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Sorry for the radio silence everybody, but I gotta be lame and drop IO. I've been a little more busy lately and tbh I thought I was more prepared than I actually was.

The man beneath Eser screams out in pain before presumably passing out.
They stand up, looking around for escape routes but it seems the only way out right now is back into the lab.
Ahead, the guard tower looms above you and it's massive floodlight swivels towards the group as guards sprint towards the them. To the left, a huge fence that given more time might've been possible to scale. And to the right, even more guards coming from the road.

Both groups of guards flank you, holding guns at the ready. and fanning out.

"On the ground, all of you!" somebody from the back screams, their voice commanding and powerful. You almost want to do as he says and unconsciously the group  drops to their knees...

Shima feels something welling up inside them, something that wants let out, and soon.

Eser quickly gains the upper hand as the guard struggles against them. He reaches for a something on his armor but they take their arm and bend it, nearly to the point of breaking. The guard lets out a yell of pain then speaks through grit teeth.
"I'm hired help, freak. And there's more on the way," he growls.
Sure enough, lights appear in the distance, headed straight for you...

The girl starts to become harder and harder to carry for Geoff, but over time the freezing sensation fades and is replaced with a newfound warmth.

The groups starts sprinting after the man, and things feel... Different. Your stride is effortless and quick, as if you'd been running for years. The group gains on the guard easily, with Eser at the head of the pack. The man looks back with a hand held against his neck and his expression hidden behind his helmet. Eser lunges forwards, launching themself into the man and tackling him to the ground. The two roll through the gravel and the dirt, ruining Eser's pristine white suit with tears and stains.

Geoff starts running, but unlike the rest of the group it begins taking a toll on him quickly. The cold slows you, making it hard to move at all. You feel as if your arm is starting to freeze, but inside you feel a great warmth welling up...

Shima, through sheer bad luck, trips over a rock jutting out of the ground and faceplants into the gravel. His suit tears slightly, and his face is probably a little bloodied.

Emery presses her fingers against the woman's neck, feeling a faint pulse. As she holds her fingers against the woman though, she feels cold creeping up her fingers and into her arm.

Geoff lifts the woman up, carrying her over his shoulder. Everywhere he touches her feels like ice, and you feel a chill seeping through your suit...

The rest of the group heads forwards with Emery and Geoff close behind. The hallway outside the room leads to the left and takes the group between several similar labs. Some have what appear to be exercise equipment, a few look like classrooms. All are empty and pristine.
The hallway branches off a few times, leading into darkness. At the end of the hallway, a single door stands. A brighter light shines under it and bleeds through into the hall, but as you approach it the door swings open. A man stands in the stairwell, holding a flashlight in his hand. He wears a helmet and armor, giving him the look of a guard and you can see a rifle of some sort hanging at his hip. He stares at the group for a moment, then turns and starts running into the night, towards a lit up tower in the distance.

The tarp pulls back cleanly, fluttering behind Eser as he tears it away. Flakes of ice fly through the air, glinting in the lights of the lab.

A body lies still, perfect and undisturbed. A young woman, hardly over the age of 20, with long, stark white hair. The air around her feels cold, and even across the room you can feel a slight chill.

Leave the girl, you don't have much time now, the voice monotones.

Sorry about no updates recently, been out of town!
I'll try and update more but now back until Monday.

Eser approaches the tarp and prods at it, feeling something soft beneath it. A quick peek underneath gives you enough of a glimpse to immediately tell that it's human.

The voice falls silent, not responding to the group's confirmations. An impossibly long minute passes as the elevator rises, no indication of what floor you're going to or how high it's gone. Finally though, you slide to a stop and the door opens...
A large, lab-like room lies before you. Medical and scientific equipment is spread everywhere. Charts and whiteboards with complicated equations cover the walls, and on one table a large something is covered by a sheet.
The far wall is made of glass, and you can see a neighboring lab that looks similarly empty, and between the two labs a hallway spreads out to the left and right.

The party files into the elevator before hearing a voice behind them. The final newcomer arrives, striding into the elevator. As soon as his back foot passed the door, it slid shut behind him and the elevator lurched upwards.

"I know this is strange."

The voice comes more naturally now, less invasive. Still, the echoes in your head are unnatural.

"You may not remember much, but this is an OphiCorp facility... Do any of you remember how you got here? Wait no, of course not...
Tell me then. Are you ready to fight? For your freedom? For your memories?"

Talked to Forrest already, waiting for him to write himself in so he can hop on the elevator with you.

Sorry for slow posting right now, I should be able to post more now.

I want everybody to kinda start thinking about their powers if they haven't. Everybody is going to have a "theme" that defines their capabilities. For some inspiration check out the characters from Gunvolt (which is very admittedly the main inspiration) for an idea of what kind of powers you'll have:

Run them by me once you think you've settled on something.

A side note, having the powers somehow tie into whatever ideas you have for a backstory for your characters is encouraged so tell me if you have any initial backstory ideas too.

The door swings open easily, revealing a tiny hallway going to the left that leads to an elevator that appears to already be waiting for you. Directly ahead is a similar metal door to the one you just entered that just leads into what appears to be the other side of the vat room.

The vat behind makes a sudden clanging sound then lies still, continuing to leak.

Eser gives the vat a light kick and it jostles the vat slightly but it continues leaking fluid. It doesn't look like much can be done here right now.

Luckily for Emery, there is indeed a solid wall.

At the end of the hallway the door remains unopened, but peeking through the window reveals another door opposite and a third door, appearing more like an elevator door than the other two.

The hallway continues curving, still lit by the bright lights overhead. It seems to go on for ages, but you don't pass your opened vats again so you haven't gone all the way around. The entire outer wall is lined with more vats, though their opaque surfaces don't let you see inside.

Eventually, the group comes across a sharp hissing noise. A wall with a large metal door appears at the end of the hallways, but as you approach it you find the source of the hissing. One of the vats is struggling to open, the locking mechanism failed to disengage and the blue fluid leaks from the bottom while it vents some sort of gas in short bursts from the tubes that run into the walls.

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