special hackinator laptop.  Turns out the govt used WPA, doh.
Rewiring and repairing should be a thing too.
Oh man, I didn't even realize this. Do they work as packmules too, or is it just fight-conversion? Now I need to find some tank bots. :V

I'm against it because it *doesnt* make people uncomfortable because of the subject matter, but because it's flippant. "Zombie Slave" would in my mind be a lot better than "Zlave". Zlave is a humorous play on words - hardly something meant to have negative connotations. The subject matter *does*, but that's the problem - it's a casual and flippant approach to something bad.

There's no bite to in regards to the content it names, just questions about "who thought it would be a good idea to name it something like this?"

It's not about making it "nice", it's about not trivializing it and sugarcoating it and making it seem less bad, which is exactly what the term zlave does (while still *connoting* bad things, I think the reaction people are having is because it simultaneously makes them sound not so bad)

I'd much prefer Zombie Slave to Zlave for that reason, although none of my recommendations for names have been intended to "sugar coat" and I still think they are better. Zombie Friend and my other suggestions along that direction were because disconnect=>horror. Giving something a nondescript and intentionally bland and inoffensive name that is clearly not an accurate descriptor is an intentional rhetorical device used to accentuate the horror. It's subtle, but good horror tends to be, and you need a disconnect between outward appearances and what is true for that to work.

Pack Zombie was because it was a more accurate description - despite what you've said, the zombie you do this to isn't anything like a slave. You can't give it orders or commands, you can't set it to tasks. It simply does what it does, and you make use of that. The use you make of it is... using it to carry you stuff. In order to actually get a zombie slave (and actually, this is an inaccuracy in the term Thrall too), you'd actually need some sort of device that would allow you to control it instead of just limit it and then make use of its natural tendencies. The zombies under the effect of the pheromone are MUCH closer to slaves than the creature you're creating here, since even if you can't command them they act on your behalf. Bound Zombie, Crippled Zombie, those would also work as descriptive but more accurate names.

I think Thrall just sounds better, and has the connotation of being physically bound, which works well here for descriptive purposes.

Again, my primary opinion here is that Zlave is really, really weak, especially if you want to go for the sort of thing you've described in this thread in terms of the purpose of the name. Zombear? That's fine, it's a joke. The discomfort people are experiencing here, I would guess, has a lot less to do with it being a slave, but with the idea of it being a slave being made into a dumb joke.

And it doesn't seem like you want "dumb joke" to be the takeaway of this process on the players end either, so honestly, better name would be better.

How about "Thrall"?

I actually really like the sound of Zombie Thrall. Or even just a Thrall.

Rob(ot) Zombie! (Robot means slave!)

But more seriously I don't care all that much. I'm mostly just looking forward to seeing this expanded to other animals. :D

Do we even have any friendly robots in the game yet? Because this sort of code (alter the corpse of an already defeated enemy to make it revive as a different) it would be HELLA AWESOME to apply to robot corpses, based on computer skill, and then a repair skill check to "revive it" based on the amount of damage it took, or something, you know?

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