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The voice falls silent, not responding to the group's confirmations. An impossibly long minute passes as the elevator rises, no indication of what floor you're going to or how high it's gone. Finally though, you slide to a stop and the door opens...
A large, lab-like room lies before you. Medical and scientific equipment is spread everywhere. Charts and whiteboards with complicated equations cover the walls, and on one table a large something is covered by a sheet.
The far wall is made of glass, and you can see a neighboring lab that looks similarly empty, and between the two labs a hallway spreads out to the left and right.

The party files into the elevator before hearing a voice behind them. The final newcomer arrives, striding into the elevator. As soon as his back foot passed the door, it slid shut behind him and the elevator lurched upwards.

"I know this is strange."

The voice comes more naturally now, less invasive. Still, the echoes in your head are unnatural.

"You may not remember much, but this is an OphiCorp facility... Do any of you remember how you got here? Wait no, of course not...
Tell me then. Are you ready to fight? For your freedom? For your memories?"

Talked to Forrest already, waiting for him to write himself in so he can hop on the elevator with you.

Sorry for slow posting right now, I should be able to post more now.

I want everybody to kinda start thinking about their powers if they haven't. Everybody is going to have a "theme" that defines their capabilities. For some inspiration check out the characters from Gunvolt (which is very admittedly the main inspiration) for an idea of what kind of powers you'll have:

Run them by me once you think you've settled on something.

A side note, having the powers somehow tie into whatever ideas you have for a backstory for your characters is encouraged so tell me if you have any initial backstory ideas too.

The door swings open easily, revealing a tiny hallway going to the left that leads to an elevator that appears to already be waiting for you. Directly ahead is a similar metal door to the one you just entered that just leads into what appears to be the other side of the vat room.

The vat behind makes a sudden clanging sound then lies still, continuing to leak.

Eser gives the vat a light kick and it jostles the vat slightly but it continues leaking fluid. It doesn't look like much can be done here right now.

Luckily for Emery, there is indeed a solid wall.

At the end of the hallway the door remains unopened, but peeking through the window reveals another door opposite and a third door, appearing more like an elevator door than the other two.

The hallway continues curving, still lit by the bright lights overhead. It seems to go on for ages, but you don't pass your opened vats again so you haven't gone all the way around. The entire outer wall is lined with more vats, though their opaque surfaces don't let you see inside.

Eventually, the group comes across a sharp hissing noise. A wall with a large metal door appears at the end of the hallways, but as you approach it you find the source of the hissing. One of the vats is struggling to open, the locking mechanism failed to disengage and the blue fluid leaks from the bottom while it vents some sort of gas in short bursts from the tubes that run into the walls.

No problem Blitz, new guy is good.

Everybody is good right now, if something else comes up I'll discuss it with you.

You feel light, drifting aimlessly in a gentle sea. It's comforting and warm, you feel no worries. And yet it feels like something is in the distance calling out to you...
You reach out, hand outstretched towards the presence. You feel it reaching back to you, your fingertips about to brush against it...

"Wake up."

The voice drills into your mind, sending you crashing into reality. You cough, clearing the fluid from your lungs as you spasm. Rushing liquid sends you sprawling to the ground as you struggle to gain your bearings. Your limbs feel like jelly and your thoughts are held together by thin strings, threatening to drift away.

It feels like years pass before you gain your faculties. Before you can fully sort your thoughts out, the voice pierces into your head again.

"You want free? Get up, get out."

You are in a long hallway filled with what appear to be stasis tubes. Most remain closed and filled with a bluish liquid, but a few are opened and people in skintight suits are sprawled across the ground. The liquid pools around the ground, leaving the floors unpleasantly sticky. The hallways stretch out on either side, curving out of view.

Name: Lillia
Gender: Female Android
Appearance: Really tall, 6'8 curvaceous android claiming she is 19 but no one believes her. White "skin" with dark grey covering her torso an neck. Parts of her glow (A power symbol between her neck and chest and her eyes). She also has vulpine-like ears and tail. You get a feeling someone designed her for things that an android really shouldnt do.
Well I am okay with a potential android character later on, for the purposes of the intro she wouldn't be around until a bit into the RP.
And personally, i'd rather you didn't play a fetish sex bot

Name: Aapeli Mannerhiem
Gender: Male
Appearance: A young, and formal man at a tall 6' 2'' with neatly kept black hair and with a heavy military background, descendant from the same man who defended Finland from the USSR in the days of old. Formally, he is often wearing a very old military uniform.

Quite close to what Aapeli looks like

Also, what is the spark?
My bad for not really specifying, but your characters at the moment have very few memories but stuff will come back to them. I'm down to talk to you about who your character was before the start of the game, but for now he should be a blank slate (in terms of history, at least). Also I'd very much prefer a character who doesn't obsess over a two century old war...
That said, the picture also doesn't work.
And the Spark is PLOT STUFF.

First IC post will be up tonight or tomorrow.

The Year is 21XX.
Technology has advanced at an insane pace. Colonization efforts have begun on planets beyond our system. Robots and androids aid mankind in their daily lives. Medical technology brings people back from the brink of death.
All for the right price, of course.
Corporations control the world, driven by profit and the advance of industry. They enforce their will through bribery and hired security and mercenaries.
Now, a single corporation has taken a position above the others as a globally known name. Ophion Unlimited, or just OphiCorp. The company that first discovered the Spark, the key to their successes and the catalyst for the events to come.

You feel light, drifting aimlessly in a gentle sea. It's comforting and warm, you feel no worries. And yet it feels like something is in the distance calling out to you... Do you reach out?

gonna get this filled out later

To summarize, this is going to be a cyberpunk-ish superhero RPG in the style of a Shadowrun game or Azure Striker Gunvolt. I'll be acting as a "GM", but I'm more than open to some collaborative setting building and integrating plot hooks tied to specific characters. Once we're past the initial introduction to the setting I'll talk to players more about their individual characters.
(click to show/hide)
Very barebones, I know. It'll be expanded on as we continue.

(click to show/hide)

Once we have 3 or 4 people I'll start! Feel free to throw some questions my way.

Stopping by mostly for other reasons, but I've been playing again and having tons of fun (and lots of death). I forgot just how scary moose are.

Highlights of my current character include making about 50 sharpened rocks to throw at the zombie hulk in my basement to get LOADS OF LOOT, a goo infested town i had horrible time biking through, being mauled to half to death by ANOTHER hulk that followed me out of town, then nearly being finished off by a moose... All before biking right back through that hellish town.

Fun times. Fun times.

So, I'm the girl that wrote 15 Years Later as a game to play with my uni friends, and it seemed fairly popular with them so I've shared the PDF with a few people I know online and kept working on it in my spare time. There's a wiki I've put together for the current version of things (I've tweaked bits here and there; mostly made the rules around combat a little more tactical, and made the mad plague cultists playable and kinda relatable), which is here.
I'm kind of amazed that total strangers have played my game, and thought I'd stick my head in to say hello.

(apologies for the horrible necropost here, I know the thread's been dead like a year but figured it was worth it)
Well this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise! Haven't been on this forum in awhile, but my friend made sure i checked it out. Think I saw you on /tg/ maybe a week or so ago too (then again, plenty of people claim work as their own).

Checking out the wiki though, looks pretty awesome. Thanks for dropping by!

I'd rather not, but basically KA and Kevin Granade are pretty much SJW.
spam doesn't harm anyone, it's gonna take 10 minutes to clean. you're not gaining anything unless ye talk it through m8
I know who the spammers are, and honestly they're just being stupid and frustrating over old shit.
Now Bubba and Perigrin, would you kinda go back to your own forum? You made it for a reason, so there's no point in being here.

I'm fairly sure that changing armor values is as simple as fiddling with the jsons and changing variables.

As for learning speeds, I believe those are coded into the game and would require you to delve into the code with some knowledge of C++(?).

The Lab subforum is all about modding and editing code, I'd check there for more help and resources!

Hopefully that helps a bit.

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